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popcash-reviewPopcash is a specialized pop-under advertising network. It is also one of the very popular pop-under ad network. It uses CPM, CPC pricing model to pay its publishers.

PopCash offers high CPM rates to publishers. The reason behind offering high rates is simple, it has lots of advertisers all around the world who let it offer high CPM rates to publishers.

Another good thing about this ad network is, it serves high quality content driven pop-under ads to publishers. Since, these ads are content driven and therefore, they don’t affect users experience. Instead, these ads helps publishers to earn even more through their ad network.

These ads generate high CTR and therefore, generate high revenue for publishers.

I have personally used this network on two of my websites and i found it quite satisfactory. I have received multiple payments from it and for your convenience i have included one of the payment proof in the later section of this review.

Another great thing about this ad network that i like the most is, it counts all impressions. On some pop-under ad network, you may find that they don’t count all impressions. But, that’s not the case with PopCash. It counts each and every impression that you deliver to their ads. And, hence you get paid for all your traffic.

Apart from the high CPM rates and content driven ads, it also offers some other great facilities to its publishers.

The major facilities provided by Popcash are low minimum payout, multiple payment options, live stats, referral program and dedicated support.

Another good thing about this ad network is, it accepts all kind of websites including adult and non-adult content websites, low traffic websites, sub-domain blogs etc.

Though it accepts all kinds of websites but when you use this network then you will feel that you are using a premium ad network. I am saying it a premium ad network because it is a specialized pop-under ad network and is backed up by lots of advertisers from all around the world.

From the overview this network seems to be good, so, lets check out its details for pros and cons.

Sign Up And Approval:

Sign up process on PopCash is easy, anyone who has a website or blog can sign up on it. Popcash accepts almost all kind of websites except those which don’t comply with their terms. You can read their terms on their website. They have simple and liberal terms.

Approval process is also easy as there are no hard and fast rules on PopCash. However, they review each and every website properly to maintain the network quality. Usually they review any website within 1 hour of submission but on weekends it may take up to 12 hours.

In my case they review my website within 4 hours of submission.

Dashboard And Reporting System:

The publisher dashboard offered by Popcash is quiet impressive. On its dashboard you can see all necessary details and perform multiple activities.

It also offers a detailed stats reporting system which shows stats in real time. On its stats reporting system you can see all necessary stats of your ads. It also offers some filters that you can use to filter your reports for better analysis.

Minimum Payout:

It being premium ad network, it doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to its publishers. And therefore, it offers a very low minimum payout to publishers.

The minimum payout on PopCash is only 10$ that even small publishers can easily reach with little efforts.

Payment Modes:

Since, PopCash is a premium ad network so it offers multiple payment options to publishers. The payment options offered by it are PayPal, Payza and Paxum.

Payment Frequency:

PopCash doesn’t like holding publisher payments for long and therefore, it process payments on daily basis. Usually all payments are made within 48 hours of request but it may take up to 7 days.

So far i have received multiple payments from PopCash and all payments were on time. Usually i get all my payments within 48 hours. You can check all my latest payment proof on our Facebook page. So, don’t forget to like our Facebook page.


The above mentioned experience was of my first payment. Now, i have already received multiple payments from them (summing up a total of 2128$, that’s huge 😉 ) and all i can say is, this ad network is great. Always pays on time. So, far i have never faced any delay in payments.

They have even reduced the PayPal fees, now they make payments through mass payment options, so, they charge 1$ as fees on big payments where previously PayPal charges 3-4% fees. Say for an example, you request for a 100$ payment, so, they charge 1$ as fees and you get 99$ in your account, where previously PayPal was charging 3-4% fees making you get only 96-97$.

For more details regarding this fees see the comments below. I have even added a payment proof for your convenience.

Referral Program:

Like most of its competitors, PopCash also offers a good 10% referral commission program to publishers. So, start referring your friends and colleagues to earn some additional income on PopCash.


Overall i found this network quite useful and you can also give it a try.


After using this ad network for over 3 years i can say, it is one of the best ad network and that is why i have placed it in my best pop-under ad networks list.

Thinking Of Joining This Network

sign up nowPayment Proof:


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Popcash Details At A Glance:

 Network Type:CPC, CPM
 Ad Formats:Pop Under
 Minimum Payout:10$
 Payment Frequency:Within 7 days
 Payment Methods:PayPal, Payza, Paxum
 Network Popularity:High
 Requirement/Restrictions:No Malware, Violent content sites
 Payment Proof: Included Above ↑
 Website URL: http://popcash.net

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