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First of all thank you for visiting our “Advertise Here” page. Since, you have visited this page then surely you must be an advertiser who is looking to promote his/her ad network, website or any other product or service.

Ad Nets Review provides an opportunity to all advertisers to promote their products and services at very reasonable prices.

For Whom Ad Nets Review is best place to promote their products and services:

Ad Nets Review is a niche website and therefore, it gets targeted audience only.

Our audience comprises of:

  1. Website Owners A.k.A Publishers, who are looking to monetize their website through ad networks.
  2. Advertisers, who are looking to promote their products and services on different ad networks.
  3. Ad Networks, which are looking for publishers, advertisers or advertising partners.
  4. An Internet User, who is looking for opportunities to make money online.

So, from our audience you can understand, if you are an Ad Network, publisher, or an internet marketer then Ad Nets Review is a best place for you to promote your products and services.

What kind of advertisements we offer ?

Currently we offer only banner ads of all standard sizes. On Ad Nets Review, we have various ad spaces available for you.

What are our rates for banner ads ?

The rates for banner ads differ based on their size and location. For your convenience we have mentioned the rates for different banner spaces:

  • Top 728X90 banner – 60$.
  • Bottom 728X90 banner – 20$.
  • Top Sidebar 300X250 banner – 50$.
  • Sidebar Middle 300X250 banner – 30$.
  • Sidebar Bottom 300X250 banner – 20$.
  • Below Post Title 728X90 banner – 50$.
  • After Post 728X90 banner – 30$.

The prices mentioned above are for 30 days.

New 125X125 Small Banners Spaces Launched For Cheapest Advertising:

  • There are total 6 ad spaces of size 125X125.
  • Namely Banner 1, Banner 2, Banner 3, Banner 4, Banner 5, and Banner 6.
  • These banners will be located at the bottom of sidebar.

The prices of these small banners are as follows:

125X125 banner locations

125X125 Banner Positions

  • 125X125 Banner 1 – 10$.
  • 125X125 Banner 2 – 10$.
  • 125X125 Banner 3 – 10$.
  • 125X125 Banner 4 – 10$.
  • 125X125 Banner 5 – 10$.
  • 125X125 Banner 6 – 10$.

The prices for these banners are also for 30 days.

Terms And Conditions:

  • We accept only banner images and target links. We do not accept any kind of code.
  • We accept only family friendly ads.
  • We accept payment only through invoice. So, please ask us to send you invoice for payments.
  • We do not accept pornographic, wares related, drugs related, adult oriented, hate sites, anything which is illegal or linked to illegal sites and activities,  or any other sites that are not appropriate for our audience.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any application.
  • We reserve the right to remove your banner anytime from our website, if we find it violating our terms.
  • We do not offer any kind of refund.

To advertise on our website, you can contact us at

Please don’t spam we hate spam !