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linkbucks reviewLinkbucks is one of the oldest paid URL shortener websites where you get paid for sharing your shorten links on internet. It is a CPA, CPM, CPC model based URL shortener and that is the thing that makes it different from other URL shorteners, which offer either CPM or CPA ads but not both.

Linkbucks was started late in 2005 and from then it has never looked back. Linkbucks is continuously growing and becoming stronger and stronger every year. Linkbucks is not only a very old ad network but its a very popular network too.

There are various reasons that makes it a very popular network like, it offers two types of ads one is CPM based interstitial ads which pay for each and every view and the other is CPA based link locker ads, these ads are also interstitial ads but here you get paid only when your visitor completes an action like completing a survey, registering on a website etc. Usually link locker ads pay much higher than CPM based ads.

Those who don’t know about Interstitial ads or link locker ads can follow the below link to get a better understanding of these ad formats.

Those who don’t know what is CPA, CPC and CPM can refer the below link:

Some of the other reasons that make this network popular are :-

  1. It offers its service for both adult and non adult content, which means you can short your adult as well as non adult content links with Linkbucks link shortener tool.
  2. Linkbucks is also a very reliable network on which you can trust confidently, this network has always paid its users on time and every time. You can find various good reviews about Linkbucks on internet. Some things that attracted me towards this ad network are, both CPA and CPM based ads, multiple ad formats, 100% fill rate, instant payments, offers service for both adult and non adult content links and websites, good referral program, high payout rates, offers various website monetization tools, good reporting system.

The only thing that disappointed me a little is, its minimum payout, which is 10$, where most of the URL shorteners are offering only 5$.

I think i have discussed enough about this network’s reliability and facilities offered by this network but before you can take any decision its better to have a look of the following details that i have collected for you.

Sign Up And Approval:

Signup process is very easy on Linkbucks. The all you need is a valid email address to register on it and after that you can log in to your account and start earning money with Linkbucks.

Since it is a URL shortener so it doesn’t ask you to have a website to register on it and hence, there is no approval process. The only thing that you have to verify is your email.

Payout Rates:

Payout rates offered by Linkbucks are decent for most of the countries. Linkbucks pays for all of your traffic even it pays for raw traffic. However, the rates update on daily basis, so, its will be better for you to check it before joining Linkbucks.

Ad Formats:

Currently Linkbucks offers only two types of ads which are interstitial ads and link locker ads.

Stats Reporting System:

Linkbucks offers a good stats reporting system to its users, where you can see all the necessary details about your links and referrals performance.

Tools Offered:

Linkbucks offers limited but necessary tools that you need to monetize your website like Single Link, Multiple Link, Full Page Script, Visit Script etc.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Linkbucks is 10$, which is easily achievable with little efforts.

Payment Frequency:

Linkbucks process payments on daily basis, so, as soon as you reach the minimum payout you can request your payment and you will be paid instantly.

Payment Methods:

Linkbucks offers two payment methods to its users, which are PayPal and Payoneer.

Referral Program:

Linkbucks referral program is little different than its competitors. Linkbucks offers a multilevel referral program, which i think is the best referral program among all other URL shorteners.

On Linkbucks, not only you get 20% revenue share of your referrals earnings for lifetime, but also you get some % of revenue share of the members that your referrals refer to Linkbucks.

Payment Proof:


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Linkbuck no longer offers Link locker ads.

Thinking Of Joining This Network

sign up nowLinkbucks Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Formats: Interstitial, Link Lockers
Minimum Payout: 10$
Payment Frequency: Instant, Daily
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer
Network Popularity: High
Requirement/Restrictions: Please Read Their Terms
Payment Proof: Coming Soon Included Above ↑
Website URL:

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