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newsnow-theme-an-ads-ready-wordpress-theme-for-news-websites-magazines-and-blogsIf you are looking for a theme with lots of perfect ad spaces then this theme is for you. NewsNow is a perfect theme for those who are looking to monetize their website with ads. This theme not only provides lots of ad spaces but it is also optimized for Google Adsense.

Unlike some other ads ready themes which offer lots of ad spaces but lack support of responsive ads. NewsNow is perfectly developed to increase your ad revenue. It supports Google’s responsive ads which help you in earning higher revenue from Google.

Apart from being an ads optimized theme, this theme is designed to provide a great user experience to visitors. This theme has a beautiful design and it presents your content in a very attractive way. It has an advanced block system which makes your website look awesome and at the same time it let you present lots of content beautifully with your visitors.

NewsNow is a modern WordPress theme and therefore, it comes with lots of great features that help you to build an awesome website. I will talk about some of its features one by one but before going any further i would like to show you its demo first.

Features Offered By NewsNow Theme:

There are lots of great features offered by this theme:

Lots Of Ad Spaces:

As i have already mentioned above, this theme is perfectly developed to generate higher revenue from ads, so, it offers lots of ad spaces to website owners. This theme has a big 728X90 banner space in header which let you show your best ads on top most space of your website. This banner space not only helps you to place your banner ads to earn higher income from them but it also attracts advertisers to advertise on your website.

Having a top banner space is always helpful for website owners. After all it is the most visible space of website and advertisers pay higher rates for it. This banner space also helps website owners to earn higher revenue from ads.

Apart from top banner space, this theme also offers multiple ad spaces on the homepage and posts pages of your website. On their homepage demo you can see multiple big banner spaces where you can display your ads. Also, on the post page of their demo, you can see a banner space below the post content.

This theme offers lots of banner spaces, so, i recommend you to check its demo once.

Fully Responsive Design:

Like most of the other modern themes, this theme is also fully responsive in nature. It adapts itself according to the device and display size to provide a great user experience to visitors. You can check its demo on various mobile devices and you will find how good it looks on various devices.

Sticky Menu With Multiple Dropdown Levels:

Sticky menus are helpful to provide easy navigation to users. Many studies say that sticky menus provide 22% quicker navigation to visitors. You can find a study here. Sticky navigation not only provides quick navigation to visitors but it also helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Overall, the better user interface you provide to your visitors the more success your website will get.

Two Menu Bars:

This theme provides you two menu bars which never let you fell short of categories. By the time when a website grows big we all need more space in menu to categorize our content and in this case, this theme does its job perfectly. It provides you two multilevel menu bars which let you place as many as categories you want.

Beautiful Homepage Slider:

NewsNow theme comes with a beautiful homepage slider which shows your featured content in an attractive way. This beautiful homepage slider makes your homepage look more attractive and at the same time lets you present more content on homepage without making your website look badly stuffed with content.

This homepage slider attracts visitors to see more posts on your website which ultimately helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website.

Unlimited Theme Colors And Hundreds Of Fonts:

This theme lets you select the color scheme of your choice, so, you can always remain in full control to style your website as per your wish.

Also, this theme comes with hundred of fonts, so, you can always select the best font style of your choice.

This theme also offers various other great features that you can check on its seller’s website.

For more details or to download this theme you can click the below button:

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