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ClicksFly Review !

ClicksFly is a URL shortener service which allows users to earn money by shortening and sharing their links. It is a non-adult URL shortener service which means you can only short your non-adult content links with it.

The best thing about this URL shortener service is, it doesn’t show annoying ads to visitors and at the same time it offers industry’s highest rates to publishers. They are able to provide high rates because they use Google Adsense ads and therefore, they have mentioned on their website that your traffic should also comply with Google’s terms.

While checking the ads of this network we found that this network offers banner based interstitial ads which are clean and safe so you can give a try to this network confidently. While reviewing their ads i also found that this network only opens one pop-up ad and even that is in new tab. So, you can understand that your visitors will not get annoyed through their ads.

Also, another great thing about this network is, they count multiple views from a same visitors which means you will be earning higher income than other networks. However, it is not mentioned on their website that how many views they count from a visitor in 24 hours.

As far as the rates are concerned, this network offers very high rates up to 12$ which is much higher than most of the available URL shortener networks. Also, their worldwide rate is high. On this network you get paid up to 3.50$ CPM for worldwide traffic. So, if you are tiered of getting poor rates on other shorten URL services then you can give this network a try.

Promotional Program:

This network is currently running a promotional program where Youtubers can take part and earn good income by promoting their network on their YouTube channels.

As per the notification on their website, this network pays you $1 for every thousand views on your YouTube video about their network and you can earn money up to 100,000 views. This means you can earn up to 100$ by promoting their network on your YouTube channel. Isn’t it great ?

Earn Money With Their Referral Program:

In addition to their YouTube Promotional campaign, ClicksFly also provides a great opportunity to all of its members to earn some extra income by promoting their network.

This network offers a massive 35% referral commission program to users. So, take advantage of their referral program and earn some handy income promoting their network to your friends, colleagues, website visitors etc.

Other Great Facilities:

Apart from high quality ads and high payout rates, this network also offers some great facilities which makes it a must try network. ClicksFly has set a very low minimum payout of only 3$. Also, this network likes to pay its users quickly and therefore, it pays them on daily basis.

In addition to that this network provides some great tools that you can use to monetize your links effectively. Also, it offers a live stats reporting system which lets you quickly see your stats in real time and optimize your links for best performance.

Key Features OF ClicksFly URL Shortener:

  • Clean and non-annoying ads.
  • High payout rates up to $12 CPM. For worldwide traffic its $3.5 CPM.
  • Low minimum payout of $3 only.
  • Fast payment on daily basis.
  • Multiple payment options – PayPal, Bitcoin, PayTm (India), Bank Transfer (India).
  • Various tools to monetize links.
  • Payment proofs page to see latest payments made by network.
  • Detailed and live stats reporting system.
  • Dedicated support via email and online chat.

Payment Proof:


ClicksFly Payment Proof

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ClicksFly Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, URL Shortener
Ad Formats:Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout:$3
Payment Frequency:Daily
Payment Methods:PayPal, Bitcoin, PayTM (India), Bank Transfer (India)
Referral Program:
35% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
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