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frontpage-theme-an-ads-ready-wordpress-themeFrontPage is a premium ads ready WordPress theme. It is best suited for blogs and magazine websites. It is also a WooCommerce ready theme, so, you can also create your online store with it.

If your website generates low page views count or it has high bounce rate then FrontPage is for you. It is designed in a way to generate high number of page-views or if you create an online store with it then it will scroll many products on the homepage to generate maximum sales for you.

It has 6 homepage layouts and 3 posts page layouts which give you the maximum flexibility to customize your website for maximum performance. FrontPage theme is fully responsive, ads ready, WooCommerce ready, translation ready, SEO optimized, comes with lots of shortcodes and custom widgets and many more features.

I will discuss all of its major features later in this article but before that i want to show you its demo first. To see the demo of FrontPage theme, just click the below live demo button:

The various features offered by FrontPage are:

Ads Ready:

FrontPage is an ads ready theme. It comes with lots of ad spaces, so, you will never fell short of banners on your website. The spaces are generated in such a way that they don’t affect the users experience and at the same time generating you higher revenues. The ability to generate higher number of page views automatically increases CTR and earnings.

This theme has a Leaderboard banner space in header section, so, you can place a big standard leaderboard banner in the header section of your website. Since, it is the most demanded space by advertisers, so, it also attracts direct advertisers resulting in higher earnings for you.

This theme has a wide sidebar which lets you place big rectangle banners on sidebar. In the demo of this theme you can clearly see that you can easily place a 300X250 banner in sidebar. This theme also comes with an ad widget which lets you place 125X125 banners in the sidebar without going in hassle of coding stuff.

Since, it is an ads ready theme, so, there is something more for you. This theme gives you two more banner spaces on posts and pages. You can place banners just below the posts title and after the posts body easily through the options panel.

Posts Scroller and Featured Slider:

This theme comes with a posts scroller and a featured slider. These two widgets makes you website more attractive and increases the number of page views by a huge margin. If you create a store or an affiliate marketing website with this theme then it can generate you higher sales.

Powerful Options Panel:

This theme comes with a powerful options panel which provides you full control over your theme. You can easily customize your theme or start or stop some features and functionalities through the options panel. There is no need to go through coding stuffs because the options panel provides lots of customization options.

The theme customization and settings options available in options panel are general settings, styling options, singles posts settings, social buttons settings, ad management, fonts, navigation and import / export.

Three Footer Layout:

I have always been a fan of sectioned footer layouts and therefore, most of the themes listed here are with sectioned footer mainly three or four footer layouts. Three or four footer layouts are always beneficial as they give us additional space in footer section to place small widgets, links or banners.

Custom Widgets:

This theme comes with some great custom widgets which gives you the freedom from using third party plugins. Some of the important widgets are tabs widget, ads widget, social buttons, subscription widget etc.

Various Other Features Offered By FrontPage Theme:

  • Multiple layouts
  • SEO optimized
  • Translation ready
  • Shortcodes
  • Built with latest technology, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Unlimited backgrounds
  • Icon fonts
  • WooCommerce Support

To see the detailed list of features and functionalities or to download this theme, just click the below download and details button to reach its official selling website.

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