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CPMoz ReviewCPMoz is a simple and efficient pop under advertising networks that enables both advertisers and publishers to connect with each other from all around the world. It shares up to 70% revenue with its publishers and the revenue model used by it is CPM.

CPMoz offers some great services and facilities to publishers like low minimum payout, high revenue share, fast and on time payments, good affiliate program and a good dedicated support to help out its publishers.

Besides having so many pros there are some cons too like it offers only a single payment option to its publishers and their reporting system doesn’t show live stats and it updates once in every 24 hours.

If we talk about its eCPM then the rates are average neither very high nor very low but it provides 100% fill rate, so, you will be earning for each and every visit on your site.

CPMoz is little under rated as compared to PopAds and PopCash but it is as good as both of these popular pop under ad networks.

Requirements And Restrictions:

  • They accept publishers from all over the world, so, you don’t have to worry about your location.
  • There is no minimum traffic limit set for approval, so, all level publishers can apply to join this network.
  • They do not accept adult websites, websites with bot generated traffic and illegal content.

Sign Up And Approval:

As you can see there are not very hard requirements to apply on this network, so, sign up is easy. The all you need is to fill up their registration form and submit it. And after sign up, you can log in to your account where you have to submit your website for approval. If your site complies with their terms then your website will be easily approved. So, approval is easy and quick.

Usually they approve or disapprove any website within 24 hours. In my case they approved my site within half an hour after the submission.

Ad Formats:

CPMoz is a pop under advertising network, so, it offers only Pop Under Ads as its publishers solution. However, their ads are contextual so they increase the clicks conversion rate and hence generate higher revenues for the publishers.

Stats Reporting System:

The stats reporting system offered by CPMoz is good, where you can use various filters to generate your reports. They also offer a separate reporting system for referrals earnings where you can see the daily earning reports of your referrals.

The only con in their reporting system is, it doesn’t show stats in real time.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on CPMoz is only 10$, so, as soon as you reach your minimum payout then you can request your payment.

Payment Frequency:

CPMoz process payments on weekly basis. All payments are processed on Mondays of every week.

Payment Options:

Currently CPMoz offers only a one payment option to its publishers, which is PayPal.

Referral Program:

CPMoz offers a very good referral program, which is, for referring publishers and advertisers to CPMoz via your referral link you will get 10% commission on both publishers earnings and advertisers spent amounts.

CPMoz provides separate banners for advertisers and publishers. Also, there is no limitation on the number of people you can refer and in this case the more the better.

Thinking Of Joining CPMoz ?


CPMoz Payment Proof:


I receive payments from CPMoz on a regular basis, so, if you want to see the latest payment proofs then you can like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with latest payment proofs and ad networks updates.

CPMoz Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC
Ad Formats:Pop Under Ads
Minimum Payout:10$
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal
Network Popularity:High
  • All countries accepted.
  • No minimum traffic required.
  • Adult websites, websites with bot generated traffic and illegal content are not accepted.
Payment Proof:Included Above ↑
Website URL:http://cpmoz.com

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