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linktor-reviewDo you want to make some easy money ? If your answer is yes then you are right place as today i am going to review a brand new URL shortener that can make you some easy money with little efforts. The name of this new URL shortener is ‘Linktor’.

Linktor is a new URL shortener network where you can make money by shortening and sharing your links. With Linktor you can fully monetize your content and make some handy income from it. Linktor is a easy to use URL shortener tool where even new publishers can earn money. If you are new to URL shorteners then let me tell you about them in brief.

What is a URL Shortener ?

URL shortener is a tool where you can shorten your long links to make them look pretty. As these shorten links look better therefore they are widely used by affiliate marketers to hide their ugly looking affiliate links. URL shorteners only shortens the URL size and doesn’t affect the destination page. They simply redirect your visitors to the original destination page. In simple words, URL shorteners are only meant to shorten your links to make them look pretty.

Now, you may be wandering that if URL shorteners are only meant to shorten links size then how they can make money for you ? The answer of this question is hidden in the redirection process. When your visitors click on shorten links then before redirecting them to destination page paid URL shorteners show them some ads for 5 seconds and for showing these ads to your visitors you get paid. Isn’t it simple ? The all you need to make money from URL shorteners is to shorten your links and share them with your friends, colleagues, website visitors etc.

So, that was the overview of URL shorteners so let’s come back to our main topic “Linktor Review”.

Linktor Review

Making money from Linktor is easy as it is only a 3 step process.

  1. Register for an account on Linktor
  2. Shorten your links
  3. Share them with your friends, colleagues, website visitors, fans etc.

Though, Linktor is new as compared to some popular URL shorteners but it is offering great services to publishers. Some of these great services are high payout rates, easy and fast withdrawal process, non-annoying ads, easy signup process, dedicated support, multiple payment options, detailed stats, tons of tools etc.

Why You Should Join Linktor ?

There are various simple reasons to join it.

High Payout Rates:

We all expect high payout rates from a network and we deserve it too for our hard-works. So, overall this network offers high payout rates for most of the countries and its worldwide deal is also good. On this network you get rates up to 10$ per 1000 views and its worldwide deal offers you 2$ per 1000 views which i think is great. So, if you are not getting good rates on other networks then you can give a try to this network. I am sure you will like its rates.

Easy Signup Process:

Linktor offers an easy signup process for publishers so that even new publishers can join it and take advantage of its quality services. To signup on this network you just need an email address. If you have one then you can quickly signup on it and start earning money.

Non-annoying Ads:

Many URL shorteners annoy your visitors by bombarding tons of ads on them which increase the probability of losing visitors. But, this is not the case with Linktor as it only shows few ads which your visitors will not mind to get your awesome content.

I tested their ads and found that they are only showing banner and pop based interstitial ads. There was only one pop ad while testing it. So, overall its ads are non-annoying.

Fast Payment Terms:

Linktor likes to pay its users quickly and therefore, it has maintained a biweekly payment frequency. It process all publisher payments on 1st and 15th of every month which is fairly fast.

Competitive Minimum Payout Limit:

Like most of the other URL shorteners, Linktor has also set a low minimum payout limit of 5$. This low minimum payout limit helps new publishers to easily reach it and withdraw their earnings.

Three Different Payment Options:

Linktor knows the importance of payment options and therefore, it offers three different payment options so that worldwide publishers can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options.

The payment options offered by Linktor are PayPal, Paytm and Bitcoin. All these payment options have different minimum payout limit.

All Necessary Tools:

Linktor offers all necessary tools to publishers that they need to increase their revenue. These tools are quick link, mass shrinker, full page script and developers API.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

A detailed stats reporting system can help you make more money from your traffic. With Linktor’s stats reporting system you are not required to worry about anything as its stats reporting system is very detailed and works in real time. This helps you in making quick adjustments without losing any of your traffic.

Its stats reporting system comprises of various tables, blocks and graphs which help you in analyzing your link stats easily.

Attractive Referral Program:

Being a new ad network, Linktor knows the importance of promotion and therefore, it provides an additional opportunity to publishers to make some extra money by referring new users to it. At the moment Linktor is offering a 20% referral commission program to publishers, so, if you have publisher friends, colleagues or website visitors then you can recommend them to join Linktor.

Dedicated Support:

Linktor provides a dedicated support to publishers. If you have any queries, suggestions or you need their help then simply contact them and they will reply you very soon. You can use their contact form to contact them.

Thinking Of Joining Linktor ?


Linktor Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, URL Shortener
Ad Formats:Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:Biweekly, 1st and 15th of every month
Payment Methods:PayPal(5$), Paytm(5$), Bitcoin(10$)
Referral Program:
20% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Email:Use their contact form
Website URL:

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