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how-to-start-your-own-url-shortener-ad-network-a-simple-guide-for-beginnersDo you want to start your own URL Shortener Ad Network but you don’t know how to start with ? If this is the problem you are facing right now then you have visited the right place. In this post i am going to teach you how to start your own URL shortener ad network in simple steps. So, without making any more delays let’s start our tutorial.

To start your own URL shortener you will need three things:

  1. A URL Shortener Script
  2. A Hosting Plan
  3. One or two domains (It’s up to you)

URL Shortener Script:

To start a URL Shortener the first thing that you need is a powerful script that can work out for you. I have found one of the most popular and modern URL shortener script that you can purchase at cheapest price. With this script you can start a URL Shortener like ClicksFly or Cutwin in few minutes. It is very easy to install and it comes with a complete installation guide.

In addition to that if you face any difficulty in installing the script then you can ask their support to do the job for you. The script developer is very friendly and helps its clients quickly.

You Can Purchase This Script By Clicking The Below Button:

Buy Script

Features Of This URL Shortener Script:

There are tonnes of features that this theme comes with:

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Featured administration panel.
  • Three unique designs.
  • Comes with multiple tools.
  • Multiple types of Captcha. You can even use Captcha ad networks for additional monetization.
  • Feature to force visitors to disable ad blockers to access content.
  • Let’s you set payout rates for different countries.
  • It allows you to count multiple or single view from the same visitor in 24 hours.
  • Let’s you use multiple domains.
  • It lets you create three kinds of ad campaigns – banner, pop-up and interstitial. Also, if you need additional help then their support helps you in doing that.
  • It let’s you set referral commission percentage or you can turn it off.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways – PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, stripe, Payeer, Perfect Money and many more.
  • It is multilingual, so, your visitors can choose their preferred language.
  • This Script is also translation ready.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • It has testimonial systems.
  • With this script you can create unlimited pages. Also, you can create a blog to help your clients.
  • It provides ability to turn of withdrawals if your earnings are low. You may have seen many URL shortener make their withdrawal button disappear for some time.
  • Dedicated support for six months. You can extend it anytime you wish.

There are many more features that you get with this script. You can test its all features in its demo.

Hosting Plan:

Now you will need a host to host your files. You can purchase a cheap hosting plan in the beginning and then you can move on to superior plans as you start getting more traffic. Actually paid URL shorteners receive high amount of traffic so you will need a good plan and your host must be powerful to keep your website up. So, for starting a URL shortener business i always recommend to use a good hosting company as it keeps your website up.

For hosting, i like Bluehost the most. You can start with its shared hosting plan as you don’t know the future. It may happen that your URL shortener will fail. But, if it gets success then you can always upgrade your hosting plan with some additional money.

On your host you will need to create a database, upload your script and point your domain to your script to get started. Actually it is more than easy to install their script on your host. They provide full documentation with an installation video so you can install it easily.

Also, there are various video tutorials available for installing and working on this script. So, you are not required to worry about anything.

You Can Purchase Your Hosting Plan From Here:

Buy Hosting Plan

Domain Name:

Domain is the third essential thing that you must have to create your URL shortener. I always recommend you to purchase at least two domains to use on your URL shortener. One will be used as your website’s primary domain and the other one will be used for shortening URLs.

You can also stick with only one domain but i am recommending you to use two domains because if you get Google penalty on your primary domain then it will be very difficult for it to recover. Google actually doesn’t like URL shorteners much and many big URL shorteners like have already faced such penalties in past and therefore, you will now see that they use multiple domains.

You always get one domain free with your hosting plan on Bluehost. However, if you want to purchase another domain then you can use namecheap for that. It provides one of the cheapest domains and it is a renowned domain seller.

You will find many people recommending NameCheap for purchasing domains. So, for additional domains you can use NameCheap and add these domains to your Bluehost’s Cpanel.

You Can Purchase Your Domain Name By Clicking The Below Button:

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