Earnify Review For Advertisers- A Programmatic Native Advertising DSP

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earnify-advertisers-review-3As advertising has become complicated today, finding a right ad network for advertising your products and services has become a need of an hour.

If you don’t know much about advertising then you may end up losing your hard earned income on a poor platform.

Also, as an advertiser you must know the market and pick the right ad formats to promote your products so that you can generate better leads.

So, today in this review, i am going to talk about a trusted network which can generate the exact results that you expect from an ad network.

What Is Earnify ?

Actually, Earnify is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) which is connected to various Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) from where it brings the best traffic for your campaigns. Being a DSP, it not only brings the best traffic for your campaigns but it also saves a lot of your time.

As these days banner advertising has become less popular and visitors have become ignorant to them, all major ad networks have started using new modern ad formats which actually produce results. Earnify is one of them. It has selected one of the most demanded ad format which generates higher CTR and leads.

What Ad Formats Does Earnify Offers ?

Earnify uses native advertising as its key ad format. Their team has worked on these ads to provide a robust advertising experience. Also, this network works only with premium websites which bring high quality traffic from top tier countries. However, this network has a great global reach so you can run a campaign for any part of the world.

As native ads are highly content driven so they increase the conversion rate for any campaign. In case of Earnify, they just deliver your ads at the right places and therefore, you always get a great user experience on their network.

Why You Should Join Earnify As An Advertiser ?

There are various simple reasons to join it:

Global Reach:

Earnify is a Demand Side Platform and it works with multiple networks so it has a great global reach. Also, they work only with premium publishers from all over the world which make them generate better conversions for you. Earnify delivers nearly 400 billion global ad impressions every month which shows how big this network is.

If you don’t believe, just give them a try and see the result. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Our partners have already worked with them. You can see some stats here that we have collected for you:


Earnify Stats Reporting System Showing Stats

*Please use right click and select view image to zoom it.

Superior Targeting:

As they say, they provide superior targeting than many other ad networks and DSPs. When you join this network you will find targeting options like devices, country, websites etc. They let you choose CPM or CPC models to advertise your campaigns at competitive rates. Also, they provide an option to enable conversion tracking and let you put your tracking code.

Below i have uploaded a screenshot of campaign creation page that you can see:


Campaign Creation Page In Earnify Dashboard

Transparent And In-depth Stats Reporting:

Being a premium network, Earnify offers a very detailed stats reporting system where you can see all necessary stats about your campaign. Their in-depth stats reporting system helps you to generate reports for different sections and optimize your campaigns based on these reports for better performance.

Easy To Use Platform:


Easy To Use Platform

Earnify provides you an easy to use self serve platform where you can easily create your campaigns and drive high quality traffic to your landing pages. The sign up process on this network is also easy. To sign up on this network, you just need to fill in a short sign up form and submit it. After submitting your form, you get an instant access to your account.

Fraud Prevention:

As Earnify is a premium advertising network, it doesn’t compromise with quality. This network performs various quality checks on traffic to ensure the genuineness of each and every impression. So overall on this network you don’t have to worry about the quality of traffic or any kind of frauds.

Earnify works with 35 SSPs from where it picks only the best publisher websites to deliver your ads.

Dedicated Support:

In terms of support, Earnify gets full marks. If you have any queries, doubts or you need their help, just contact them and you will get a quick reply from them. They provide online chat, email, mobile number and even address as their contact options. Their highly developed platform also has a customer support bot that assists you for various frequently asked questions.


After reviewing this network and asking some of our partners the all i can say is, Earnify is worth using network that you must try. It has a very well developed modern self serve platform with transparent and indepth stats reporting system. It also offers sufficient filter to target the best traffic for your campaigns. So, overall its a good network and worth giving a try.

Thinking Of Joining Earnify ?


Earnify Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, Native Advertising
Ad Formats:Native Ads
Minimum Deposit:$100
Deposit Time:Instant (Cards), Up To 3 Days (Wire)
Payment Methods:Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Referral Program:
5% referral commission program
Website URL:https://earnify.com

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