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popmyads-reviewPopMyAds is a specialized Pop-under advertising network which was started in 2011. From the time this network has started, it has shown a continuous growth. You can find many good reviews about this network all around the web.

The best thing about this network is, it offers anti-adblock solutions which make this network far better from its competitors.

PopMyAds always ensure maximum profit for its clients whether they are publishers or advertisers. Since the time i have joined this network, i have always got good CPM rates on it and also, it has always paid me on time.

In addition to that PopMyAds has always tried new things which keep it ahead of its competitors and also, make it a innovative and stable network in the market. If you want to join a network which could offer you good rates and pay you on time then i would strongly recommend this network.

PopMyAds offers high CPM rates and provides global coverage to publishers. It has a huge base of worldwide advertisers which make it offer 100% fill rate to publishers. Also, this network pays quickly to publishers and there’s no minimum traffic requirements. And, best of all you can monetize your both non-adult and adult content websites with it.

PopMyAds has one of the most liberal terms in the industry and therefore, it approves almost all websites which comply with its simple terms. Even small publishers can join this network. So, if you have a low traffic website or you have a free blog then you can join it. It accepts almost all publisher websites.

Another great thing about this network is its support. It has a super friendly support, i am using this network from last 5 years and i have always been satisfied with the kind of support i have received from this network. If you don’t believe me then just mail them regarding any query and see how responsive they are.

That was overview of PopMyAds, so, let’s have a deeper look of it.

Requirements And Restrictions:

As i already said above there is no minimum traffic requirement on this network, so, all level publishers can apply to join it. Also, it accepts all niche websites including both adult and non-adult content websites, sub-domain sites etc. So, publishers with all niche websites can join it.

PopMyAds doesn’t accept websites that contain violent content, child pornography, abusive content, sites promoting any type of hate-mongering or websites linking to any form of illegal activity etc.

Sign Up And Approval:

As there is no minimum traffic requirement and all kind of websites are accepted, so, sign up process on PopMyAds is quite easy. To sign up on it, the all you need is to fill in a small registration form and submit it. After submitting your application you can sign in to your account, there you need to submit your website for review.

Once PopMyAds team reviews your website and approves it, you can generate their ad code and put it on your website to display their ads.

Usually, in working hours they approve all websites within 1 hour but outside working hours, in weekends or in holidays it may take up to 12 hours. In my case they approved my website within 6 hours of submission. I think that was quick enough.

Ad Formats:

As PopMyAds is a specialized pop under ad network, so, it offers only pop-under ads to its publishers. However, it offers various customization tools that you can use to customize your ad units according to your website niche for maximized performance.

Also, recently this network has launched anti-adblock ad codes that you can generate from your dashboard. I have personally tested its anti-adblock ad code and it worked fine. Its ad codes can bypass any kind of ad blocker, so, if you looking for an ad network which could bypass ad blockers then this network could be a great option for you.

CPM Rates:

PopMyAds offers very competitive rates. CPM rates on this network are usually high but they are fully dynamic and depend on many factors like visitor’s country, website quality, niche and even day of the week and time of the day. So, if you have a good website that receives some good amount of traffic then you can make a good income from it.

Even small publishers are making good income from it as it pays high rates for worldwide traffic. Also, its low minimum payout limit makes it easier for small publishers to reach it and withdraw their earnings.

Stats Reporting System:

PopMyAds offers a very powerful stats reporting system which shows stats in real-time. Also, its stats reporting system contains various filters with which you can breakdown your reports for better analysis.

As its stats reporting system shows stats in real time so you always remain on the driving seat as you can immediately fix things if something doesn’t workout for you without losing much traffic.

Minimum Payout:

Like its competitor ad networks, PopMyAds also offers very low minimum payout limit of only 5$ that you can easily reach with a decent amount of traffic.

Payment Frequency:

As i have already said above, PopMyAds is one of the fastest paying ad network, so, it pays its publishers within 1-7 days of the payment request. Personally i have always received my payments from it within 4 days of payment request.

Payment Options:

PopMyAds offers three different payment options to publishers, which are PayPal, Payza and Bank Wire Transfer.

To get paid via Bank Wire, you need to contact them and provide your bank details.

Referral Program:

Like other popular pop-under ad networks, PopMyAds also offers a great 10% referral commission program to publishers. So, if you have friends, colleagues or website visitors who are potential publishers then you can refer them to join it to earn some additional income from it.

Thinking Of Joining This Network

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PopMyAds Payment Proof:


PopMyAds Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Pop Under Ads
Minimum Payout:5$
Payment Frequency:Within 1-7 days
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payza, Bank Wire
Network Popularity:High
Requirement/Restrictions:Violent, Racial, Abusive, Warez content sites are not allowed. For more info please read their Terms.
Payment Proof:Coming Soon Included Above ↑
Website URL:http://popmyads.com

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