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adsoid-reviewAdsoid is a CPM advertising network which provides publishers an opportunity to make money out of their inventory. It looks to serve the best paying and highly targeted ads to its publishers.

Their ad serving technology scans publishers websites and many other factors to serve the best possible ad units that can perform well for your website. They provide high paying ads, so, you can enjoy working with them and can make good income for each of the impressions you send to them.

They have a huge number of top advertisers from all around the world which makes them provide 100% fill rates for your website. They have lots of business partners which makes this ad network a stable network, you can check few of their business partners on their website’s homepage.

At the moment they are giving 10$ to all publishers as a Sign up Bonus which makes it easy for the publishers to reach the minimum payout limit, which is only 20$.

Adsoid offers following benefits to publishers:

  • Easy approval.
  • High paying content driven ads.
  • Multiple ad formats.
  • 10$ sign up bonus.
  • Low minimum payout.
  • Weekly payments.
  • Dedicated support.

There are following requirements and restrictions for publishers too:

  • Publisher website must receive 5000 monthly impressions (Low minimum traffic requirement)
  • Publisher website should be a self hosted website, which means they do not allow any sub-domain, or free hosted websites.
  • Publisher’s website must be functionally correct, load quickly, look professional, and must not host excessive ads.
  • Publisher website must not contain any adult, or illegal content, or linked to any such content.
  • Publisher website should not be an auto surf, or paid to promote website.

Sign Up And Approval:

Sign Up process on Adsoid is quick and easy. If your website fulfill all their requirements then you can apply to join their network. To register an account on Adsoid the all you have to do is to fill up a small form and submit it.

After sign up, you can immediately log in to your account but you can not create ad tag. For creating ad tags you need to submit your website for review and once it is approved by them then you can start generating ad tags.

Their review process is quick. They say that they usually review all websites within 6 hours of submission but it may take up to 24 hours. In my case they took around 20 hours to approve it, which i think is fast enough.

Ad Formats:

Adsoid offers multiple ad formats to its publishers, which include Banner Ads, Page Overlay, On-Click Pop Under Ads, and Mobile Banner Ads for mobile devices.

Stats Reporting System:

Adsoid offers a good reporting system which shows necessary details in real time and also offers a graph which shows overall stats for last 30 days. However, their reporting system lacks some filters, which i think should be added in future for the convenience of the publishers.

Overall its reporting system is good and shows necessary stats in real time.

Minimum Payout:

Minimum payout on Adsoid is low, which is only 20 30$.

Payment Frequency:

Adsoid pays its publishers on biweekly monthly basis.

Payment Options:

Adsoid offers three different payment options, which are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, and Check.

Referral Program:

Adsoid offers a 10% referral commission program, which means you can earn some extra money by referring your friends and colleagues to join Adsoid.

Network Closed !

Thinking Of Joining This Network ?

Sign Up NowPayment Proof:


Note: I want to inform one thing, they do not charge any fees from publishers to pay them. In my case the fees was charged by PayPal because as per the rule of RBI, Indians are not allowed to receive personal payments on PayPal. However, i am glad to say that Adsoid management contacted me regarding this and ensured that they will pay me the fees amount on next payment.


I have uploaded my latest payment proof and i am feeling happy to say, they lived up to their promise. They have paid me the fees that PayPal charged on my payments, that is, they paid me the fees amount for last payment and also paid the fees for this payment.

The amount that i had in my account was 40.25$ and in the above payment proof you can clearly see that they have paid me additional 5$ so that i should not bear the PayPal fees.

This is the way a good genuine company works. They respect their publishers and try to help them in every possible way.

Adsoid is a good ad network and i personally recommend it to everybody.


Adsoid has changed its payment terms. Now the minimum payout is 30$ and payment frequency is monthly.

Adsoid Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Overlay Ads, On-Click Pop Under Ads, Mobile Banner Ads
Minimum Payout:$30
Payment Frequency:Monthly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Check
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
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Website URL:http://adsoid(.)com

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