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fun-captcha-reviewAre you tiered of using old ad formats ? or Do you want to try something new this year ? If your answer is yes, then you are at right place as today i am going to introduce you with an innovative ad network that can solve these problems. Actually in this post i am going to review a brand new ad network which has come up with a very innovative ad format that has the potential to generate huge income for you.

This new and innovative ad network is Fun-captcha. As the name of this network suggests, Fun-captcha is an advertising platform with captcha, which simply shows ads in captcha. Let me tell you things in simple words.

Fun-captcha is an ad network which provides you a captcha code that you put on your website. Once you put their captcha code, a captcha start displaying on your website. So, whenever a person solves your captcha you get paid for it.

This network shows banners, logos, text links and websites in their captcha. Personally i have tested their captcha code and it impressed me very much. Let me tell you how their captcha works.

How Their Captcha Works ?

Once you put their captcha code on your website, a captcha starts appearing on your desired space. You can show their captcha at any place on your website. Their team even helps you in integrating their captcha code on your website.

So, when you put their ad code on your website, a captcha appears on your desired location which looks something like this:


An Example Of Captcha by Fun-Captcha

In the above image you can clearly see a banner in the captcha box so whenever a person clicks on the banner then you get paid for it. Also, when a person clicks on ‘I am not a robot’ a new page opens up in new tab where he/she needs to solve the captcha. This new captcha page looks like this:


In the above image you can clearly see that Fun-captcha is showing a full website along with the captcha. So, this networks shows multiple types of ads through captcha. And, the best part about this network is, people solve these captcha’s willingly just to confirm that they are human.

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So, by this way you not only earn money but you also make your website secure from any kind of fake or bot traffic.

Once the person completes the captcha then he/she can reach the desired destination page or go ahead to complete the form if captcha is enabled on a particular form he/she is filling.

So, whenever a person completes your captcha you again get paid for it. So, overall its a win-win situation for you.

Rates For Publishers:

Fun-captcha offers average rates for worldwide publishers. With it, you can earn at least 0.01$ per click and 0.50$ for every 1000 solved captcha. Rates may be higher and depend on various factors.

Rates For Advertisers:

On this network advertisers can start their campaigns for as low as 0.70$ for 50 clicks on their banners. Also, they can start a full page ads for as low as 0.70$ per 1000 website views.

Network Requirements:

Fun-captcha doesn’t have any hard and fast requirements. They only need you to have a good website which must be non-adult and must not host any illegal content.

Sign Up And Approval Process:

The sign up process on Fun-captcha is more than simple. To register an account on it you just need to fill in their simple sign up form and submit it. After submitting your form you can instantly login to your account. Inside your account you need to submit your website for review. Once your website is approved by them then you can put their Captcha code on your website to make it safe and earn money.

Their approval process is quick and most websites are approved within couple of hours. However, it may take up to 1 day. In my case they approved my website within few minutes of submission.

Why You Should Join Fun-captcha ?

There are various simple reasons to do that. Some of which are as follows:

An Innovative Way To Earn Money:

Fun-captcha is an innovative way to earn money. With Fun-captcha you save your website from bot or fake traffic and at the same time you earn money. So, overall it’s a win-win situation for you.

Non-annoying Ads:

Unlike many ad formats which annoy your visitors. The ads shown by Fun-captcha are non-annoying and people interact with them willingly. Also, these ads don’t occupy any space on your website. You can show captcha on any required place of your website.

Decent Rates:

On Fun-captcha you get at least 0.01$ for every click and 0.50$ for every 1000 website views. If you sum up this then you can clearly see that you get good rates for your traffic. Also, you may even get higher rates on this network if your traffic is from their most demanded regions.

Simple Sign up And Approval Process:

As i have already tested this network, so, i can say that this network has one of the simplest sign up and approval process. Their sign up process doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes of your valuable time and they approve all websites within few hours of submission, which is also fast.

Simple Requirements And Restrictions:

Fun-captcha has one of the simplest requirements and restrictions for publishers. To join this network you only need to have a non-adult content website. They only restrict publishers who own adult content websites or who have websites with illegal content.

Detailed Stats Reporting:

Fun-captcha shows in-depth stats of your ads. You can see all the necessary stats in their stats reporting system. Even they have a separate section for referral stats too. So, overall on this network you can see your detailed stats and quickly optimize your captcha for better performance.

Counts Multiple Clicks From Same Visitor:

Unlike many other ad networks which count only unique clicks from a single visitors, Fun-captcha counts multiple clicks from a single visitor in 24 hours. This lets you earn even more from it. Actually they count 1 click or 1 solved captcha per IP and per 1 hour.

Low Minimum Payout:

Unlike other ad networks which set high minimum payout limit for publishers, Fun-captcha has set a very low minimum payout limit of only 1$. So, even small publishers can easily reach it with little efforts. Also, this low minimum payout limit provides you an opportunity to quickly test the reliability of this network.

Two Different Payment Options:

Fun-captcha provides two different payment options to publishers so that they can easily withdraw their earnings. The payment options offered by Fun-captcha are PayPal and Faucethub.

Fast Payments:

Fun-captcha likes paying its publishers quickly and therefore, it process all publisher payments on daily basis.

Referral Program:

If you want to earn some additional income from this network then you can participate in its referral program. Fun-captcha offers a great 10% referral commission program for lifetime.

Thinking Of Joining Fun-captcha ?


Fun-captcha Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, Captcha Ads
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Text Ads, Logos, Websites
Minimum Payout:$1
Payment Frequency:Daily
Payment Methods:PayPal, Faucethub
Referral Program:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Email:Use Their Contact Form
Website URL:

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