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adslop-reviewAdslop is a digital advertising network which offers its services to worldwide publishers and advertisers. Actually it is complete monetization solution for publishers and it is a perfect advertising solution for advertisers. I am saying this a complete solution because it offers banner and pop ads which can fully monetize your traffic.

Whether you want to use space of your website to show banners or you only want to display pop-under ads then this network could be a great option for you. Also, this network lets you monetize your both adult and non-adult content websites.

Adslop uses all popular pricing models to pay its publishers. It offers CPM, CPC and CPA models to publishers. So, in every way you are going to get profit form this network. Furthermore, this network uses bidding system which ensures that ads of only highest bidders will be shown on your website, which result in more profit for you.


Adslop doesn’t seek high requirements from publishers. The only thing that they need from you is to have a website. You can monetize any niche website with them as they accept both adult and non-adult content websites. Moreover, Adslop is a global advertising network so worldwide publishers can join it.

This network doesn’t ask you to have a high traffic website or high rank website to join it. If you have a website even with little traffic then you can join it. However, your website must look professional and provide a nice user interface. Also, your website must not be an under-construction website. You must have a fully working website to get approval from them.

Signup Process:

Like most of the modern ad networks, Adslop also has a very simple signup process where you need to fill in a simple signup form and submit it. Once you submit your form you get an account activation email on your registered email. You need to click that activation link to get your account activated.

Once your account is activated then you can login to your account and submit your website for review. And, once they review your website and approve it then you can start displaying their ads to earn money.

They are quick in reviewing publisher websites. In my case they approved my website within 15 minutes of submission, so, you can understand how active they are.

Also, one thing that i forgot to mention is that, on Adslop you can create an advertiser or publisher account separately or you can create a hybrid account where you get both publisher and advertiser’s dashboard in a single account.

Ad Formats:

As i have already mentioned above, Adslop offers two types of ads to its publishers, which are Banner and pop ads. They provide all standard and non-standard banner sizes. In addition to that they also offer display banner and text based banner ads. You can choose text or banner ads to show separately or you can select an option where banner/text ads are displayed automatically based on performance and availability of ad units.

Also, they provide categories in pop ads. You can select they type of pop ads you want to show on your website. They offer pop-up, pop-under and new tab ads, so, its totally up to you to select the type of ads you want to show.

Stats Reporting System:

Adslop provides a very detailed stats reporting system to publishers. In your account you can generate time based, Geo based or overall reports. Also, its stats reporting system shows each every details about your ads, traffic and performance.

In your stats reporting system you can see CPC, CPM, CPA, clicks, impressions, CTR, eCPM, conversions etc. So, overall it offers a great stats reporting system which shows in-depth stats of your ads.

Minimum Payout:

This is the best thing about this network. If you are the one who likes low minimum payout limit then this ad network is for you.

Adslop has a very low minimum payout limit of only 5$ which is quite low if you compare it with most of the other ad networks. Also, this low minimum payout limit also gives you the opportunity to test this network quickly without losing much of your traffic.

Payment Frequency:

Adslop likes to pay its publishers quickly and therefore, it process all publisher payments on daily basis. So, if you are looking for a network which can pay you on daily basis then this network is for you.

Payment Options:

Unlike many other ad networks which offer only one or two payment options, Adslop offers 5 different payment options for the ease of withdrawals. The payment options offered by Adslop are UPI, Bank Transfer, Payeer, Bitcoin and Faucethub.

Referral Program:

Adslop provides another great opportunity to publishers to make some extra money by referring their network to other publisher and advertisers. If you refer a publisher then you get a 15% referral commission whereas if you refer an advertiser then you get a 5% referral commission for lifetime.

Why You Should Join Adslop ?

There are various simple reasons to do it. Some of which are as follows:

  • Global coverage.
  • A complete solution for publishers and advertisers.
  • Offers two different ad formats – banner and pop ads. Also, these ads include text and display banner, pop-up ads, pop-under ads and new tab ads.
  • Accepts both adult and non-adult content websites.
  • Simple requirements to join.
  • Easy signup and approval process.
  • Detailed stats reporting system.
  • Low minimum payout of $5 only.
  • Fast payment schedule on daily basis.
  • Multiple payment options – UPI, Bank Transfer, Payeer, Bitcoin and Fauctehub.
  • Dedicated support via email and online chat.
  • Attractive referral program.

Thinking Of Joining Adslop ?


Adslop Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Pop Ads
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:Daily
Payment Methods:UPI, Bank Transfer, Payeer, Bitcoin, Faucethub
Referral Program:
15% referral commission for referring publisher

5% commission for referring advertisers

Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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