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nominal-ads-ready-wordpress-themeNominal is a fully responsive ads ready WordPress theme that you can use on your blog to make most out of ad units. This theme comes with lots of ad spaces and customization features. It has one 728*90 ad space on the top that gives you the freedom to place a big leaderboard banner. LeaderBoard banners are best in generating clicks and with this, it comes with a dynamic sidebar where you can place 300*250 rectangular banners.

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In addition to the leaderboard and dynamic sidebar, this theme also comes with an ads widget which allows you to put six 125*125 banners in sidebar in a single widget, however, you can use any number of widgets on sidebar. You can set different sidebar for homepage, posts, pages, category and tags which will help you in showing multiple ad units on different sections of your website. This will also keep your visitors interested because usually people get bore by seeing the same ad again and again.

Additional Ad Spaces On Posts Pages:


An Screenshot of the Ad Management Page in background

This theme also provides two additional ad spaces in posts pages. You can put banners just below the title of a post and after the posts. This also gives you the freedom to place text ads provided by Adsense and Infolinks because i believe text ads work best in these places especially after the post heading. You can even set the days to show these ads, so, if you sell direct ad spaces then this feature will be very useful for you.

Nominal is not only an ads ready theme but it is also a very professional theme as it comes with a simple professional design and very powerful features that you and your website visitors will surely love. This theme has light color scheme which gives it a professional look, however, it allows you to select the color scheme and layout for your theme. It also provide multiple background patterns which make your website a truly awesome one.

Typography Option:

Nominal theme also provides you a Typography Option where you can select any of the font type out of hundreds of font style and even you can change the font size and color, so, there is no need to go through the CSS coding or downloading plugins to edit these small things.

Three Footer Layout:

This theme also comes with a three footer layout which gives you additional space for placing some extra widgets and banners. However, i believe banners doesn’t peform good at footer area but surely additional space helps us in many ways. You can see this blog has three footer layout and i usually place some widgets there. For me three footer layout is a must needed area but if you don’t like it then you can off it anytime.

This theme is a premium theme and therefore it is not free, but if you like it then you can purchase it through its official website, the demo and download link is given below in the article. Its price is 47$, but if you look at the features then this is a great theme at genuine price and also their support is great. They always remain ready to help you out. They provide 1 year full support and updates, so, you can ask them for support anytime if you need some additional customization.

This theme comes with various free plugins that will surely make your blog better and one the best is Review plugin that you can use to review products, services and websites.

They also maintain a good support forum where you can ask them for any kind of support and meet other website owners too.

Make sure to check the demo once because its a good ads ready theme. I hope you will like it.


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