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best pop-under ad networksNowadays, as banner advertising is getting less effective, publishers and advertisers are looking for new innovative ad formats that can perform well for them.

One of the innovative ad format is Pop-Under Ads.

These ads are not new in advertising industry but they are highly effective. They generate high revenue for publishers and provide best ROI to advertisers.

Some people may find popunder ads annoying but if you use them properly then they can produce better results than any other ad format.

With proper capping and targeting, these ads perform really well as compared to conventional banner ads. Also, pop-under ads are less intrusive as compared to pop-up ads which also makes this ad format very popular.

However, both pop-up and pop-under ads perform well for both publishers and advertisers.

Pop-under ads are getting popular because they perform well. The other reason is, advertisers pay more for a full page ad as compared to a fixed banner size. However, both banner and popunder ads have their own pros and cons, so, i will not go in deep and focus on the topic only.

So, here is a list of some best pop-under ad networks that you can use on your website to generate high revenue from it.


Featured Pop-Under Ad Network Of The Month

Network NameNetwork TypeMinimum PayoutPayment FrequencyPayment OptionsWebsite
Ad-MavenCPM$50Net30PayPal, Payoneer, WireJoin Now

15 Best Pop-Under Ad Networks of 2020


Our regular visitors may have seen me promoting PopAds from the very start of this website and may be you are tiered of seeing PopAds again and again πŸ˜‰ . But, the reason for promoting this network is simple, PopAds is great and you can’t deny it. It performs well for me and various other publishers. That is the reason why i never hesitate in recommending this network to publishers.

PopAds offers all the facilities that publishers seek from an ad network. It offers high rates, pays quickly and offers a very low minimum payout of 5$. PopAds is a very popular ad network. It’s simple to understand, if something is popular that means it has some quality. So, if you are looking for a robust ad network that can offer you high CPM rates and premium facilities then you can go for PopAds.

I am using this network from last four years and it has never disappointed me. The best thing that i like about this network is, it provides an auto withdrawal option. You can set an auto-withdrawal amount in payment section of your dashboard. Whenever you reach that auto-withdrawal threshold you are paid automatically. I personally like this network very much and recommend everybody to give it a try.

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PopCash is my second favorite ad network. I tried it after i found that PopAds doesn’t count each impression. However, PopAds covers it up with its high payout rates. As compared to PopAds, Popcash counts each and every impression that you deliver to their ads. Also, it offers decent rates which make this network a must use network.

So, overall if you are looking for a network that counts all of your impressions then PopCash is for you.

It is also a very trustworthy network. It pays its publishers on time and every time. Personally i have not faced any problem so far regarding payments. However, this network has a little high minimum payout limit as compared to PopAds.

On PopCash the minimum payout limit is 10$, which is also low. So, even small publishers can easily reach this minimum payout limit and withdraw their earnings. PopCash also pays on daily basis, so, giving a try to this network is not a bad idea.

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RichPops offers high-quality pop traffic. Pop Ads Experts with 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing help to deliver highest ads performance possible.

The network guarantees high ad performance thanks to great pop ads experts with 8+ years of experience in affiliate marketing sphere.

RichPops has multiple targeting options: OS, Regions, Carriers, Sites, and more. The network offers 2 profitable ad formats: clickunders & popunders which will help advertisers to get profit.

RichPops top verticals are gambling, betting, software & utilities, adult, dating – drive your performance getting HQ traffic easily.

Minimum deposit in the network is just $100.

The network offers flagship features that help to work with pop traffic and get quality conversions:

  • Source Sampling – estimates the quality of clicks you get in a small amount from different sources, and scale your success by creating whitelists of the best performing sources, so you spend much less money on testing sources.
  • Micro bidding – helps to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy with bid adjustments for different parameters like OS version, etc.
  • Automated rules – save your time with automatic campaign optimization.
  • Anti-fraud solutions – you can benefit from advanced real users tracking system & anti-bot filters.

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Ad-Maven is another premium advertising network that can give you the best results for your inventory. This network has specialization in pop-under advertising and therefore, it delivers the best content driven pop-under ads. Their ads generate higher CTR and leads which result in higher earnings for you.

Though, Ad-Maven has specialization in Pop-Under ads but it also offers other ad units. The other ad units offered by Ad-Maven are Light Box and interstitial ads. Their latest released ad unit is push notification which is great for all type of publishers. The other ad formats give you the flexibility to try different ad units and their combinations on your website to generate maximum revenue.

Apart from the above mentioned ad formats, Ad-Maven is currently working on Banner Ad Units and it will be available for publishers very soon. I will inform you about this when they are available for publishers.

In addition to banner ad units, Ad-Maven has also recently launched ad block bypass solution which is capable of bypassing any kind of ad blocker. This anti ad block code helps publishers to make most out of their traffic.

As being a premium advertising network Ad-Maven offers some great services like multiple payment options, great support via Skype and email, maximum fill rates, high quality and high paying ads for all niche websites including adult content websites.

Ad-Maven is a complete solution for publishers. However, if you are looking to use it only for pop-under ads then this ad network will surely not disappoint you.

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If you have already tried many pop-under ad networks and none of them is providing you satisfactory results then i would strongly recommend Adovr to you. Adovr is new as compared to most of the network listed here but at the moment this network is running really well. Lots of publishers have reported me that this network is offering far better services to them as compared to many popular pop-under ad networks.

I have also tested this network and got great results. You can see one of my latest payment proof from this network on its complete review. You can read Adovr full review by clicking here.

Similar to many other popular pop-under ad networks Adovr also offers very low minimum payout to publishers, which is only 10$. In addition to that this network pays quickly to publishers. Usually this network process all payments within 24-48 hours of payment request. However, it may take up to 7 days but not more than that. When i requested my first payment from this network, i got paid within few hours of payment request. So, from this you can understand how active this network is.

In addition to that Adovr offers three different payment options which make it easier for publisher to request payment on their favorite payment option.

Adovr team is very hardworking. They are dedicated to provide best services to their clients whether they are publishers or advertisers. Whenever i contacted this network regarding any queries, they responded quickly. That is the reason why i am placing this network on top position of this list. So, if in 2019 you want to try a new network which can offer you better rates then i will strongly recommend you to give a try to this network.

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Adcash is another one of the oldest advertising networks. Basically it is a DSP+, which brings traffic from more than 200 SSPs and its own publishers. It covers more than 196 countries which is much higher than most of the advertising networks. Also, it serves ads to more than 200 million users everyday.

The best part about this ad network is, it has 10k+ active campaigns which provide 100% fill rate for your traffic. Moreover, it receives more than 10 billion ad requests everyday which is huge. However, Adcash doesn’t accept all of these requests. It performs various quality checks on advertisers ads before making them available for publishers. This saves publishers from losing their traffic.

Adcash was started way back in 2007 and since then it has dominated the pop-under advertising market. So, if your primary objective is to find an experienced pop-under advertising network then Adcash could be a great option for you.

If you ask my opinion about Adcash then i would say it is one of the best advertising solution for publishers and advertisers. Adcash not only offers best pop-under ad units but it also offers various other ad formats like push ads, native ads, banner ads and interstitial ads. These ads give you the freedom from joining multiple ad networks for monetizing different sections of your website.

The coolest part about this ad network is, it has recently launched its anti-adblock ad code which is performing really well and many publishers have already reported that they are getting better results from it. Actually, its anti adblock ad code opens up majority of ads which result in higher earnings for you.

Unlike many other ad networks which impose high minimum payout limit on publishers, Adcash likes to keep things simple. It offers a low minimum payout limit of €/$25 only, which even small publishers can reach easily. Apart from low minimum payout limit Adcash offers various other great services like timely payouts, multiple payment options, timely payouts, detailed stats and dedicated support.

So, overall Adcash is also one of my favorite ad networks. It worked for me and i think it will work for you too. If you are not getting what you deserve for your traffic then you can give Adcash a try and i am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Do You Want To Try Adcash ?



I am using PopMyAds from almost 2 and a half year (not continuously, rather in shifts) and it has always performed well for me. Though, i have a bad habit of testing new ad networks and that is the reason why i have never used it for a long run. But, whenever i used this network, it paid me on time and every time. I have uploaded my latest payment proof of this network in its complete review. You can read the complete review of PopMyAds by clicking here.

I always recommend PopMyAds to my visitors as it’s a good ad network. You may hardly find any bad reviews about this network. So, if you are looking for an alternative of PopAds or PopCash then this ad network is for you. So, why not give it a try ?

Like PopAds, it has a low minimum payout limit of 5$ only. Also, it pays quickly to publishers. This network process all payments within 10 days of payment request. However, so far i have received all my payments within 4 days of payment request.

PopMyAds also offers anti adblock ad code which let you make most out of your traffic. If the above two networks doesn’t workout for you then i will strongly recommend you to give a try to this network.

Do You Want To Try PopMyAds ?



If you need a premium high paying ad network with multiple ad formats then Adsterra is for you. This network is for those who want to fully monetize their website with a single complete solution. Adsterra offers multiple ad formats which give you the freedom from searching ad networks for different ad formats.

On Adsterra, the all you need is to choose the best ad formats for your website and sit back and enjoy your earnings.

I have written a very descriptive review of Adsterra because i believe this ad network has the potential to beat any big ad network. Adsterra offers very high CPM rates, pays quickly and offers multiple payments options.

My other reason for putting Adsterra in this list is, it offers highest rates for pop-under ads as it is their best performing ad unit. So, if you need an ad network with complete solution then Adsterra is for you. However, you can also use it for Pop Ads only as it is their best performing ad unit.

Do You Want To Try Adsterra ?



If you are looking for a complete solution along with pop ads then PublisherPick can be great option for you. With 20 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry this network provides best solutions to publishers. It provides most innovating and highest paying ads to publishers. Popups and Popunders are their one of the best ad units. In addition to that their anti-adblock solutions make you earn even more from your ads. They provide one of the best anti-adblock solutions in the industry.

Being a premium ad network PublisherPick has a great global reach. It has lots of direct advertisers all over the world. These direct advertisers cut the mediator fees and therefore, you get the highest CPM for your traffic.

PublisherPick is not just an ordinary ad network but it is a complete solution for publishers. With PublisherPick, Publishers can grow their websites and make most out of it. They have a team of 100+ professionals who help publishers in every step to make them grow their website.

PublisherPick works only with premium publishers and therefore getting approval on it is little difficult. You can join this network only via invitation. However, you can visit their website and request an invitation from them. If they find that your website has the potential then they will let you join their network.

This network has flexible payment terms so you can contact your account manager anytime for payments.

Do You Want To Try PublisherPick ?



If you are looking for robust Pop-under ad network then juicy ads could be a great option for you. JuicyAds is specially meant for adult content websites. It has specialization in adult advertising industry. JuicyAds is also one of the oldest pop-under ad networks which was started way back in 2006. If it is still running perfectly then you can understand there would be some quality in it.

The best part about JuicyAds is, it is not just a pop-under ad network. Actually it is more than that. It is a complete solution for both publishers and advertisers. It offers banners, pop-under ads, mobile ads and various other ad formats.

JuicyAds is an award winning ad network. It has won lots of awards during its entire tenure and it is still winning awards. You can see its various awards links on their website. They have recently been awarded as the “Company of the year” at the 2018 YNOT Awards for Traffic Services. Also, they have over 100,000 active accounts which itself tells the story.

JuicyAds has a low minimum payout limit of 25$ and it also offers an auto payments feature just like PopAds, where you just need to set a payout limit and once it reach you get paid automatically. For people like me this feature is great. JuicyAds offers various payment options including PayPal, Paxum, Cheque and Wire Transfer, so, you can withdraw your earnings on your preferred payment options.

Also, JuicyAds has liberal terms and therefore, you are not required to have very high traffic website to get approved on it. If you have a professional looking website with some good number of posts then you can apply to join it. Also, they provide a dedicated support to their users. So, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, you are going to get a quick reply via different channels.

If you want to monetize your adult content website then Juicy ads is one of your best options. I will strongly recommend you to give it a try !

Do You Want To Try JuicyAds ?



PlugRush is another great ad network if you are looking to monetize your adult content website. This network is also very popular among publishers. The reason behind its popularity is simple, it offers all premium facilities to publishers. From high paying ads to multiple payment options and fast payments, it provides everything that publishers need.

Also, like JuicyAds, it is also a complete monetization solution for publishers as it offers multiple ad formats. On this network you get Pop-under ads, banner ads and native ads as your monetization solution. However, this network also has specialization in pop-under advertising.

PlugRush give you an extra edge over other ad networks as it offers three major ad formats. So, if you want to completely monetize your website through a single ad network then PlugRush could be a great choice for you. PlugRush has a low minimum payout limit of 25$ and it pays its publishers on NET 7 basis, which is fast.

Also, PlugRush provides you four different payment options so you can always withdraw your earnings on your preferred payment options. You will love this network if you want to fully monetize your website.

Similar to all premium ad networks PlugRush also provides a dedicated support via multiple channels.

Do You Want To Try PlugRush ?



EroAdvertising is another giant in the adult advertising industry. I am saying this network a giant because not only it is running for years but it also offers one of the best monetization solutions in the industry. It offers various ad formats that you can use to monetize your website. You can monetize each and every part of your website with this network.

Let me tell you some of the ad formats offered by this network. Here they are : Banner, Text, IM Pop Up, Pop Ads, Interstitial, Layer,Β  Page Peel Ads, Redirects, Mobile Redirects, In VideoΒ  Plugin, IP TV Redirects, Thumb Ads, Movie Ads, In-Text Ads etc.

Also, they have recently updated their entire platform to provide better services to worldwide publishers and advertisers. So, if you are looking for a robust ad network which can offer you tonnes of ad formats alongΒ  with pop-under ads then i will strongly recommend you to give a try to EroAdvertising. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.

EroAdvertising has liberal terms and publisher requirements. So, publishers from any part of the world can join it. Almost all websites are approved on this network. You just need to have a good website which comply with their terms.

EroAdvertising has a low minimum payout of 10 € only and it pays on NET7 basis, which is fast enough. Similar to PlugRush EroAdvertising also offers 4 different payment options, which are PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum and Bank Wire Transfer.

Do You Want To Try EroAdvertising ?



It is also one of the ad network in my favorite list. As i said above i keep testing new networks, so, i have also tested it and it performed well for me. CPMoz has paid me on time and every time and therefore, i recommend it to everyone.

CPMoz also offers high rates, low minimum payout limit and quick payments. It doesn’t accept adult content websites, so, if you are looking for a pop-under ad network for you adult content website then CPMoz is not a choice. However, it is a good choice for non-adult content website owners. For adult content website owners i would recommend PopAds and PopxXx.

Do You Want To Try CPMoz ?



PropellerAds is another great option to monetize your website. This network is also running from years and paying its publishers on time. You may find many good reviews about this network where you can see they are legitimate and paying. However, i have read some bad reviews about it where people say it offers very low rates, but what i have found, their pop-under ads perform well as compared to banner ads. And we all know, banner ads have become less effective these days.

So, if you want to join it for pop-under ads then PropellerAds is also a great option. However, it offers multiple ad formats that you can also try because i believe it’s traffic which decides how good rates you are going to get from an ad network. In addition to that you get freedom from joining multiple ad networks for different ad units.

Do You Want To Try PropellerAds ?



Network Closed !

During the last two years PopxXx has emerged as a good pop-under ad network where you can join confidently. It provides all premium facilities to publishers. Some of these are high eCPM, 100% fill rate, all impressions count, low minimum payout of only 10$, daily payments, multiple payment options, detailed stats and an attractive referral program.

I have uploaded its latest payment proof in the review of this network that you can check. For more payment proofs you can like our Facebook Page. Overall, this new pop-under ad network seems good to use. So, if you have already tried the above mentioned popunder ad networks then you can give this network a try. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

>>Visit PopxXx<<<


(Not Recommended)

PopEarn has always been a good ad network liked by many publishers. It has simple terms, easy to use interface and all premium facilities like other premium ad network. It provides high payout rates to publishers. This network uses bidding system which ensures highest CPM rates for your traffic.

PopEarn is a specialized pop-under ad network and therefore, it provides all facilities that you expect from a pop-under ad network. It also has a low minimum payout limit of only 10$ and it pays publishers on weekly basis.

This ad network is online since 2015 and it is still running successfully without any issues, so, you can give this ad network a try.

>>>Visit PopEarn<<<


(Not Recommended)

Popvertizer is new as compared to all the above mentioned ad networks but it seems to be great network. It is offering very high rates for publishers. Another great thing they have recently updated their entire platform and personally speaking i just love their dashboard, it provides all the necessary details with graphs, charts and tables. And, i am frequently notified by them if they have some good rates to offer for my traffic.

Though, its a new ad network but i believe its here for long run and with the kind of premium services it is offering, i just couldn’t resist my self from placing it here. But, still we have the entire year to test it. However, for now it is offering high rates and great services, so, giving Popvertizer a try is not a bad idea.

>>>Visit Popvetizer<<<


(Network Closed)

It is another new ad network which i believe to be placed here because of the rates and the kind of services it is offering. Though, it is new but it offers some good services like high rates, low minimum payouts, and fast payments. Also, Popvertising accepts both adult and non-adult content websites, so, you can give it a try too.

>>>Visit Popvertising<<<
Number 9 & 10 are still to come πŸ™‚ , so, be patient and keep visiting.

Final Words:

All the above mentioned ad networks are good to use. They all are paying and have many good reviews on various websites and forums. So, you can choose any of the ad networks that best suits for you. And one more thing, don’t forget to check the below links to get the full details about these ad networks. I have mentioned all the necessary details about these ad networks on their specific reviews.

Since, its just the start of year 2019, so, i have left two slots open for ad networks. I will add 2 more ad networks there when i will find some deserving ad network. So, keep visiting our website for latest updates and don’t forget to bookmark this page for later references as i update my posts on regular basis.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. Can you do me a favor ? If you like this article then please share it on your favorite social network, so, other can also get benefit of it.

Happy Earnings and Keep Visiting πŸ™‚

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