10 Best Paying URL Shorteners Of 2020 (Updated)

Best URL Shortener of 2020

Best Paying URL ShortenersURL shortener services have always been a great source of income for newbies and professionals who like to monetize their links.

I have always been a great fan of URL shorteners because they don’t require you to have a website. You just need a link and a simple strategy to earn money from them.

Last two years were good for me as i used a couple of URL shorteners and they generated me some handy income.

Also, in the last two years lots of URL shorteners launched but only few of them were able to survive and made themselves stable in the market.

As every year there are tonnes of URL shorteners launch so it becomes difficult for us to decide which ones to choose for our list.


Like always i am here again with a list of some handy URL shorteners that you can use to monetize your links.

Before listing these 10 best paying URL shorteners of 2020, i want to tell you what made me put these URL shortners in this list and what factors i considered for placing them in the best list ?

Factors Considered For Ranking URL Shorteners:

Before adding any network in the best list i always check few things:

Payout Rates:  Payout rates is an important factor so i always consider it in the first place. It is a thing that people always look before joining any particular ad network.

If rates offered by an ad network are not good then there’s no worth in joining it. So, before adding any URL shortener in my best list i always check its payout rates for various countries.

Reliability: In these days of competition, one can never give surety about any ad network but still there are few good ad networks that are running for years and still they are on the top. So, i always check the reliability of an ad network before listing it in my top/best list.

I can’t give surety of future of any URL shortner but at the moment these URL shorteners are doing well. But, to keep you on the safer side i am listing only those URL shorteners from which i have paid at least twice.

Services: I always like checking what facilities and services a network is offering to publishers. This also gives me the opportunity to add some new ad networks that offer great facilities.

Many new ad networks offer great services but people don’t realize it. They just go for reliable ad networks that are running for years. But, here on Ad Nets Review, i have decided to promote these new paying ad networks as i believe they can generate better revenue for you.

Payments: This is another thing that i always consider and alter my list on the basis of it. I always consider payment frequency, payment options as the major factors to test how easier and quicker it is for users to withdraw their money. The faster the payouts, the better for publishers.

So, based on the above factors, i have made a list of some best paying URL shorteners. I hope they will work for you and generate you some handsome income in 2020.

A Request From Our Visitors:

I request to our users to suggest us some new URL shortners that you think they deserve in this list. You can always mention those URL shorteners in the comments. I love to hear from my visitors.

After all, you are the guys who help me in testing new ad networks and recommending them to others. So, thank you everybody for your support and making Ad Nets Review a successful ad network directory and a review website.


Featured URL Shortener Of The Month

Network NameRatingMinimum PayoutPayment FrequencyPayment OptionsWebsite
Shorte.st4.5/5$5MonthlyPayPal, PayoneerJoin Now

10 Best Paying URL Shorteners Of 2020


So, here’s our list of 10 best paying URL shortners of 2020:



Adfly has always been in my favorite list. It went one or two spots up or down but it always managed to get into my best list of URL shorteners. The reason behind placing Adfly in my best list is its reliability and quality of service.

I am using Adfly from last 5 years and it has never disappointed me.

I always get my payments on time. It offers daily and automated monthly payouts. This means that you can request your payment anytime and you will be paid within 24 hours of request.

Alternatively, you can leave your account on auto-payments mode and you will be paid on 1st of every month if your account reaches the minimum payout limit.

The payout rates on Adfly has always been awesome. This URL shortener is master in its field. If you have ever used URL shorteners to earn money then most probably you must have heard about it. This is one of the most popular URL shortneners which is running for years.

It offers more than enough tools that you can use to maximize your link earnings. Not only this, it is one of the few URL shorteners that offer various ad formats.

Adfly offers interstitial ads and pop-up ads. In 2019 they have also started offering Push Ads. You will love to use their push ads, just give them a try if you want to increase your revenue.

Adfly also offers banner based interstitial ads which make interstitial ads less intrusive.




Adult.xyz is an adult specific URL shortener. It is launched by the Adfly team to monetize adult content links.

I have not yet reached the minimum payout limit on this URL shortener and uploaded the payment proof on its review page. Actually, so far i have received a couple of payments from it and i believe now it deserves an upper place in this list.

As i have tested this URL shortener and received a couple of payments so i am placing this network two spots above in my list as compared to its previous year’s ranking place.

The reason behind placing this URL shortener in our best paying URL shorteners is, it is a sister site of Adf.ly. The other factors are the payout rates and all the premium services of Adf.ly.

It has everything similar to Adf.ly the only difference is, it is started by Adf.ly mainly for adult content links. So, if you are looking to monetize your adult content links then you can confidently give it a try.




Shortest is another premium URL shortener running effectively for years. This is also one of few URL shorteners from which i get paid on regular basis. This also offers very high payout rates and its monetizations tools are just awesome. It offers tonnes of monetization tools that can multiply your earnings in various easy ways. The only thing that makes me add it below the Adf.ly is its payment frequency. Unlike Adfly which offers daily payments, Shorte.st pays its users on monthly basis. Usually on 10th of every month.

But still it is one of the best URL shorteners out in the market. Though, it pays on monthly basis but it takes special care of its users. During last year what i have noticed is, during the festival seasons this URL shortener paid its users twice a month so they can have a great festive seasons. These small things make an ad network trustworthy. It also offers a very low minimum payout of 5$ like Adfly and multiple payment options.


Ouo Review:


Last year this ad network was on the top of our list but in the middle for two months it got issues with PayPal and therefore, its users had to face delays in payments. But at last this ad network added new payment option Payza and started paying its users on time. Now, like always it pays on time and every time. Ouo makes biweekly payouts mainly on 1st and 15th of every month. It also offers above average rates and multiple tools to maximize your links earnings.

It also offers a competitive minimum payout of 5$, so, users can easily withdraw their earnings.


AdxFly: (Network Closed)


AdxFly is a sister network of ClicksFly. They have developed this network for monetizing adult content links. If you have adult content links that you want to monetize then this network could be a great option for you. It offers very high payout rates for adult links.

Similar to ClicksFly, it offers all necessary tools and great facilities to publishers. It provides lots of payment options to publishers. Worldwide publishers can easily withdraw their earnings on it via their preferred payment options. On this network you get four different payment options which include PayPal, My Wallet, Bitcoin and UPI (India). All these payment options have different minimum payout limit but you are not required to worry as minimum payout limit for all payment options is low. You can withdraw your earnings for as low as 1$ amount.

All payments are made in USD on this network and Indian visitor can withdraw their earnings via UPI if they want to avoid currency conversion and additional fees that various payment options charge them. To Indian publishers i recommend them to withdraw earnings via UPI as there you save some bucks that you may pay as fees on other payment options.



Cutwin is another one of my favorite ad network. It offers decent rates and sometimes very high payout rates to publishers. I have personally tested this network and received lots of payments from it. So, you consider it as one of the most reliable network in the industry.

Cutwin provides all modern tools and facilities that you need as a publisher. Also, the minimum payout limit of this network also makes it one of the best networks in the industry. The minimum payout limit on it is only 1$ which is very low, so, you can test its reliability any time. This network process all payments within 4 days of payment request. However, yesterday ( Feb 3, 2019) i requested my payment and got it within 2 hours. So, overall this network is great for publishers who looking for a reliable network with better rates.

If you like to give a try to this network then you can give it confidently and i am sure you won’t be disappointed.



Linkbucks is one of the oldest URL shortener. It allows users to monetize their both adult and non-adult content links. The payout rates offered by Linkbucks are average but overall it is good ad network. Its low minimum payout is little high as compared to above mentioned URL shortener, which is 10$. Linkbucks pays its users on daily basis and offers multiple payment options to withdraw earnings.

Linkbucks offers a huge variety of monetization tools that can increase your earnings by a huge margin.


Uskip.me: (Network Closed)



Uskip.me was launched last year and made a good reputation in the market. Though Uskip.me is pretty new as compared to above mentioned URL shorteners but it is run and maintained by a experienced staff. Uskip.me also offers the same competitive minimum payout of 5$ with daily payment terms.

In terms of payout rates and monetization tools this URL shortener also not lags behind. It offers above average rates which let you easily reach your minimum payout limit.


Fas.li: (Not Recommended Anymore)



Fas.li is another new URL shortener which was launched last year but it is offering high rates and premium services. It pays its users on biweekly basis and minimum payout on it is only 5$. Fasli offers a huge variety of tools that you can use to maximize your link earnings.

It offers multiple payment options for easy withdrawals of earnings.


ClicksFly: (Network Closed)


ClicksFly was launched last year and it soon became one of the popular URL shortener. I also personally like this network very much and therefore, i decided to put it on top of my list. The reasons are simple for listing this network on top. The primary reason for listing it on top is its payout rates. On this network you get whooping rates up to 20$ for 1000 views. Isn’t it great ?

The other best thing about this network is, it has a low minimum payout limit of 3$ only which make it easier to withdraw your earnings. And, the best part is, it pays in Indian currency too. This means if you are an Indian then you are not required to withdraw your earnings via PayPal which imposes heavy service and currency exchange charges. This saves you some bucks.

For publishers other than from India, they get various other payment options to withdraw their earnings including PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Payeer, Mobicash/JazzCash (Pakistan) and Bank Transfer.

Indian users can withdraw their earnings via UPI and Paytm to save high service charges. Also, one more thing that i liked about this network is its quality support. I contacted them once and got a super quick reply from them. Their team is friendly and helpful and that is also another reason why i recommend this network to publishers. So, if you are tiered of seeing old networks and looking for a genuine paying new URL shortener then you can give a try to ClicksFly. I am sure you won’t be disappointed !


Shortd: (Network Closed)

If you are looking for a high paying non-adult URL shortener service then Shortd could be a great option for you. It offers one of the highest payout rates in the industry. On this URL shortener network you can get rates up to 20$ per 1000 views.

Also, its minimum payout rate is also good which is for worldwide traffic. For worldwide traffic you get at least 3.50$ per 1000 views, which is very high as compared to most of the other URL shorteners. Furthermore, Shortd runs various promotional campaigns to promote itself in which you can participate and make some additional income from it.

Like many other competitive URL shorteners, Shortd also has a low minimum payout limit of $5 only. This low minimum payout limit helps publishers to easily reach it and withdraw their earnings. Shortd provides 4 different payment options which let publishers to choose the best one of their choice. It offers PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Transfer (EU) as its payment options to publishers.

In addition to that Shortd offers a great 20% commission program where you can earn some additional revenue by referring new users to it. Unlike most of the other URL shorteners which pay on weekly or monthly basis, Shortd falls somewhere in between them in terms of payment frequency. It pays its publishers on NET15 which is also good.

So, overall if you are looking for a high paying non-adult URL shortener then you can give a try to Shortd.


LinkShrink: (Network Closed)


This is another great URL shortener which i am promoting from last three years. This URL shortener has also never disappointed me. It pays quickly, offers low minimum payout and multiple payment options. It also offers various monetization tools like multi Shrink, Quick Shrink, Custom Link, Website Script, and developers API.

LinkShrink has the same competitive low minimum payout as of the above mentioned ad networks. This ad network pays its users within 4 days of payment request. However, every time i get payment within 24 hours of payment request. This shows how stable this ad network is.

So, if your are looking to monetize your links then you can confidently give a try to LinkShrink.


Final Words:

As it is the start of the year, so, i am leaving two vacant spaces for upcoming deserving URL shorteners. I will update the list when i will get some deserving URL shorteners to place in the list.

The above listed URL shorteners are good and paying. They all offer good rates so you can give them a try. I hope you will like these URL shorteners.

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