Best Pop-under Ad Networks With Anti-Adblock Ad Code

pop-under-ad-networks-with-anti-adblock-codeIn modern day advertising pop-under ads are very popular among publishers and advertisers. This is because popunder ads pay high rates to publishers and provide more space to advertisers. Publishers also like these ads because they do not acquire any space on their websites and therefore, they can use other ad units along with pop-under ads on their website. This almost doubles their revenue.

“I personally like pop-under ads very much and they are one of my primary source of income.”

Advertisers like these ads because pop-under ads provide them a full window to promote their campaigns and therefore, they remain ready to pay higher rates for pop-under ads.

But, as we know somehow pop-under ads annoy visitors and therefore, they use Adblock to get rid of them. This may help the internet users but if you are a publisher then it will surely affect your earnings.

As Adblock is getting more popular it has become a challenge for pop-under ad network and therefore, some of them have come up with Anti-Adblock ad codes.

Anti-Adblock ad codes help publishers to earn higher revenue by bypassing the adblock. The pop-under ads generated through these codes simply bypass adblock and therefore, publishers get higher number of impressions on their ads which results in higher earnings for them.

So, if you are one of those who is looking for an Anti-Adblock popunder ad network then you are at right place.

In this article i will list some best pop-under ad networks which offer anti-adblock code. I will try not to include any scam network or network with bad reputation. At the moment there are very few pop-under ad networks which offer anti-adblock ad code.

So, here’s our list of some best ad networks with Anti-Adblock Code:


PopAds is one of my favorite ad network and it is also one of the most popular pop-under ad network available today. It provides an Anti-Adblock code which bypasses Adblock and helps you to generate higher number of impressions which ultimately increases your earnings.

PopAds is a near perfect network for publishers as it provides all the things that you need from a pop-under network.

Some of the great facilities offered by this network are:

  • Anti-Adblock ad code.
  • Different variants of pop ads. It provides pop-up ads, pop-under ads, tab-up ads and tab-under ads.
  • Various filtering options that you may rarely get on any other pop-under ad network.
  • High quality ads. On pop-ads you will rarely get poor quality ads. If you set some filters then you will get ads according to them. They just provide what you need with good CPM rates.
  • Best CPM rates in the industry.
  • Low minimum Payout of 5$ only.
  • Multiple Payment Options.
  • Daily Payments.
  • Auto-withdrawal option is also available.
  • 10% referral commission program for life time.

So, if you looking to join any pop-under ad network then i will strongly recommend you to try PopAds first before joining any other ad network. As far as its anti-adblock ad code is concerned. It provides robust anti-adblock code which easily bypasses any adblock script. However, you will need to change the code periodically on your website to avoid tracking of your anti-adblock code by adblock.

If you don’t want to change their ad code periodically then you can integrate their PHP code to your website. They provide PHP adcode and Adcode API.

Thinking Of Joining PopAds ?




PropellerAds is another great network that you can use to monetize your traffic. It also provides anti-adblock ad code which bypasses adblock. This network is good, legitimate and paying but its minimum payout is high which is 100$ and it pays on Net 30 basis. This may disappoint you a little but this network covers all Geos and provides 100% fill rate.

Similar to PopAds, it also offers PHP code to publishers that they can integrate on their website to get rid of periodically changing the anti-adblock ad code.

Some Facilities Offered By Propeller Ads:

  • Anti-Adblock ad code.
  • It offers multiple ad formats – pop-under ads, interstitial ads, native direct ads, dialogue ads/push up ads etc.
  • Timely payments.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • High CPM rates.
  • 5% referral commission program for lifetime.

Thinking Of Joining PropellerAds ?



Popunder.Media is new as compared to the above mentioned networks but it is looking promising. This network also offers anti-adblock ad code which they claim to bypass 99% ad blocker and increase your revenue up to 40%. Though, this network is new but it is offering decent CPM rates to publishers, so, you can give this network a try.

Some Key Features Of This Network:

  • Provides Anti-Adblock Code.
  • Low minimum payout of 10$ only.
  • Three different payment options – PayPal, Payoneer and Bitcoin.
  • Daily Payments.
  • 10% referral commission program.

Thinking Of Joining Popunder.Media ?


There were two more ad network that provide anti-adblock code but, one of them is closed and the other one has stopped paying, so, i am not listing them here. I will add more networks in this list when i get some new networks with anti-adblock codes. For now, you have these two options. If you know any network that also provides anti-adblock code then please share it with us. It will surely help others.

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