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Advanced Magazine Theme

Advanced Magazine Theme is a perfect WordPress theme for those who are looking to create a news website or online magazine. This theme is designed by keeping in mind to show your tons of posts in a professional way and at the same time it is highly optimized for ads and search engines.

Advanced Magazine theme has a fully responsive design which makes it perfect for all devices. You can visit your website through different devices and it will provide you a great user experience on all of them.

As the name of this theme suggests, the developers have taken every feature of this theme to an advanced level to provide a great user experience. Being a modern theme, it comes with various great features that you will seriously love to have in your theme. Some of the advanced features offered by this theme are responsive design, sticky menu, supports responsive ads, multiple ad spaces, unlimited menu styles, unlimited colors, advanced blocked layout, advanced widgets etc.

As far as the design of this theme is concerned, it has a beautiful blocked layout which presents lots of content in a very professional way. Its blocked design not only presents your lots of content but it makes your website look very attractive.

The best thing that i really liked about this theme is, it provides three menu bars, two in the top and one at the footer section. As we know news and magazine websites require lots of categories and tags to arrange their posts. So, this theme is developed by keeping this thing in mind and therefore, you never feel shortage of space in menu bars.

Another thing that i really liked about this theme is, it provides lots of ad spaces which help you to generate higher revenue from ads. In news and magazine websites ads are very important source of income as they get huge amount of traffic and also, they cannot always write affiliate marketing based post.

Before going any further with its features and other details, i would like to show you the demo of this theme, so, you can understand how beautifully this theme is developed. To see the demo of this theme, click the below live demo button:

Features Offered By Advanced Magazine Theme:

There are lots of advanced features that this theme comes with, some of which are:

Attractive Blocked Design:

Advanced Magazine Theme is designed to provide a professional and attractive look to your website. It has various blocks through which you can show tons of posts from different categories. This block system helps your visitors to quickly navigate to latest posts from different categories. In addition to that multiple sliders make your website more attractive.

Ads Optimized:

In the demo of this theme, you can see that this theme is fully optimized for ads. It provides multiple ad spaces on different sections of your website and at the same time it is compatible with responsive ad units which make you earn higher revenue from them. Since, these days new ad networks are coming with responsive ad units, so, having a theme that supports responsive ads will be good for you.

Responsive Design:

Nowadays, when people visit websites more with mobile devices as compared to desktops, so, having a responsive theme is must to provide a great user experience to your visitors. Also, visitors don’t like theme which do not provide nice user experience on mobile devices. But, with this theme, you don’t have to worry about any such things as this theme is fully responsive. It adapts itself according to the device and display size to provide a great user experience to visitors.

Sticky Menu:

Many studies say that sticky menus provide better navigation to visitors and therefore, they also help in reducing the bounce rate of website. Advanced Magazine theme comes with a sticky menu which provides a great user experience to visitors.

Four Footer Layout:

The developers of this theme know that news and magazine websites need more space to place widgets and therefore, they have created a 4 footer layout for this theme. The sectioned footer lets you place various widgets and links in the footer section of your website, so, you will never feel any shortage of space in footer.

Final Words:

Advanced Magazine theme is a great theme for news and magazine websites. It comes with all modern features that help you to build a great news or magazine website. So, if you are looking for a perfect theme for your news and magazine website then this theme could be a good choice for you.

To download this theme or to get more details about it, you can click the below download and details button:

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