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best-native-ad-networks-2017-adnetsreviewAs the internet is growing, it is not hidden from anybody that banner advertising is getting less popular. So, to deal such issues new ad networks are coming up with very innovative ideas. One of the biggest example of such innovative ad format is native advertising.

Nowadays native advertising is getting more and more popular and the simple reason behind it. It perfectly works for websites and especially for blogs. On internet most of the websites are blogs, they are sharing different kind of information. So, native advertising is a format that works perfectly for such websites. The reason behind success of native ads is, they easily merge with publishers websites and show content related to the host website that increases the users engagement resulting in higher CTR and ultimately higher revenue for publishers.

The best part about native advertising is, it doesn’t affect users experience in anyway. The ads are clean and attractive in most cases and therefore, it improves user experience instead of degrading it like most of the other ad formats. Native ads generate higher CTR than any other ad format which is another cause that publishers like this advertising format very much.

At the moment there are lots of native ad networks available online that you can use to monetize your website. But, if you choose a right ad network from the start then it will surely save your time and money. So, today i am going to share a list of 10 best native ad networks with you so that you can choose the best one to monetize your website.

10 Best Native Ad Networks 2019

1. Outbrain:


Outbrain a very popular native ad network. It is an ad network only for the premium publishers. Its better to say, it is an ad network for large publishers. If your website receives tonnes of traffic then you can apply for Outbrain. It being a premium ad network has higher publisher requirements. To be eligible for joining this ad network, your website must receive at least 1 million monthly page views. Their payment terms differ for publishers. So, if you want to join this ad network then you should better double check your website before applying to join it.

Note: In our list few of the ad networks in start require high volume of traffic, so, if you are a medium or small publisher then don’t get disappointed because in the later section of the list i have added some great ad networks with simple requirements.


2. Revcontent:


Revcontent is another very popular and premium native ad network. Like Outbrain it also seeks high requirements from publisher’s website. Revcontent looks for both traffic and quality of website and therefore, they have a high disapproval rate of 98%. This is mentioned on their website that they work only with publishers having high quality website and therefore, they deny lots of the publishers applications.

They have an average minimum payout of 50$ and they pay on Net 30 terms. So, again if you have a website with huge traffic and high quality content then you can join this ad network.


3. Taboola:


Taboola was started in 2007 and quickly became very popular because of the higher rates and the quality of service it offers to both publishers and advertisers. Taboola is another ad network which seeks high traffic from publishers websites. It is an ad network for large publishers.

It offers high rates and quality of ads which not only generate high revenue but also improve the users experience. Taboola has high traffic requirements, so, if your website receives high quantity of traffic then you can apply to join this ad network.


4. Earnify:


Earnify is a premium native ad network which provides high quality native ads to publishers. It provides CPM up to 16$ and its average CPC is around 0.30$. Like the above mentioned ad networks, it also seeks high traffic from publishers. So, if you have a high traffic website then you can join this network.

It has 2700+ worldwide advertisers which let them offer 100% fill rate to publishers. This ensure that none of your traffic will remain unsold with this network. The minimum payout on this network is low, which is only 20$. Also, this network pays its publishers on Net 30 terms via Payoneer only.

Some best native ad networks with low or no minimum traffic requirement:

5. PayClick:


If you are looking to monetize your average traffic website then PayClick could be great option for you. They prefer quality websites, so, even if you have an average traffic website with quality of content then you can apply to join this ad network. PayClick has liberal terms, so, getting approval on it is not that difficult. They offer both CPM and CPC model so that publishers will be paid for each view on their ads.

They have low minimum payout of only 20$ and they pay pretty quickly. They pay their publishers on weekly basis. They offer multiple payment options to withdraw funds. As far as rates are considered, they offer high rates and provide 100% fill rate to ensure none of your traffic remain unpaid. So, if you have a good website with average traffic then you can apply to join this ad network.


6. Spoutable:


Spoutable is an ad network which provide multiple monetization solution to publishers. And, one of its solution is native advertising. This ad network has very innovative ad formats that can increase your revenue by huge margin. This ad network is designed and developed on “exit concept”. It means with this ad network you can monetize your traffic that is leaving your website. Whenever a visitor on your website tries to leave your website the ads are shown to them.

This is a great idea to monetize that traffic which is already leaving your website. It means you don’t have to worry about users experience. The ads served by Spoutable are of high quality. And, as far as its native advertising is concerned the ads served are highly content driven which help in generating higher CTR resulting in higher earnings for publishers. Spoutable also offers high rates and provides 100% fill rate to ensure all your traffic will be paid effectively. The minimum payout on Spoutable is little high, which is 100$. But, the kind of ad formats and rates it offers this amount can be easily achievable with average traffic and a good quality website. Spoutable pays its publishers on Net15 terms.


7. RonSearch:


RonSearch is a complete solution for publishers to monetize their websites. It offers various ad formats including banner, widget, pop-up and native advertising. Ronsearch has over 80000 publishers, 50+ direct advertisers and various ad agencies which itself shows how good this ad network is. It has its offices in 5 different countries. RonSearch was founded in 2011 and since then it is running successfully. Its native ad unit works great for blogs. They offer 100% fill and high rates to publishers. Also, because this ad network also offers various other ad formats, so, you can give them a try to increase your revenue.

They use 70/30 revenue model to ensure higher revenue for publishers. They only work with brand safe advertisers which ensure only high quality ads will be served on your website. They offer a very low minimum payout of only 10$ with multiple payment options. RonSearch has much liberal terms as compared to some other top native ad networks.


8. AmanteMedia:


AmanteMedia is a good overall solution for publishers. It also offers native ads as one its solutions. AmanteMedia has liberal terms, so, getting approval on AmanteMedia is not that difficult like some top native ad networks. Unlike other ad networks, it offers a very low minimum payout of only 10$. It also offers two different payment options for the ease of publishers. As far as rates are concerned AmanteMedia offers high rates and shares 80% revenue with publishers so giving it a try is not a bad idea.


9. AdNow:


Adnow is a specialized native advertising network. Nowadays, Adnow is getting more popular. I have seen its widgets on multiple websites. It has much liberal terms and it doesn’t have any high traffic requirements, so, any publisher with average or low traffic can apply to join this ad network. Currently over 150000 publishers are using this ad network. AdNow offers a low minimum payout of 20$ and it also pays quickly on weekly basis where most of the other native ad networks are paying on Net 30, Net 45 or Net 60 terms. AdNow claims to provide safe and high quality ads, so, you can also give this ad network a try.


10. Content.Ad:



Content.Ad is another very popular and specialized native ad network. Content.ad claims to provide 100% fill rate and industries leading rates. Being a popular ad network it has tonnes of advertisers which enable this ad network to offer 100% fill rate and high quality content driven ads. Conetnt.ad has flexible payment models and terms. Its automatic optimization algorithms optimize your ads to keep CPM rates high for your inventory. Getting approval on this ad network is also not that difficult. It has simple requirements so all level publishers can apply to join this ad network.



11. Mgid:


Mgid is another specialized native ad network running since 2008. Mgid has a reach of over 165 million visitors monthly. It is used by a huge number of publishers and advertisers. Mgid delivers relevant ads which increase users engagement. Their ads are responsive and therefore, they adapt themselves according the devices. Mgid provides 100% fill rate to publishers, so, you don’t have to worry about losing any quantity of your traffic. Mgid is available for worldwide publishers, so, any publisher from any part of the world can monetize his/her website. Mgid provides instant access to publisher’s account so you can give it a try.



All the above listed ad networks are offering great services at the moment so you can give them a try. I hope these ad networks will work for you. If you have any such native ad network that you think deserves a spot in the above list then you can share it with us in comments section.

I will love to hear your experiences with the above listed ad networks. Keep coming and Happy Earnings 🙂 .

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