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ad-sense-theme-an-adsense-optimized-wordpress-theme-for-blogsIf you have ever wished to monetize your website perfectly with ads and you are looking for a premium theme that can provide you multiple ad spaces then Ad-Sense could be a great option for you.

Ad-Sense is one of the most ads friendly theme out there in the market. It is perfectly designed and developed to generate higher revenue from ads. This theme comes with lots of ads friendly features that can help you in generating higher revenue from ads.

Some of the ads friendly features offered by this theme are better ad placements, better ad management, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad blocker users.

This theme not only lets you display your ads on perfect ad spaces but it also helps you to show ads to those users who don’t want to see ads. With this theme you can ask your visitors to turn of their ad blockers and even you can restrict their access to content if they have ad blockers on their browsers.

Apart from being a most ad friendly theme, this theme is beautifully designed to provide a great user experience to your visitors. This theme comes with 8 beautiful pre-defined layouts that let them select the best one of their choice.

Ad-Sense is a modern theme and therefore, it comes with all modern features that let you create an awesome website. I will discuss about some of its important features later in this article but before that i want you to see it demo first.

This theme has multiple demos which are created to show, how this theme fits with different types of websites. You can create beautiful blogs, affiliate marketing websites, technology based websites, viral content websites, news/editorial websites and even you can create an online shop with this theme.

Below is the demo button that you can click to see some of the awesome demos of this theme.

If you don’t like seeing its multiple demos then don’t worry i have added some screenshots of some of its demos that you can see below.

* Please Pardon me for the poor quality images. I have done this to make this page load faster.

Some Screenshots Of Demos Of Ad-Sense Theme:

1. Screenshot of a demo page created for technology based website with Ad-Sense theme.


Screenshot of a demo page created for technology based website with Ad-Sense theme

2. Screenshot of a demo page created for news website with Ad-Sense theme.


Screenshot of a demo page created for news website with Ad-Sense theme

3. Screenshot of a demo page created for a baby blog with Ad-Sense theme.


Screenshot of a demo page created for a baby blog with Ad-Sense theme

There are various other demos that you can see on its demo page. I strongly recommend to see its demos as it’s one the best ad friendly theme in the market.

Features Offered By Ad-Sense Theme:

Since, Ad-Sense theme is a modern theme, so, it comes with all modern features that let you build a perfect website for yourself. Some of the features offered by this theme are:

Beautiful Design And 8 Different Pre-defined Layouts:

Ad-Sense is a beautifully designed theme which showcase your content in most attractive way. With this theme, you can show lots of content on your homepage without making your website look badly stuffed with content.

It presents your content in a professional way to provide great user experience to your visitors. Since, it shows off your content in a professional way, so, it helps your website to attract direct advertisers and also, helps it to get easily approved on various ad networks.

In addition to that, the 8 beautiful pre-defined layouts let you create an awesome website for yourself by selecting the best layout as per your needs and requirements. These pre-defined layouts help you to create different types of website with this theme. So, overall with this theme you can create different niche websites.

Multiple Ad Spaces:

When you look to monetize your website with ads then you need multiple ad spaces at the right locations. Also, if you have sufficient ad spaces on your website then you can attract direct advertisers for your website.

This theme comes with various ad spaces on every section of this theme. And, the best part, it provides various ad spaces on top section which let you generate higher revenue from ads and also, attract direct advertisers for your website. With this theme you can show ads in header, below navigation menu, below post title, after content etc.

Below i am adding a screenshot which will show you the ad spaces offered by this theme.


Ad Spaces Offered By Ad-Sense Theme

In addition to the ad spaces, this theme also comes with various ads widget which let you place 300X250, 125X125 ads on different sections of your website.

In-built Ad Blocker Detector:

Since, this theme is highly optimized for ads, so, it comes with an in-built ad blocker detector which automatically detects visitors using ad blockers. With this theme you can ask you visitors to turn off their ad blocker or you can even restrict their access to your valuable content.

To ask your visitors to turnoff their ad blockers, you can show them a pop-up notification, hide your single post content, show floating box notice, or you can hide your content using shortcodes.

Compatible With Responsive Google Adsense Ads:

You may find various ads ready themes online but it may be possible that your theme doesn’t support Google’s responsive ads. Since, responsive ads improve user experience and generate higher clicks and earnings, so, its important to have a theme which supports Google’s responsive ads.

In this case, Ad-Sense works perfectly with Google’s responsive ads. It shows off all your Google ads and helps you in earning higher revenue through them.

Optimized For Search Engines:

Ad-Sense theme is fully optimized for search engines. It helps your posts to index quickly on search engines so as to get more visitors to your website. It also supports Google’s rich snippets which simply means you can show more information to visitors right on the search pages. This increases user engagement and helps you to attract more visitors for your website.

Speed Optimized:

Nowadays, when speed is a ranking factor, it is important for website owners to have themes which load quickly. Also, nobody likes visiting a website which loads slow, so, if you have a fast loading theme then it will provide a great user experience to your visitors.

In this case, Ad-Sense is perfectly developed to load quickly so that you can build regular visitors and rank up on various search engines.

Eye-Catching Hover Effects On Thumbnails:

As i have already said above this theme is beautifully designed to showcase your content in an attractive way. On the homepage of this theme, it generates hover effect on thumbnails which increases users engagement on your website. It ultimately leads to higher clicks and reduction in bounce rate of your website.

Integrated Social Media Buttons:

Nowadys, when social media is a great source of traffic, taking advantage of it is necessary for website owners. This theme comes with various integrated social media buttons which let your visitors easily share your awesome content on various social media websites.

This will increase the user engagement on your website and also help you in getting traffic from social media websites.

Powerful Options Panel:

This theme comes with a powerful options panel which let you easily customize your theme in few clicks. With its options panel you can style your theme, optimize its performance, manage your ads, set your homepage, sidebars, footer and header etc.

3 or 4 footer Widget Columns Layout:

On this theme you get sufficient space to place multiple widgets. This theme even let you set 3 or 4 columns layout for your footer. So, if you require more space for widgets then you can set your footer to 3 or 4 columns based on your requirements.

Fully Responsive Design:

Ad-Sense theme has a fully responsive design which makes it to fit perfectly on devices of various sizes. Whether you run your website on desktop, mobile or tablet, this theme provides a great user experience on all of these devices. So, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your website on different devices.

Various Other Features:

Since, Ad-Sense is a premium WordPress theme, so, it comes with tons of features that help you to create an awesome website.

Some of the features offered by this theme are unlimited colors, one click layout import, integrated review system, translation ready, advanced typography options, woocommerce ready, child theme support, off canvas mobile menu, 10 powerful widgets etc.

To see the complete list of features or to download this theme, you can click the below button.

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