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advertopia-reviewAdvertopia is a CPM model based banner advertising network. It provides global coverage and 100% fill rate to publishers. Advertopia sells publishers ad slots to top brand advertisers which means you will get the highest possible rates for your inventory.

Advertopia has a very highly advanced system which optimizes the ad units for your website. It detects the highest paying ads based on your traffic, website niche and various other factors to ensure that you can reach your revenue goals.

Advertopia works with top paying advertisers which not only ensure that you will get the highest possible rates for your traffic but also ensure that all ads delivered will be of high quality and meet all industry standards.

There are several other good facilities that Advertopia offers to its publishers like low minimum payout, low minimum traffic requirement, fast approval, live stats, on-time payments, and a good referral program.

Requirements And Restrictions:

There are some requirements and restrictions on Advertopia:

  • Your website should receive at least 5000 monthly impressions.
  • Your website should be a self hosted website and you must own a top level domain. They do not accept free hosted and sub-domain websites.
  • Your website must be functionally correct, active, and receive real visits.
  • Your website must not host excessive ads.
  • Your website must not contain indecent material, adult content and should not be linked to any such website.
  • Your website must not encourage clicks, must not be a PTP or auto-surf website.

For more info about requirements and restrictions, you can visit their FAQ page.

Sign Up And Approval:

If your website meets the above mentioned simple requirements then you can apply to join this network. Advertopia also follows conventional approach for sign up process where you have to fill up a small registration form and submit it.

Once you have submitted your application then you can instantly log in to your account as there is no email verification required. However, you will receive a confirmation email from Advertopia.

In your account you will have to submit your website for approval and once it is approved then you can start showing their ads on your website.

One thing that i forgot to mention above, Advertopia gives a 5$ bonus to all publishers. To get this bonus you will have to submit your website and start serving their ads on your website with 48 hours of registration.

Ad Formats:

Advertopia offers only banner ads as solution to publishers. However, it offers all standard banner sizes and provide banners for both desktop and mobile devices.

Stats Reporting System:

Advertopia offers a good reporting system which shows all stats in real-time. Their stats reporting system shows views, clicks, ratio, amount earned, click price and eCPM on daily basis. Their stats reporting system allows you to generate separate reports for each and every ad unit.

It also offers a graph which shows clicks and impressions on monthly basis.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Advertopia is 20$.

Payment Frequency:

Advertopia pays its publishers on biweekly basis.

Payment Options:

Advertopia offers three different payment options to publishers, which are PayPal, Skrill and Bank Wire Transfer.

Referral Program:

Advertopia offers a good 10% referral commission program to its publishers.

Thinking Of Joining Advertopia ?

Sign Up NowAdvertopia Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Mobile Banner Ads
Minimum Payout:$20
Payment Frequency:Biweekly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
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Website URL:

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