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pixelmag-theme-an-ads-ready-wordpress-themePixelMag is a premium WordPress theme especially designed and developed for magazine and blogs. It is an ads ready theme, so, it provides you lots of banner spaces resulting in higher earnings for you. The design of this theme gives a premium look to your website and is highly effective in engaging your visitors.

It is tri-column theme which lets you show more posts on a single page as compared to conventional themes. Being a tri-column theme it gives you a grid layout which makes your website more attractive than others. In addition to that the related posts on this theme ads up more value as they look very attractive. It is also SEO and speed optimized, so, you will never have to worry about the SEO and slow loading issues.

It is a fully responsive theme, so, it adapts itself according to device and screen size to provide a great user experience to your visitors. This theme uses HTML5 and CSS3, so, you will never feel yourself lagging in terms of technology.

This theme offers various other features that i will discuss later in this article but before that i want to show you its demo first. To see the live demo of this theme, just click the demo button button given below:

The major features offered by PixelMag theme:

Ads Ready Theme:

This theme has a big leaderboard banner space in the header section which is a very important ad space if you want to earn through advertising. As i always say, this is the most demanded ad space as it is on top and visible to everybody.

The other important thing to note, the entire theme has light color scheme except the header section, as you can see in the demo it has a dark header section which itself a benefit. The dark header makes your banner more visible, it makes a banner look out of dark background and hence, gains the interest of the visitors.

It also provide additional ad spaces, in its options panel you can see there are two more ad spaces available for posts and pages. You can place banner below post title and after the post body, so, there is no need to mess up with coding. This theme has a powerful options panel which makes it easier to do customization.

Wide Sidebar:

This theme has a wide sidebar, so, you can show additional banners in sidebar or you can place some attractive widgets and links in sidebar.

Four Footer Layout:

Nowadays, sectioned footers are very important as we need to place lots of small widgets and links in the footer section. I always like placing small widgets in footer and therefore, i personally don’t like themes without sectioned footer.

You may have noticed that most of the themes that i have listed on this website have sectioned footer and the reason is simple, they provide more space. Having a three or four footer layout is always beneficial as it lets you place additional widgets, links and banners in the footer. So, i always recommend to go for a theme which has sectioned footer and make most out of your theme.

Integrated Social Media:

PixelMag theme comes with integrated social media buttons, so, you will never have to worry about social buttons or adding different plugins for social buttons. Its powerful options panel allows you to easily integrate social media buttons. You can on or off social media buttons anytime through options panel.

Powerful Options Panel:

This theme has a very powerful options panel which makes your job easier. Its options panel provides you full control over your theme from a simple central location. You can easily customize and on or off various features of your theme without going into coding stuff.

Various Other Features Offered By This Theme Are:

  • SEO Optimized
  • Speed Optimized
  • Typography
  • Posts Formats
  • Shortcodes
  • Custom Widgets
  • Unlimited colors and background patterns

This theme has various other features that you can check on its official selling website. To download this theme or to see its full details, you can click the details and download button given below:

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