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claro-ads-review-1Are you looking for a complete monetization solution for your traffic ? Do you have desktop, mobile, social and expired domain traffic but you are not sure which ad network to use ?

If these are the questions for which you are finding answers then i guess your search ends here as today i am going to review an ad network which can solve all of these issues.

The ad network i am going to talk about is Claro Ads. It is a digital advertising network which offers its services worldwide. This ad network believes in clarity in online advertising and therefore, it has developed a very transparent platform where everything is crystal clear.

What They Say About Their Platform:

They say that their platform is developed for providing utmost transparency. They don’t hide anything and share every details with you like:

  • How many clicks you sent to them
  • How many clicks they sold to their direct advertisers and partners
  • Number of clicks filtered out due to traffic quality issues with proper reasons

Their entire platform is developed in a way to provide you each and every details about your traffic. Also, their platform is very user friendly so you will love using it.

Moreover, they always provide final stats and they don’t make any corrections to lower your revenue. So, once your stats are available that means your earnings are final. And, the best part is, everything on this ad network happens in real time, so, you are required to wait for hours or days to see your stats changing.

Some Basic Details About The Company:

Claro Ads is a registered company in Europe. You can see their company name, registration code, VAT no, registration country etc on the ‘about us’ page of their website.

This network aims to provide high quality services to publishers and advertisers. They have one of the most transparent platform and they allow worldwide publishers and advertisers to use their services.

Claro Ads uses CPM model as its primary model for advertising.

Publisher Requirements:

Unlike many other ad networks which seek high requirements from publishers, Claro Ads likes to keep things simple. They don’t have any hard and fast publisher requirements so publishers from any part of the world can join it. Also, you are not required to have high volumes of traffic on your website.

If you have a good quality website then you can join this network. They accept all niche websites including adult content websites. In addition to that they monetize almost all kinds of traffic like desktop, mobile, social, adult, expired domain etc. As long as your traffic is real and it passes their quality filters, you can monetize it on CPM basis.

So, keeping the things short, i would say you can join this network with any niche website and any quantity of traffic.

Sign Up Process:

As Claro Ads doesn’t seek any hard and fast requirements so sign up process on it is easy. To register an account on it you just need to fill in their sign up form and submit it. It’s sign up form is little lengthy as compared to other modern ad networks but it is still manageable.

Its form consists of two sections one is ‘account details’ where you need to provide some basic details like your name, username, email, password, phone number, Skype username etc. The other section is ‘user details’ where you need to provide your company details and address. Don’t worry second section is not mandatory to fill as there are no mandatory fields, so, you can fill them later after creating your account.

Once you submit the sign up form you get an email regarding review of your account. This means that they will review your account and ask you some basic details via email and if your website complies with their terms and policies then they approve your account.

However, you are not required to worry as they don’t have tough requirements so most publishers get approval from their review team.

Questions Asked Before Approving Publisher Accounts:

Below are some questions asked by their review team before approving publisher accounts:

  1. Are you interested in sending traffic via direct link, POP script or XML feed?
  2. Do you want Mainstream only ads, Mainstream + Adult or separate links for Mainstream and Adult?
  3. What is your monthly traffic volume?

Simply answer these questions and you will get approval for your account. In my case they approved my account within 4-5 hours of answering these questions.

Approval Process:

Apart from getting approval for your account, you need to submit your website for approval once your account is approved. So, when you get approval for your account then simply log into it and submit your website for review. Usually all publisher websites are reviewed within 24 hours of submission.

Ad Types:

Claro Ads provides Pop ads, Direct links, Domain redirect and XML/JSON feeds as its solutions for publishers. These solutions are available for worldwide traffic. So, whatever traffic you have you can fully monetize it with this network.

Dashboard And Stats Reporting System:

Claro Ads provides a very well developed dashboard and stats reporting system to publishers. Its dashboard is very user friendly so publishers can use it easily. On the main page of your dashboard you get an overview of your stats with tabular and graphical representations.

In addition to that it has a notifications panel where you can get latest notifications released by the network. For detailed stats you can visit reports section of your account. There you get in-depth reporting of your stats. Its reports section consists of various graphs, tables and filters, so, you can generate reports as per your requirements.

You will seriously like its stats reporting system.

Payment Details:

Claro Ads has an average minimum payout limit of $50 which is neither very high nor very low, so, even small and medium publishers can reach it and withdraw their earnings. Also, this ad network provides you three different payment options to withdraw your earnings. These payment options are PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wire Transfer.

Also, Claro Ads process all publisher payments on NET 30 basis. They make timely payouts so you are not required to worry about it.

Benefits Of Joining Claro Ads:

There are various benefits of joining this network. Some of which are as follows:

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Monetizes almost all kinds of traffic.
  • Registered company.
  • Fully secured website with Comodo.
  • Provides high CPM rates for worldwide traffic.
  • Liberal terms with easy publisher requirements.
  • Easy sign up process.
  • Fast review and account approval process.
  • Fast website review process.
  • In-depth real time stats reporting.
  • Average minimum payout limit of $50 only.
  • Three different payment options – PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Timely payouts on Net 30 basis.
  • Dedicated support

Thinking Of Joining Claro Ads ?


Claro Ads Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, Pop, Direct Link
Ad Formats:Pop Ads, Direct Links, Website Redirect, XML/JSON Feeds
Minimum Payout:$50
Payment Frequency:NET30
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire Transfer
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Email:Use Their Contact Form

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