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AdMediaKing ReviewAdMediaKing is a contextual advertising and re-marketing network that delivers amazing results for both advertisers as well as publishers. It uses real time bidding system and therefore, its automated real-time bidding allows advertising inventory to be auctioned off in real-time to continually manage the balance between supply and demand. The benefits are realized on both ends.

AdMediaKing is an Indian advertising company and its headquarter is located in Haldia city, India. It was founded in 2003 with limited advertising solutions and came to global digital advertising in 2013.

This network has a very experienced staff which always work hard to provide best solutions to its publishers and advertisers.

AdMediaKing aims to please and provide fruitful opportunities to publishers and for this their experts work with the utmost dedication to bring their publishers the best prospects from around the world. It provides multiple ad formats, 100% fill rate and high CPM rates so that its publishers can generate maximum revenue with their service.

AdMediaKing also offers a very good support to its users, you can see various contact options at the bottom of their homepage as well as on the contact us page. These various options include phone number, fax, email, Skype and office address.

Requirements And Restrictions:

To apply on this network, publishers should fulfill some basic requirements:

  • Publisher’s site must be online and operational for at least one month.
  • Website must have functional layout and adequate design.
  • Website must have a minimum of 5,000 page views per month.
  • Website must be comprise of at least two pages and contain original content.

There are some restrictions too:

  • Publisher’s site must not contain or link to adult content.
  • Website must not be incomplete or under construction.
  • Website must not be associated with spam in anyway or doesn’t participate in any illegal, hate or any questionable activity.
  • Website must not contain violent content, malware, spyware, adware, or potentially harmful activities.

Sign Up And Approval:

If a publisher fulfills all the above requirements then he/she can apply to join this network. For sign up, you just need to fill up a small form and after verifying your email you can log in to your account but before you can start showing their ads, your website must be approved by them. Usually they take 3-4 days to approve any website. Approval is easy, so don’t worry about it.

Ad Formats:

AdMediaKing offers two different ad formats to its publishers which includes Banner and Slider Ads.

Stats Reporting System:

AdMediaKing’s reporting system shows all the necessary things like number of website showing ads, impressions sent, clicks sent, click through rate (CTR), amount paid, amount unpaid, number of referrals, referrals earnings and two separate graphs for clicks and impressions.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payment threshold amount required to cash-out on AdMediaKing is only 2$. So, all small, medium and large publishers can easily reach the minimum payout limit to request cash-out.

Payment Frequency:

Payments are made every 15 days(excluding weekends) or you can simply say that payments are on Net 15 basis.

Payment Options:

AdMediaKing offers three different payment options to its publishers, which are PayPal, Check and Bank Wire Transfer.

Referral Program:

On AdMediaKing, you can refer both publishers and advertisers to earn more money from it.

  • Refer advertisers and earn 5% of the money spent by the advertiser.
  • Refer publishers and get 10% of the money earned by the publishers.

Thinking Of Joining AdMediaKing ?

sign up nowAdMediaKing Details At A Glance

Network Type: CPM, CPC
Ad Formats: Banner ads, Slider ads
Minimum Payout: 2$
Payment Frequency: Net 15
Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, Bank Wire Transfer
Network Popularity: Low
  • Monthly 5,000 page views.
  • Adult, warez, malware, adware,  violent content sites are not allowed.

For more info see their terms.

Payment Proof: Coming Soon
Website URL: http://admediaking(.)com

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