MakeMoney Theme – An Ads Ready WordPress Theme For Blogs and Coupon Websites

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makemoney-theme-an-ads-ready-wordpress-theme-for-blogs-and-coupon-websitesMakeMoney is a very attractive WordPress theme for blogs and coupon websites. It is a fully responsive theme which works perfectly on all devices.

This theme is designed and developed for pro bloggers. With this theme, webmasters can create their perfect niche blog and provide a great user experience to their visitors.

Also, this theme comes with coupons/deals functionalities which let you earn higher income from various affiliate programs by simply providing coupon codes to your website visitors.

By the looks of this theme, it looks very stylish and provides a great user experience to visitors. The two menu bars, sticky menu and popular posts widget provide an easy navigation to your visitors and also help to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

MakeMoney theme is perfectly designed to present your content in a beautiful way. On this theme your content doesn’t look awkward or badly stuffed. Instead, it looks very attractive with the big thumbnails on homepage.

Apart from its looks, this theme comes with various great features that help you to build an awesome website. I will talk about its features later in this post but before that i would like to show you its demo first. So, below is the demo link of this theme that you can click to see its demo.

Features Offered By MakeMoney Theme:

Since, MakeMoney is a modern WordPress theme, so, it comes with lots of great features. Some of its features are listed below:

Fully Responsive Design:

MakeMoney theme has a fully responsive design which make it perfect for all devices and display sizes. This theme adapts itself according to the display size to provide a great user experience to visitors. So, whatever device your visitors use, it provides a great user experience to them.

Ads Optimized:

MakeMoney theme is optimized for ads so that it can produce better results from advertising. It provides a big banner space on top which lets you place your ad on the most visible space of your website. This not only helps you to generate higher revenue from ads but it also helps you to attract advertisers for your website.

This theme also comes with an ads widget which lets you easily place ads on your website.

Built-in Coupons/Deals Functionalities:

This theme comes with coupons/deals functionalities which are very helpful in creating a great affiliate marketing website. These functionalities help you to earn higher revenue from your website by providing coupons to your visitors. The theme seller has created a specific demo page for coupons that you can check while seeing the demo of this theme.

Two Menu Bars:

MakeMoney theme provides you two menu bars which let you place multiple categories, tags and pages in your menu. By the time when our websites grow we need more space on menu bars to place more categories in it. So, in this case, MakeMoney comes ahead of many themes which offer only one menu bar with limited space. But, with MakeMoney you will never fell short of space in menu bar as it comes with two menus.

Also, its multilevel dropdown facility lets you to put more and more categories in your menu.

Sticky Menu:

This theme has an sticky menu which provides a great user experience to visitors. It lets them to easily navigate on your website without scrolling up or down. Also, various studies say that sticky menus provide quicker navigation than normal menus. So, overall it provides a great user experience to your visitors and helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Various Custom Widgets:

MakeMoney theme comes with various custom widgets which add up various great functionalities to your website. They also make your website more attractive and help in providing a great user experience to your visitors.

The custom widgets offered by this theme are:

  • Newsletter & Subscribe Form Widget
  • Advertisement Widget
  • Recent Posts With Thumbnail
  • Most Viewed Posts With Thumbnail

  • Most Commented Posts With Thumbnail
  • Random Posts With Thumbnail
  • Social Profiles Widget

This theme comes with various other great features that you can check on its details page. This is a very beautiful theme, so, i will recommend everybody to see its demo once at least.

To read its full details or to download this theme you click the below button.

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