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popads-review-2017PopAds is a very popular pop-under advertising network, it was started in 2010 and since then it is running successfully.

The reason behind its popularity is the quality of services that it provides to its users including both publishers and advertisers.

It offers the highest CPM rates to publishers, easy automated payments, low minimum payout limit, multiple payment options, content driven ads, quick and easy website approval, live stats and a great support.

For advertisers, it offers genuine advertising rates and deliver what they expect from an ad network. Being a popular ad network, PopAds has a huge publishers base. It gets tons of traffic from all around the world, so, advertisers can expect for a great service from it.


How Popular Is PopAds ?

I first used PopAds in late 2013 and earned few bucks from it. That was the time when i was learning blogging and monetizing websites, i used it on a website which was related to wishes, quotes, jokes etc. I managed to earn my first 5$ in around 10-12 days. I know that’s not enough but for a low traffic website that amount was fine.


As you want more money, i tried some other networks to check whether i get better results or not.

During that period i tried PopCash, which is another great pop-under ad network and it also produced me good results.

The results were almost similar to PopAds.

The only difference that i found was in impressions count.

PopCash counted my all impressions whereas PopAds counted only those impressions in which ads were fully loaded. However, when i analyzed the stats of both ad networks then i noticed that PopAds rates were better as compared to PopCash.

By the time, i started few more websites, out of which some started getting good amount of traffic. Then, i again tried PopAds and got even better results. From then i am using PopAds as one of my primary ad network. Not only because of high CPM rates but also because of its quality services.

PopAds never shows SPAM ADS. That’s the thing that i like most about it. It scans all the ads before delivering to the publishers. Even they monitor all the ads for spam 24/7, this makes me love this ad network.

Frankly speaking, use only those ad networks that don’t offer poor quality or spam ads. If your ads contain malware or linked to phishing or spam activities then you will lose your potential visitors. And, you how hard is to get the visitors on our websites these days.

Apart from the rates, i like various other things about this network that i have mentioned below. So, keep on reading:


PopAds Review 2020



I believe PopAds is one of the most reliable ad network. Being online for almost a decade this ad network shows how trustworthy it is.

Any network without good reputation cannot survive that long.

PopAds has many good reviews about it on lots of websites and forums. It even provides external support on some forums, the famous one is digital point forum. Here’s a link to their digital point forum thread.

They back up their ad network !

If you get an issue, you can contact them anytime via different means. They are very active to help you out.

I have been using this ad network for over 3 years and i have never missed a payment. Not even faced any payment delay. Isn’t it cool ?

I am a kind of very lazy person, i don’t often check my stats on daily basis but timely auto-payouts make me know everything is fine 😉 .

Being lazy is not a good thing. I lost my Adsense account because of that, so always be active !

A couple of years ago some of my visitors click-bombed my Adsense ads. Being a lazy person i didn’t check my stats for 3-4 days and suddenly, i got an email from Google notifying me that they have banned my Adsense account 🙁

I don’t know whether my visitors were trying to help me ? or somebody got crazy ?. Anyways that’s another case. I simply want to say, always check your stats once in 24 hours on any ad network. However, on PopAds you are not required to worry much about it.

If you don’t like checking your stats often then you can set up auto-withdrawal on PopAds to get automated payments. Just visit billing section of your account and set the minimum withdrawal limit. When you reach that limit, you will be paid automatically.

I am using this features from last 3-4 years. Every time when i get an email at 11:30 PM as per Indian time that PopAds have made you a payment, it makes me happy 🙂

They are that consistent that from the last four years they are paying on the same time of day. I know their system makes payment automatically but maintaining the same timing for 4 years is shows their consistency. It also shows how reliable they are.

Getting all payment on time and every time itself tells the story about its reliability. Below i am including a chart that will show you how my earnings improved during these years and in 2016 i got the best results from PopAds.



PopAds Earnings Graph 2019


Here’s another latest screenshot of my account that will show you why i love this ad network very much. I have already earned and withdrawn over 19000$ from this ad network. I think this is enough to show the reliability of this ad network.



PopAds Earnings 2019

Automated Payment:

I have already talked much about its automated payments in the previous heading so there’s not much to say.

On PopAds, you never have to worry about payments.

You can set your account on auto-withdrawal mode and you will be paid automatically. For doing this, you need to set the minimum amount for payout in the billing section of your account.  Once you set your account on auto-withdrawal mode, so, whenever your account reaches your set limit, you will be paid automatically.

Daily Payments:

This is another factor that made me use this ad network. Nobody likes waiting for payments ! At least i don’t like 😉

Daily payments also show its reliability. It increases its trustworthiness among its publishers.

If an ad network is paying you on daily basis that simply means it has a powerful fraud detection and management system.

Many ad networks hold publishers payment just to check them for fraud but that’s not the case with PopAds.

All the work on PopAds is done in real time and therefore, you are not required to worry about anything. Your account always shows your qualified earnings.

Low Minimum Payout:

PopAds has a very low minimum payout limit of 5$ only which lets small publishers to easily reach it and withdraw their earnings.

Low minimum payout also provides an opportunity to publishers to test the reliability of an ad network. However, in case of PopAds, you will never have to worry about reliability as it is one of the most stable pop-under ad network in the market.

Multiple Payment Options:

PopAds doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to its users. Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, you get multiple payment options to withdraw or deposit money.

From PayPal, Payoneer to Bank Wire Transfers, PopAds provides you multiple payment options, so, you can choose your preferred payment option to withdraw or deposit your money.

Live Stats:

PopAds shows live stats of your ads. You can see your earnings growing anytime you visit your account. There’s no need to wait to see your stats changing. It also offers various filters to its users to breakdown their reports for better analysis.

Anti Adblock Code:

In last few years what we have noticed is, Ad-blockers and Google are getting harsh on pop ads. To overcome this issue PopAds provides anti adblock ad codes. These codes are good in bypassing any ad blocker. This saves you from losing your revenue.

However, these ad codes are continuously caught by ad blockers, so, you need to change them on timely basis.

Easy Approval:

Unlike most of the top ad networks, PopAds has very liberal terms.

It doesn’t seek high traffic websites from publishers. So, even if you are a small publisher, you can easily get approval on it.

Another good thing about this ad network is, it accepts both adult and non-adult content websites, so, you will always have an option to monetize your different kinds of websites with a single ad networks.

Great Support:

PopAds support is one of the best part of their service. It provides you support via email.

Their support is not limited to their website only. You can even find them on popular forums like digital point. On digital point they have the most active link. However, i recommend you to first contact them via their support options before going to any public forum. Doing this will get you a faster response than on third party forums.

They provide great support, so, anytime you get a query, you can contact them.

Referral Program:

PopAds offers a good 10% referral commission program to its users.

Never underestimate its referral program, PopAds is a very popular ad network and it is liked by most of the publishers. So, even if you are referring few users to PopAds then there’s a high possibility that they will stick to it and ultimately earn you some additional income.

If you have a website where your most visitors are website owners then there’s a good chance to gain some referrals.

PopAds provides all necessary tools to promote it. I have few referrals on PopAds and they earn me some additional income. Thanks to all our visitors for joining ad networks through our links and keep Ad Nets Review running 🙂


PopAds Update 2019: New Ad Format !


PopAds has recently launched a new ad unit called Floating Banner Ads.

These ads are automatically open with your pop-under ad codes so there’s no need to install any other code on your website. These floating banner ads improve your revenue.

They also help you in generating additional views on your pop-under ads as they come with a closing option. If your visitors want to close these ads then they can do it simply by clicking the cross option that appears in the top right corner of the ad.

At the moment by default these ads are opening with the current pop under ad codes. If you don’t want to show these ads on your website then you can simply switch them off from your publisher’s dashboard on PopAds.

I hope you will enjoy these new ads from PopAds in 2020. I wish a great success to all of you in this new year. Please review these ads and share your experience with us in comments. It would be a great help for our visitors.


PopAds Payment Proofs:


Below are some of my payment proofs from PopAds:


Thinking Of Joining PopAds ?

sign up now

After using PopAds for over 5 years, the all i can say, “PopAds is Awesome”. I recommend everybody to try out PopAds before trying any other pop-under advertising network.


PopAds Review 2020: FAQs


Below are some frequently asked questions that are asked by many of our visitors:

Does PopAds accept low traffic websites ?

Yes, they accept low traffic websites. There’s is no minimum traffic requirements so any level publisher can join it. When i joined it, i also had a low traffic website. PopAds works good for low traffic websites as it offers good CPM rates.

Its rates are better than most of the other pop-under ad networks.

Does PopAds accept adult content websites ?

Yes, it accepts adult content websites. Actually, it accepts almost all niche websites. However, your website must comply with their terms. They have liberal terms so you are not required to worry much about them. But, checking them beforehand would be a good idea.

Does PopAds offer anti-adblock ad codes ?

I have already answered this in the post but if you have somehow missed it so my answer is YES, they offer anti-adblock ad codes. Their anti-adblock ad codes are perfect for bypassing any kind of ad blockers.

Can i use other pop-under ad networks along with PopAds ?

Yes, you can ! But, it may cause your CPM rates to drop. PopAds suggests to use their default ad code if you want to use other pop-under ad networks along with it. This is because, ad codes of other pop-under ad networks may interfere with PopAds ad codes.

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