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eroadvertising reviewEroAdvertising is an adult advertising network running since 2006. It is a very popular adult advertising network and is known for offering a high quality services to both publishers as well as advertisers.

EroAdvertising provides various innovative ad formats to its publishers that they can use on their websites to generate higher revenues than any other ad network. Since, it is a very popular adult ad network, so, it provides high CPM rates and also, offers 100% fill rate to its publishers.

With this network you will be able to partner with some of the most popular online brands. EroAdvertising is run and maintained by a very experienced staff which makes them one of the best adult ad network.

EroAdvertising not only provides various innovative ad formats to its publishers but it also offers a very good support which keeps you up to date with the latest program-me news via email, telephone, forums, social networking platforms etc, and always remains ready to assist you in any situation.

Requirements And Restrictions:

There are few requirements that publishers should fulfill to join EroAdvertising:

  • Publisher should be of at least 18 years in age.
  • Publisher’s site must contain legal content.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement, so, small publishers can also apply to join this network.

There are following restrictions on EroAdvertising:

  • Sites containing unlawful, child pornography, Sexual conduct with animals, Attacking, violent, discriminatory content, Criminal offenses, Spyware, Scare-ware are not allowed to use EroAdvertising services.
  • Illegal activities such as SPAM, SPIM, Phishing, URL spoofing are also not allowed.

Sign up And Approval:

Sign up on Eroadvertising is quiet easy, the all you need to do is to fill up a small registration form that asks you some basic details about you and after submitting your application, you will receive an email from them to confirm your account.

And after that you can instantly log in to your account. Once you log in to your account then you have to submit your site for approval and after approval of your site you can start showing their ads to earn money.

Usually they approve or disapprove any site within 1-2 days. One more thing that i want to add here is that, if you don’t have an adult site and you only want to use it for its affiliate program (as it offers an affiliate program) then simply at the time of registration enter the URL of any of your site because they provide instant log in, so, you can use their affiliate program.

Ad Formats:

Unlike other ad networks that offers only few ad formats, EroAdvertising offers various different and innovative ad formats.

The ad formats offered by EroAdvertising are Text Ads, Banner Ads, Thumb Ads, Movie Ads, Layer Ads, In-Text (Highlight words) Ads, Page Peel Ads, IM Pop Up, Redirects, Pop Ads, Full Page Ads, Mobile Redirects, IP TV Redirect, In Video Plugin and Interstitial Ads.

If you have any confusion about these ad formats then you can see the examples of these ad formats in your EroAdvertising Account.

Stats Reporting System:

Like its other services, it also provides a very good reporting system where you can see detailed stats of your ads performances. You can see detailed reports for your separate ad units and sites. It also provide various filters that can help you to better analyze your ads performances.

Minimum Payout:

EroAdvertising offers a very low minimum payout to its publishers, so that, all level publishers can easily reach their minimum payout limit to withdraw their earnings. The Minimum payout on EroAdvertising is only 10.

Payment Frequency:

On EroAdvertising, payments are processed on weekly and monthly basis, which means you can withdraw your earnings on weekly or monthly basis. It depends on you, as you can set your account on weekly payments or monthly payments.

Payment Options:

EroAdvertising offers 4 different payment options to its publishers to cash-out their earnings. The following four payment options are PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum and Bank Transfer.

Affiliate Program:

On EroAdvertising you can increase your earnings by referring both new advertisers as well as publishers. The referral percentage they give for referring new publishers is 10% and for advertisers it is 1%.

Payment Proof:


Thinking Of Joining EroAdvertising ?

Sign Up NowEroAdvertising Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM, CPC, Adult
Ad Formats: Banner, Text, IM Pop Up, Pop Ads, Interstitial, Layer,  Page Peel Ads, Redirects, Mobile Redirects, In Video  Plugin, IP TV Redirects, Thumb Ads, Movie Ads, In-Text Ads
Minimum Payout: 10 €
Payment Frequency: Net 7, Weekly
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Bank Transfer
Network Popularity: High
  • Publisher should be of at least 18 years in age.
  • Child pornography, spam, violent, discriminating, virus, malware content sites are not allowed.
Payment Proof: Uploaded Above ↑
Website URL:

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