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popisle-reviewPOPisle is a digital advertising network specialized in pop under and banner advertising. POPisle allows publishers to monetize their website and apps through its highly advanced platform whereas advertisers to promote their product and services to highly targeted traffic.

Currently POPisle has over 200,000 participating websites and apps in over 160 countries, so, advertisers can target any audience of their choice and can promote their product and services on both websites and apps.

It also has 3500 active advertisers which let them provide highest fill rate, high quality and high paying ads.

POPisle uses CPM, CPC, CPA and CPL pricing models to pay its publishers and serve its advertisers. POPisle also offers a offer wall where you can choose the campaign based on different pricing model to promote on your website.

Sign Up And Approval:

Sign up and approval process is easy on POPisle. To sign up on POPisle, the all you need is to fill up a small registration form and submit it. Once you have submitted the form then you can instantly log in to your account and start generating tags for your website.

There is no email verification required, however, you will get a confirmation email of account creation. Also, there is no need to wait for approval as all websites are auto-approved.

Ad Formats:

POPisle offers Pop Under Ads and Banner Ads as its solution to publishers. It offers both text and display banner ads.

Stats Reporting System:

POPisle offers a good detailed stats reporting system which shows views, clicks, conversions and earnings on daily basis. It also shows total paid fund, total unpaid fund, pending fund, paid refer fund, and unpaid refer fund.

It offers a chart which shows last 7 days reports. It also offers various filters which let you breakdown your reports to better analyze your earnings.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on POPisle is 10$.

Payment Frequency:

POPisle pays its publishers on weekly basis.

Payment Options:

POPisle offers three different payment options to publishers, which are PayPal, Payoneer and Check.

Referral Program:

POPisle offers a 10% referral commission program to its publishers.

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POPisle Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL
Ad Formats:Pop Under Ads, Banner Ads
Minimum Payout:$10
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer, Check
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:http://popisle.com

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