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trendy-theme-an-ads-ready-themeTrendy is a premium ads ready theme that comes with various ad spaces and lots of features. Trendy theme has a 728X90 banner space in the header where you can place your large banners. Having a large banner space at the top is always beneficial as it is the most visible area and direct advertisers also pay high for these top spaces.

Many a times i have been contacted by advertisers for the top banner space. The top banner space always attracts advertisers and therefore, i always recommend to have a theme that contains a top banner space.

Dynamic Sidebar With A Huge Variety Of Widgets:

Apart from this, Trendy comes with a dynamic sidebar where you can place big rectangle banners like 300X250, or 300X600. Big rectangle banners on sidebar perform best specially in upper section. I have used Adsense and many other banner ad networks that provide big 300X600 banners which work great in sidebar. However, most of the ad networks provide standard 300X250 banners which also work great in upper section of sidebar.

This theme also comes with an ads widget which lets you put six 125X125 banners on the sidebar. You can use as many of widgets you want. Trendy gives you a variety of widgets to place on your sidebar, some of the important widgets are – social buttons, subscription box, tab widget etc.

Two Menu bars:

This theme features with two menu bars, so, you will never face any kind shortage of menus. I like themes that provide two menu bars because as our website grows we start putting new tags and categories in our menus. And problem comes when we have single menu bar, but with Trendy you will not have to worry about anything as there are two menus available for you.

Additional Ad Spaces on Posts and Pages:

Trendy provides two additional ad spaces in posts and pages. One below the title and one after the content, so, you can always put two additional banners in those areas. However, you can place any kind of ad units in these areas, the ad units that i like placing in these areas are 468X60 banners and text links. These ad units perform great in these areas.

Featured With A Beautiful Slider:

Trendy also comes with a beautiful slider for the homepage, so, if you have website with some high quality images then you can place them there. However, by default it shows latest posts but you can set any other category, tag or links to show the specific posts.

I have even seen some websites selling these slider spaces as ad spaces, so, if you are frequently contacted by advertisers for banner spaces then you can even sell these slider spaces.

Three Footer Layout:


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Trendy theme also provides you a three footer layout, so, you can put some additional widgets in that area. However, if you like then you can even place your banners there too.

 A Professional Look:

When you see the demo of this theme then you will understand why i was saying this a professional theme. This theme is a mixture of conventional and modern theme and has light color scheme which makes it easy to read anything written on your website. Light color scheme also gives it a very professional look. From my experience i can say a website with a professional theme is easily accepted by ad networks even by Google Adsense. If you don’t believe that then you can try several professional themes and apply to the ad networks where quality is the requirement rather than the traffic.

Who doesn’t like the good presentation. Even in general life you may have noticed that good presentation gives us good rewards, say for an example, we get good marks in schools and colleges if our presentation is good. The same case applies here, if you present well then you will get better rewards in the form of higher leads, easy approval through various ad networks, advertisers may approach you, and even you will get some good regular audience for your website. So, having a professional template is a necessity today and Trendy comes with all these features.

Trendy meets up to the expectation, so, i strongly recommend to check its demo once and rate this theme so that others can also take good decision. Below i am giving its demo and download link, that you can use see the demo and download this theme.

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