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Best URL Shortener of 2020 is a premium contextual advertising network brought to you by Yahoo! and Bing together.

It is one of the top 5 largest ad tech companies worldwide and by revenue, it is the 2nd largest contextual ad network in the world.

It is also one of the best alternatives of Google Adsense.

A Brief Introduction: was founded in 2012 to provide one of the best innovative monetization solutions to worldwide publishers. During these years this network has grown and currently it has a large network of publishers and advertisers worldwide. Thousands of publishers and advertisers are taking advantage of its self serve platform to monetize their traffic and to grow their business respectively. is also one of the biggest ad network as it employs a team of 800+ professional and technical employees worldwide. It has multiple offices in many countries and its headquarters are located in US and Dubai.

Since, the time this network was launched it gained popularity quickly because it is backed up by two giant companies Yahoo! and Bing. Also, the quality of service, innovative ad formats and high rates made this network popular. You can find many good reviews about this network on many review websites, forums and ad network directories.

That was the brief introduction of, so, lets have a deeper look of various factors about this network which make it a must join network.

Why You Should Join ?

There are various simple reasons to join it:


When we look for a network to join, our first concern is about its reliability and if a network is not reliable then there’s no worth in joining it. But, this is not the case with as this network is brought to you by two giant companies, Yahoo! and Bing. So, you don’t have to worry about its reliability.

Also, if we forget about these two big companies and review this network on some basic factors like the time it is online, reviews about this network, payments etc then you will find that this network is online since 2012 and it is paying its publishers on time and every time. You can find many good reviews about this network on various websites that are enough to tell you about the reliability of this network.

Any scam network cannot remain online for that long period of time and without being noticed by publishers. So, overall this network is one of the most reliable network, so, you can join it confidently.

Offers Best Contextual Ads: is known for providing best contextual ads to publishers. They have a very advanced platform which is a result of several years of focused research and substantial investments. This advanced platform automatically picks the best content driven ads to show on your website.

Also, they have a talented technology team of engineers which continuously works on factors like ad targeting, optimization and machine learning etc to provide maximum profit to publishers.

Provides 100% Fill Rate:

Since, is one of the biggest ad network, so, it has a huge network of worldwide advertisers. They provide ads for all niche websites and for every country, so, you can remain assured of getting 100% fill rate from this network.

Best Alternative Of Google Adsense:

If you are not getting approval on Adsense or you are not getting your desired rates then you can give a try to It is one of the best alternative of Google Adsense and also one of our recommended networks for publishers.

It offers high rates, top quality content driven ads and best service to publishers. So, you can give a try to this network.

Best Innovative Ad Formats: offers one of the best innovative ad formats which deliver results to you. With this network, you don’t have to worry about banner blindness or poor CTR. This network offers highly contextual ads which generate higher CTR which results in higher earnings for publishers.

The major ad formats offered by this network are contextual banner and display ads of all standard and non-standard sizes, native ads, in-content ads, interstitial ads and mobile docked ads. They also provide rich media and video ads. You can get more details about their ad formats on the homepage and publishers page of their website.

Full Control Over Ads:

Though, offers best contextual ads to publishers but it knows the importance of control of publishers over ads. As a publisher no one knows better about your website than you and therefore, this network provides you full control over ads.

Their self serve platform allows you to customize your ads as per your website and also they let you set some keywords so that only matching ads will be shown to your website.

Detailed Stats Reporting: offers a very advanced stats reporting system which shows the detailed stats of your ads. This detailed stats reporting helps you to easily optimize your ads for best performance.

Timely Payouts:

Since, is one of the most reliable ad networks, so, you’ll never have to worry about your payments. They pay their publishers on time and every time. They have a Net 30 based payment frequency and they pay their publishers via PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

Like some other top ad networks, also has minimum payout of 100$.

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Thinking Of Joining ?

sign-up-purple-button Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, Contextual Ad Network
Ad Formats:Contextual Banner, Display Banner, Native Ads, In-Content Ads, Interstitial Ads, Video Ads, Rich Media Ads, Mobile Docked Ads
Minimum Payout:$100
Payment Frequency:Net 30
Payment Methods:PayPalBank Wire Transfer
Referral Program:
10% referral commission program, Invite Only
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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