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sahifa-ads-ready-wordpress-themeSahifa is a responsive ads ready WordPress theme which comes with lots of ad spaces and variety of in-built features. Sahifa theme looks awesome, it has some top quality features that you will rarely get in other themes. This theme is modern, user friendly, fast loading, flexible, and adaptive to all devices. This theme is not only highly optimized  for ads but it gives a classic look to your website and increases the users engagement on your website resulting in higher profits for you in every area.

This theme has variety of features that i will discuss one by one, however, if you like to see its demo first then you can click the below button to see its live demo.

728X90 Ad Space In Header:

This theme has a 728X90 banner ad space in header section which always increases the earning opportunities. This space not only lets you place one banner but it attracts direct advertisers too. I always recommend everybody to have a template with a banner space on top whether it is 468X60 or 728X90, or even bigger banner but having a top banner is always beneficial for website owners.

Dynamic Sidebar With Standard Ad Space:

This theme comes with a dynamic sidebar with a standard 300X250 or 300X600 banner ad space. You can place any number of banner ads on the sidebar. It also comes with a huge variety of widgets that you can place on sidebar. One of the very good widget that attracted me is, social counter widget that you can see in the demo.

Featured With A Great Slider:

This theme is featured with a great slider which shows multiple posts at a time. You may rarely find this kind of slider on any other theme as most of them show only one post in a slide but here you can show multiple posts in a single slide.

Mega Menus:

This theme is also featured with mega menus which again you will rarely get with other normal themes in this category. However, most WooCommerce themes come with this feature. But not only this, it also contains another menu which ensures that you will never fell short of menus.

In-built News Ticker Widget:

This is another premium feature in this theme. Mostly we have to use plugins for this purpose and it may be possible that they will work well with your theme or not. Also, they do not provide many customization options, so, it may be possible that those news ticker widgets will not look good with your theme. But, this is not the case with Sahifa, as it already has a news ticker widget which gives you an upper hand against your competitors.

Three Footer Layout:

Three footer layouts always provides you some additional ad space to place some widgets there, even you can put some banners too. From the day i have started blogging i love three footer layout themes because it gives you additional space. I mostly use this area to place a traffic counter widget and Alexa ranking widget to build the confidence of my visitors on my blog. Good Alexa rank creates a positive impact on visitors.

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However, i have seen many people using these spaces more efficiently than me. So, i hope you will also love this additional ad space.

Unlimited Colors And Customization:

If you like changing the look of your website then Sahifa also lets you to change color of your theme. You can even change the layout of your theme to framed, boxed, and wide. And, also you can pick light or dark color skin for your theme, so, its totally up to you.

Some Additional Features That Sahifa Offers:

  • Responsive theme.
  • In-built review system.
  • Hundreds of font styles and colors.
  • Category based homepage.
  • Slider and scrolling blocks.

Thinking Of Downloading Sahifa ?

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