How To Increase Earnings On PopAds ?

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How To Increase Your Earnings On PopAdsMost of the web publishers know that PopAds is a premium pop under advertising network which pays very high rates for displaying pop-under ads on their websites.

PopAds offers less intrusive pop-under ads which only activate when a visitor clicks anywhere on the publisher’s site and that is the reason why it doesn’t count every impression. So, we can say that it counts clicks rather than impression.

It pays high for each ad impression, so, if your site generates high CTR then you can earn a good income from PopAds. Websites that provide files, mp3 songs, videos or the sites with low bounce rate generate high CTR which result in higher earnings from PopAds.

If you have a website or a blog that doesn’t force or attract visitors to click on your site then you may not earn some good revenue from PopAds. So, to earn a good income from PopAds the only thing that you need to do, is to attract your visitors to click on your site or use something that force/attract visitors to click anywhere on your site but remember one thing don’t frustrate/annoy your visitors by using some bad script on site, there are various simple ways to do this and the most common way is to reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Those who don’t know about bounce rate, let me first discuss it here –

Bounce Rate: In simple words bounce rate represents the average time spend by the visitors on a particular website. That means if visitors spend more time on site then the bounce rate for the site would be low and if they leave the site quickly then the bounce rate would be high.

The lower the bounce rate, the better it is for a website. So, a website with low bounce rate can generate good income for publishers.

How To Check Bounce Rate For Your Website ?

You can check the bounce rate for your website by using any traffic tracking website or software like Google Analytics, Histats, Jetpack plugin etc. But, if you are currently not using any of such traffic tracking service then you can still check the bounce rate for your website on Alexa.

Simply replace the URL of my website with yours in the below link and paste it in the address bar of your browser.

You can see the bounce rate of Ad Nets Review in below screenshot:

Bounce Rate For Ad Nets Review

Bounce Rate For

How To Reduce Bounce Rate ?

There are various ways to do that and once you reduce your site’s bounce rate then you will definitely see a significant increase in your PopAds earnings.

So, here are some ways to do that:

Interlink Your Pages:

Whenever you write a new article then always try to link it with your old articles. This will not only reduce the bounce rate but also give the new life to your old articles.

If your old articles are ranking high in search engines then try to link them with your new articles. To do that you can add some additional content to your old articles. Adding additional content will refresh your articles and will also improve your rankings in search engines.

Place Related Posts Widget:

Always place a related posts widget on your website. A related posts widget always helps a website to reduce the bounce rate.

The location of this widget makes it an important widget as a visitor ends reading an article then he/she sees the related posts just after the end of the post, which attracts visitors to click on some other interesting articles on your website.

I usually use two related posts widget on my website and also, i give some links of handpicked articles to help my visitors to read the best articles present on my website.

Create Attractive Titles For Your Articles:

Creating attractive titles for posts always attract visitors to click on them. Attractive titles not only attract visitors of your site to click on them but also get the visitors attention in search results on major search engines and hence resulting in more traffic and more page views for your blog.

Place A Popular And Recent Post Widget On Your Site:

In addition to related posts widget you can also place a popular posts and related posts widgets on the sidebars of your blog or website.

These widgets will also help you to reduce the bounce rate for your site and also generate you some additional clicks which will finally result in higher earnings on PopAds.

Use A Good Ad Network Along with PopAds:

I have tried many ad networks in combination with PopAds to earn a good income from it. I tried PopAds with Infolinks but Infolinks stopped counting impressions after i placed PopAds script on my site.

Infolinks was paying me little higher than PopAds but because it has high minimum payout as compared to PopAds, so, i finally decided to go with PopAds and tried another combination.

My next combination was AdHexa and PopAds, AdHexa was paying me good for every ad impression but the problem was that its ads were slow in loading and therefore, it was reducing my PopAds earnings.

Another problem was, though they were paying me for each ad impression but their ads were not generating me clicks so that was also a drawback, so, finally i decided to remove AdHexa’s code from my website and tried another combination.

My next and working combination was Qadabra and PopAds, the reason of choosing Qadabra was very simple, Qadabra has a very low minimum payout of just 1$ and it provides rich media ads which involve users activity.

Qadabra ads attract visitors to click on them and one of its ad unit always generates clicks without annoying my website visitors. The ad unit called Stay On, it is a leader board banner which displays at the bottom of the page and provides a closing option, so, if visitors click on it then it generates me earnings on both Qadabra as well as on PopAds and if visitors close it then it generates me revenue on PopAds. So, its a win win situation.

You can also try this combination to maximize your earnings on PopAds and also, Qadabra offers high quality ads which will also make you some good money on it.

So, these are some ways to increase your earnings on PopAds, you can also try some other methods to increase your earnings. And, if you are currently using any method that is generating you good income from PopAds then please share it with us, we love to hear you 🙂

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