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targeleon reviewTargeleon is a performance based affiliate network. It provides solutions for both web and mobile traffic. This network provides global coverage to both affiliates and advertisers.

It also helps them to achieve their goals and targets by providing effective solutions.

For Affiliates:

Targeleon provides lots of monetization solutions to affiliates which help them to easily monetize their web and mobile traffic. Since, it is a global affiliate network, so, it provides solutions for worldwide traffic. Also, because it is a global affiliate network, so, it has lots of advertising partners all around the world. These advertising partners let them provide lots of high paying offers to worldwide publishers.

So, with this network you can monetize your worldwide traffic. They provide high quality solutions to publishers which include high paying offers of various verticals, smart link, banners, pop-up/pop-under ads, custom ad formats and various great tools.

Apart from high paying offers and multiple monetization solutions, this network also offers some great facilities to affiliates. These facilities include easy to use advance platform, detailed stats reporting system, smart tools, no minimum payout limit, quick payment, multiple payment options and a very attractive referral program.

For Advertisers:

Targeleon is a performance based network, so, it delivers results to advertisers. It provides an advanced platform to advertisers where they can promote their campaigns effectively and produce better results than anywhere else. Their platform provides precise targeting options which let advertisers to easily target the best audience for their campaigns.

Some of the targeting options offered by this network are Geo, device, OS, browser and career. Also, this network offers various ad formats that produce great results for advertisers. You can use these ad formats to promote your campaigns effectively. The ad formats offered by this network are banners, pops and redirects.

Since, Targeleon is a global affiliate network, so, it has lots of affiliates from all around the world. These affiliates can deliver high quality traffic to your campaigns from any part of the world. They work only with best affiliates and therefore, you can expect high quality traffic from them.

The best part about this network is, it offers affordable advertising prices that let all level advertisers to easily promote their campaigns through their advanced platform. The only minimum deposit required on this network is 25$, that all level advertisers can easily afford and test this network.

Also, this network has a sophisticated anti-fraud technology which ensures that you campaign budget is spent on real audience. Their affiliates selection procedure also ensures that you get only real and high quality traffic.

Apart from high quality solutions, this network also provides a great support to advertisers. So, anytime you need their help you can contact them.

Sign Up And Approval:

Targeleon offers an easy sign up and approval process to affiliates where they need to fill up their sign up form and submit it. Their sign up form is simple and asks only simple details like your email, password, whether you are a publisher or advertiser etc.

Once you submit their form then you will receive an account activation email that you will have to click to activate your account. After activating you account you can login to your account and start promoting their offers to earn money.

Ad Formats:

Unlike some other affiliate networks, Targeleon offers some popular ad formats to affiliates which help them to easily monetize their different types of websites and apps. The ad formats offered by this network are pop-up ads, pop-under ads, smart link, banners and redirects. They also provide offers of various verticals that affiliates can promote to earn money.

Also, on this network if you can’t find ad format of your choice then you can request for custom ad formats from them.

Stats Reporting System:

Targeleon offers an advanced stats reporting system to affiliates where they can see all necessary stats of their offers and ads. Their stats reporting system shows date, impressions, conversions, CR, eCPM, earnings etc.

It also offers a graph which shows stats of last 14 days. Also, there are various filters available that you can use to filter out your reports for better analysis.

Minimum Payout:

This is the best part about this network, as it doesn’t have any minimum payout limit for affiliates. This means whatever you earn on this network, you can withdraw it anytime.

Payment Frequency:

Targeleon offers two different frequencies for smart tools earnings and conventional offers earnings. So, if you earn through their smart tools (smart link, pops, banners) then you will be paid on Weekly basis. Otherwise, if you earn through their worldwide offers then you will paid on Net 30 terms.

Payment Options:

Targeleon provides lots of payment options to affiliates so that they can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options. The payment options offered by this network are PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, EPESE, Webmoney and ePayments.

Referral Program:

If we compare this network with other affiliate networks then you will find that it offers one of the best referral program in the industry. Usually, affiliate networks offers 2, 3 or 5% referral commission program but this network offers a great 10% referral commission program to affiliates.

So, if you have friends, colleagues or website visitors then you can start referring them to Targeleon to earn some additional income from it.

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Targeleon Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, Affiliate Network
Ad Formats:Smart Link, Banner, Pop-up, Pop-under, Redirect, Affiliate Links
Minimum Payout:No Minimum Payout Limit
Payment Frequency:Weekly, Net 30
Payment Methods:PayPal, EPESE, Wire, Webmoney, ePayments
Referral Program:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:https://targeleon.com

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