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Best URL Shortener of 2020

adfly-review-adnetsreviewDo you want to earn money online ? or you have just heard about but you are not sure whether it is legit or scam. If these are the questions revolving in your mind then you are at right place as today i am going to answer all of these question in my comprehensive review of

But, before starting my review i would like to tell you some basic things about like what is ?, How to shorten links with ?, Adfly’s history, How it works ? and Why it pays you ? etc and lastly in my review i will tell you some basic strategies that you can use to earn some easy money from in 2020.

So, let’s first understand what is ?

What is ? is a URL shortener service which pays you for shortening and sharing your links. If you don’t know what is a URL shortener service then let me tell you, a URL shortener is a tool where you can shorten your long links to make them look pretty without affecting their destination page.

Short links are very effective when you have a word limit issue or you are hiding your affiliate links. Many researches have already proved that shorten links drive more sales as compared to conventional long links. If they don’t then why would all professional bloggers hide their affiliate links with shorten links.

Now i think you have understood what is, so, let’s understand how you can shorten your links with ?

How to Shorten Links with ?

Shortening a link with is easy. To shorten a link you just need to copy your long link and paste it in the Adfly’s link shortener tool and then click on the shrink tab. Once you click the shrink tab, you get a nice short link that you can share with you friends, colleagues or website visitors.

Below is an example of shorten link. I had a Google link which was not looking good so i shorten it with You can see the below links, one is Google’s normal link and the other one is a shorter version of that link. Just compare by yourself which one looks better.

My Long Google Link:…0.0..0.210.393.0j1j1……0….1..gws-wiz.BTMhLaCj8es

My Shorten Link:

You can clearly see that new shorten link looks far better than the original link. This new link has the same functionality that of original link. It will point to the same destination page as of original link. The only difference between two links is the length of links.

Actually link shorteners work as a link redirection service, so, whenever you short a link you get a shorten link which redirects itself to the original destination page whenever it is being clicked by your visitors.

Why Does People Use Short Links ?

There are basically three uses of shorten links.

1. People who use websites like Twitter often use shorten links. As these websites have word limits for tweets so sharing a long link is not always possible. So, to overcome this issue people use shorten links.

2. Shorten links are also widely used by affiliate marketers to hide their affiliate links. As affiliate links don’t look good so affiliate marketers use shorten links to hide their links. These shorten links increase their sales and therefore they are popular among affiliate marketers.

3. People like us, who actually want to earn money from shorten links. Services like provide a great opportunity to publishers like us to earn money from their shorten links just by sharing them with friends, colleagues, website visitors etc.’s History: was started way back in 2009 as a non-adult URL shortener service. At that time there were very few URL shorteners. The biggest competitor of it at that time was LinkBucks.

Unlike, Linkbucks allows people to shorten their both adult and non-adult content links. At that time Linkbucks also offered link locking services along with normal link shortening service. However, these things never affected and it emerged as one of best URL shorteners in the non-adult category.

By the time made many changes in its services from offering various other ad formats to launching some new sister networks, Adfly did everything to stick in the market.

At the moment offers interstitial ads, framed banner ads, pop-under ads and push notification ads. So, you can now consider Adfly as a complete ad network. once also launched a Get Paid To (GPT) website named but it is no more online.

Another project that Adfly’s team (X19 LTD) launched a couple of years ago on users demand is Adultxyz. It is also a URL shortener service but it is mainly launched for adult content. So, if you have any plans to shorten your adult content links then there’s no need to worry as you can use Adultxyz to monetize your links.

There’s another great URL shortener in Adult category called AdxFly. It is not a URL shortener from Adfly team but it is a great URL shortener. So, if you are looking for an adult URL shortener service then you can give a try to AdxFly.

Why Pays You ?

Actually pays you for showing ads to your visitors. Whenever you shorten a link with, your link gets encrypted with an interstitial page where ads are shown to your visitors. This interstitial window opens when a visitor clicks on your link. then shows a 5 second ad to your visitor and provides a skip button just like YouTube to skip adverts. Whenever your visitors click skip button and reach the original destination page you get paid for it.

It’s a simple process and your visitors get use to it if you share some download or important files that they want to download for free. Don’t use these links on your regular blogs as it may affect your traffic. But, if you are sharing something important that people want to download then use to monetize your links. In such case it doesn’t affect your website traffic as people don’t mind bearing 5 seconds wait for downloading files. Review With Payment Proof 2020 is a popular URL shortener service which was started in 2009. Initially was started as a URL shortener service but during these 10 years it has made many changes and now it has become a complete ad network for publishers.

From the day of its launch has never looked back. During these 10 years has always shown a continuous growth and still it is growing at a menace pace. If you have ever heard about paid URL shortener services then you would have probably heard about It is that popular !

People love using just because it offers high quality services that you miss on other networks. The other reason behind using Adfly is, its reliability. is a network on which you can trust and work freely with it. You never have to worry about payments on as it always pays on time. You can withdraw your earnings anytime on It process all payments on daily basis.

Personally i am using from last six years and so far i have never faced any payment delays. It has always paid me on time and every time. That is also the reason why i always prefer promoting over other URL shortener services. New URL shorteners may offer you lucrative rates than but when it comes on reliability then is always my recommended network.

If you don’t like visiting your account frequently then you can leave your account as it is and once your account reaches minimum payout limit then you get paid automatically on first of every month. Facilities like these make a premium ad network.

Highest Payout Rates:

If you compare’s payout rates with other URL shorteners then you will find that Adfly offers industry’s highest payout rates. At the time of writing this review was offering 20$ per 1000 views as its highest payout rate. Isn’t it good ?

In terms of payout rates i have always liked as it offers best rates in the industry even in the days when advertising market crashes.

The payout rates on change on daily basis and its rate differ for countries, so, if you have traffic from its top tier countries then you can make some handsome income from it.

Long Experience In Advertising Field:

Being one of the oldest URL shortener, knows how to deal with the different market situations. After all it is the most experienced network in this field. I always recommend just to make you on safer side. Many URL shorteners come and go but is still standing tall from last 10 years.

So, if you want a URL shortener that can offer you best rates in all market situations then you can go for

Requirements To Join doesn’t have hard and fast requirements. Anybody who has an email address can join it. Its signup process is easy and doesn’t take more than two minutes of your valuable time.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind while shortening your links with is, you must short you non-adult links only and your links must not be pointing to a page which are against the terms of

Signup And Approval Process:

Anybody who has an email address can sign up on and start earning money by shortening and sharing their links on internet. As it is a URL shortener website, so, approval is not required. The only thing that you need to verify is your email address.

Go Ahead and Give it a Try !


Unlike other URL shorteners that only offer interstitial ads offers four different kinds of ads, which are – Interstitial Ads, Framed Banner Ads, Pop Under Ads and Push Notification Ads.

Stats Reporting System: offers a good stats reporting system to its users where you can see all the details about your links, pop ads earnings etc. Adfly’s stats reporting system updates on hourly basis, so, you do not have to wait for longer periods to see your stats change. Also, offers various filters that you can use to generate reports for specific section.

Advertising Tools: offers variety of advertising tools that you can use to maximize your earnings. Some of these tools are Mass Shrinker, Multiple Links, Easy Link, Bookmarklet, API Documentation, Full Page Scripts, Website Entry Scripts etc.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum amount required to cash-out on is 5$ that i think you can easily earn with the kind of services Adfly offers to its publishers.

Payment Frequency:’s payment frequency is little different than other networks as it sends first payment on monthly basis, which is usually on 1st of every month. And after that all payments are made on demand. So, in short you can say that pays its users on Daily basis.

Payment Modes: uses two payment methods to pay its publishers, which are PayPal and Payoneer.

Referral Program:’s referral program is one of the best referral program offered by any URL shortener. If you refer a publisher to then you get 20% revenue share of your referral’s earning for lifetime. And, if you refer an advertiser to then you will get 5% commission on every advertising purchase made by the advertiser.

Some Simple Strategies To Earn Money From in 2020: has remained a great source of income for lots of people and the thing that made them successful is some simple strategies. These strategies are working for years and still they are perfect for anyone who want to make some money online. So, here are these simple strategies to earn money from in 2020:

Create A Blog:

This process seems little complicated but if you actually want to earn some good income from Adfly then you can create a blog. Creating a blog is completely free. You can use platforms like blogger or WordPress to start you free blog. There you need to create a blog that shares some files that people want to download. Say a free software sharing website.

Also, there you just need to take advantage of your visitors desire. They actually want something for free so just monetize your links there. Whenever they click on your links and reach the destination page you get paid for it and they will get the reward that they want. It’s a simple give and take process and it is working for years.

I have seen tonnes of bloggers making money by using this simple strategy. Moreover you can even monetize your website with other ad types like banner and pop-under ads.

For pop-under ads i will recommend you to go for PopAds only as it is a premium pop-under ad network. It provides anti-adblock ad codes and at the moment it has also started offering sticky ads. For more earnings you can use Ad-Sense WordPress theme if you are using a paid hosted blog. This theme forces your visitors to disable ad blocker and helps you earn even more revenue from your website.

For getting more traffic to your website you can promote your blog posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. They are a great source of traffic so make sure to utilize it. Avoid sharing your links on these platforms, instead of that you can share your blog posts there. This will keep your account safe from being banned on these platforms.

Create Social Groups:

Take the advantage of various messenger apps. There you need to create a group of individuals who want to make money online. Just ask them to click your links and in response do the work that they want from you. Again it’s a give and take process but you will get your job done for sure.

Again i will say avoid sharing your links there instead use a link which are not banned on these platforms. If you have a free blog then it will be a plus point for you.

Join Make Money Forums:

Internet is a great resource to find people like us. You can find some forums which are specially made for these things. The major advantage of such forums is new people continuously join it so here you are not required to find new people as in case of social messenger groups.

Just join these forums share your links there and do the others work and ask them to work for you.

Look For Abandoned Websites:

Everyday thousands of people create websites and most of them leave it. Yes, only 4-5% people are serious about their blogs/websites. These websites don’t require comment moderation and that’s the place where you can share your links.

Just don’t copy and paste your link there as people avoid clicking any link that is of no use for them. So, you need to be selective and creative. First you need to find the blogs which are of make money niche and then there you need to share your links with some creative texts like Check out how i make 1000$ per month from this website this will not take more than two minutes of your time etc.

This method is not a perfect one but it will get you some traffic as tonnes of these posts still rank well on Google. And, if you are someone who can create attractive posts then you can make these visitors your regular visitors.

Referral Strategy: doesn’t only pay you for showing its ads but it also pays you for sending new publishers and advertisers to it. If you send publisher to it then you get a 20% commission and if you send an advertiser then you get a 5% commission for lifetime. So, it’s a great way to boost your earnings. By using this way you may not earn as high as you earn through links but something is better than nothing.

If you have the potential and you have some publisher or advertiser friends then you can recommend them to join

A pro tip for referral strategy:

Whatever website you use to share your links there you can use one’s promotional banner. As people click your link and every time they see ad they come to know that you are making money by showing ads to them so some of them also try to make money from it. And, surely i can say there you will get some active referrals for lifetime.

So these were some key strategies that you can use to make some good money from Below i am sharing one of my latest payment proof of 2020. You can see it to ensure that this network is still paying. Payment Proof 2020:

Adfly Payment Proof 2020

Is Scam ?

Obviously not ! After using it for 6 years and receiving lots of payments from it the all i can say about is, it is a legit and a premium URL shortener service that you can use confidently. If you want to see some more payment proofs then i can share it with you. So, far i have never faced any delays in my payments.

This network is one of the most stable network and it is still running perfectly. So, if you are planning to join it then i would say go ahead without any hesitation because i know you won’t be disappointed !

Thinking Of Joining ?

sign-up-now-button-skyblue Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, URL Shortener
Ad Formats:Interstitial Ads, Framed Banner Ads, Pop-under Ads, Push Notifications Ads
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:Fist payment on monthly basis after that all payments are made on daily basis
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer
Referral Program:
20% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
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Email:Use Their Contact Form
Website URL:

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