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benefits of pop-under ads for publishersNowadays, pop-under ads have become more popular among publishers and advertisers. The simple reason behind its popularity is its effectiveness. It performs better than most of the other ad formats and therefore, produces better results for publishers and advertisers.

As a publisher you get higher rates for pop-under ads as you show a full page ad to your visitors. Whereas, as an advertiser you get better results because you get the chance to show off your ad in a full page.

Before going any further with the benefits of pop-under ads, let’s first understand what are pop-under ads and how they are different from pop-up ads.


What are Pop-under Ads ?

Pop-under ads are basically full page ads that are shown in a new browser window. Typically, a pop-under ad is shown in a new browser window which opens behind the active window.

Pop-under ads are basically non-intrusive and do not interrupt visitors until the active browser window is closed. The pop-under ads remain hidden behind the active window and become visible only when visitor minimizes or closes the active browser window.

Since, they open behind the active browser window, so, they do not affect user experience on your website and therefore, they are one of the most preferred ad units by publishers and advertisers.


Difference Between Pop-Up And Pop-Under Ads:


Difference Between Pop-up And Pop-under Ads

Basically, pop-up and pop-under ads have almost similar functionalities except the place where they are shown. As compared to pop-under ads, pop-up ads are shown above the active browser window and therefore, they are more intrusive.

Pop-up ads force visitors to see the ads before accessing the content that they were looking for and therefore, they spoil user experience. Since, they interrupt users from accessing the main content, so, they don’t like pop-up ads. One or two pop-up ads could be fine but if you use them in excess then you may lose your visitors.

People come to websites with a mindset of finding particular content, usually the solution of their problems but if you throw a pop-up ad on their face then they will surely don’t like it. People usually ignore pop-up ads because they are intrusive and interrupt them from accessing their content. This is the place where pop-under ads work fine.

They allow visitors to access main content and once they become free only then the ads are being shown to them. This doesn’t spoil their user experience instead it helps them finding new content.

Since, visitors become free after accessing their required content, so, they take pop-under ads sportingly. This results in higher CTR for publishers and ultimately higher earnings for them.

Most of the premium pop-under ad networks use advanced targeting techniques and show the ads based on users interest. This advanced targeting helps everybody as visitors get the content of their interest, publishers get higher revenue and advertisers get the new customers for their product and services.


Benefits Of Pop-under Ads For Publishers:

There are various benefits of pop-under ads for publishers:

They Generate Higher Revenue:

Money is the major factor behind using any kind of ads. If your ad format doesn’t generate higher revenue for you then there’s no worth in using it. In this case pop-under ads win by huge margin. They produce higher revenue for publishers.

There are various reasons of generating higher revenue:

Pop-under ads are shown in a full window and therefore, ad networks charge higher prices from advertisers and offer higher rates to publishers.

Since, pop-under ads are full page ads, so, advertisers get the sufficient space to create their ads. In this ad format they are not bound to any specific size and therefore, advertisers can freely design their pages and attract new customers by providing sufficient details about their product and services.

This also helps publishers as a full page ad produces better results as compared to a limited size ad. They generate higher CTR which ultimately results in higher earnings for publishers.

Since, pop-under ads become visible only when visitor closes or minimizes the current window. This simply means the visitor has accomplished his/her purpose of visiting your website and now he/she has full free time to see your ads. Even if his/her purpose is not achieved then because of the advanced targeting visitors are shown best possible ads of their interest.

This again helps in generating higher CTR for you which results in higher earnings.

To show the best pop-under ads to your visitors, you need to join a good ad network which can deliver highly content driven and targeted ads to your visitors. Also, your chosen ad network should be advanced enough to deal with ad blockers.

In this post i will provide a list of some best pop-under ad networks that you can join to show high quality ads to your visitors.

Increase In Traffic Conversion:

Various studies have shown that pop-under ads are more effective in generating clicks as compared to banner ads. People have now started ignoring banner ads and therefore, banner ads suffer from banner blindness.

But, this is not the case with pop-under ads. They do not suffer from banner blindness instead people see a full page ad when they close their active window. This leaves them only with your ad and no other content to distract them. This again helps in generating higher clicks and conversions.

They Are Less Intrusive:

As compared to pop-up ads, pop-under ads are less intrusive and therefore, they do not affect user experience. People can continue reading or working on your website even after a pop-under ad opens up. They remain hidden behind the active browser window, so, visitors can close them after reading the post on your website.

But, you need to make sure to show only limited number of pop-under ads to your visitors if you don’t want to annoy them. This will keep visitors interested on your website and you will not lose your regular visitors.

I have seen many big websites which use pop-under ads. But, they cap their ads so that their visitors don’t get annoyed. This helps them in generating higher revenue from pop-under ads without losing their visitors.

Pop-under Ads Don’t Acquire Any Space:

This is the best thing about pop-under ads. They do not take any space on publishers websites which let them use those spaces for other ad units. Also, you can use pop-under ads with most of the other ad formats.

Most of the ad networks allow pop-under ads along with their ads. So, it doubles the earning opportunity for publishers.


Disadvantages Of Pop-under Ads:

With the advantages, pop-under ads also have some disadvantages:

Pop-Under Ads Have A Bad Reputation:

Pop-under ads have a bap reputation of annoying people. Mainly people don’t know the difference between pop-up and pop-under ads and therefore, they often consider pop-under ads as annoying ads. They use ad blockers or they manually block pop-under ads on their browsers to get rid of pop-under ads.

The other thing that gives them a bad reputation is poor quality ads. Some immature ad networks are so desperate that they deliver poor quality ads to publishers. Instead of providing good user experience these ads annoy visitors by throwing malwares, generating sounds or showing irrelevant pages to them.

Pop-under Ads May Lead To Lose Of Visitors:

If you use pop-under ads in excess then there’s a high possibility that you may lose your regular visitors. So, its always recommended to use capping for your pop-under ads. Show only 1-2 pop-under ads to a visitors in a day.

Your Ads May Not Be Served To All Visitors:

Since, pop-under ads have a bad reputation of annoying people, so, many people use ad blockers on their browsers. Also, modern browsers block some pop-up and pop-under ads which lead to cut off your revenue.

To deal this situation, you need to use some premium pop-under ad networks which can bypass these ad blockers. Nowadays, there are various modern pop-under ad networks who bypass these ad blockers and help you in generating higher revenue. So, selecting a good ad network is one of the most important thing if you want to monetize your website with pop-under ads.

Pop-under Ads Vs Banner Ads Vs Native Ads Vs Interstitial Ads:

If we compare pop-under ads with banner ads then you will find pop-under ads as more effective in generating clicks.

Some studies say that pop-under ads generate higher CTR of around 7% as compared to banner ads which generate around 1%. However, both ad formats have their pros and cons. Banner ads suffer banner blindness whereas pop-under ads suffer a bad reputation.

For publishers, pop-under ads generate higher revenue because they show a full page ad to visitors. Also, getting approval on pop-under ad networks is easy for publishers as compared to banner ad networks.

If we compare pop-under ads with native ads then you will find that both of the ad formats are modern and produce better results for publishers.

The main reason behind generating better results is, both of these ad formats let the visitors do their job first, say let them read a post on website. After that ads are shown to them. Thus, visitors don’t get annoyed and when they become free the best ads are served to them.

Native ads perform better on blogs, news, editorial and eCommerce websites. Whereas, pop-under ads perform better on media, download and streaming websites.

Native ads acquire space on publisher’s website and need to be placed perfectly to generate better results. Whereas, pop-under ads do not acquire any space on publisher’s website and therefore, they do not need to be placed anywhere on your website. You just need to put the pop-under ad code on your website and it starts showing ads on new browser windows.

Interstitial ads are also modern ad format. It is mainly used by URL shorteners. These ads also serve a full page ad for 5 seconds. But, the major problem with these ads are most of the URL shorteners serve irrelevant ads and annoy visitors by running videos, audios and multiple pop-ups.

Similar to pop-under ads, these ads also do not acquire any space on publisher’s website. But, if you compare them with pop-under ads then pop-under ads are far more popular and perform better than interstitial ads.


Some Best Pop-under Ad Networks:

Selecting a good ad network is very important when it comes to pop-under ads. As i have already mentioned above that serving good quality ads is very important if you want to generate good revenue with pop-under ads.

Also, good ad networks deliver good quality ads which doesn’t annoy your visitors and provide nice user experience to them.

Below is a list of some best pop-under ad networks that you can join:


PopAds is my favorite pop-under ad network. I am using this network from past four years and it has never disappointed me. They offer high CPM rates for pop-under ads and their ads are of high quality.

It is also one of the very popular ad network. The reason behind its popularity is the quality of service it provides to publishers. It accepts worldwide publishers and provide highest fill rate to them.

It offers various great facilities to publishers like low minimum payout of 5$ only, multiple payment options, automated daily payments, live stats and a dedicated support via multiple channels.



PopCash is my another favorite ad network which i am using from last 4 years. It has also never disappointed me and paid me every time i requested a payout. They also offer high rates and serve good quality ads.

It is also as popular as PopAds. They provide all premium facilities to publishers like low minimum payout of 10$, within 7 days payment, live stats, dedicated support through multiple channels and highest fill rate.

So, if you are looking for a premium pop-under ad network then you can give PopCash a try.



Adcash is one of the oldest and most reliable ad networks. It was launched in 2007 and since then it is offering great services to its client. Whether you are publisher or an advertiser, you will love this ad network.

Actually Adcash is a DSP+. It works with more than 200 SSPs and it has tons of direct publishers too. I personally like this ad network because of its high payout rates and innovative advertising solutions.

It offers various ad formats like Pop-under ads, Push ads, Native ads, Banner ads and Interstitial ads. These ad formats give you the freedom from joining multiple ad networks. So, if you are looking for a complete solution for your website even then you can join this ad network.

The coolest part about Adcash is, it has recently launched its anti-adblock solution which increases your revenue by huge margin. Its anti-adblock can bypass almost all kinds of ad blockers.

Adcash also has a low minimum payout limit of $25 only and it pays its publishers on NET 30 basis. It offers various payment options to publishers so you can withdraw your earnings on your preferred payment options. The payment options offered by Adcash are PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card and Bitcoin.

There’s another great thing about this ad network which i want to mention here, Adcash provides multilingual support, so, publishers from many countries can easily interact with them in their own languages. They provide various support options to contact them. They have even mentioned their 3 different office addresses where you can go and meet them for any queries, suggestions or advertising deals.



PopMyAds is another one of the very reliable ad network used by thousands of publishers. It also provides high quality services to publishers. This ad network also serves one of the best pop-under ads in the industry.

Apart from high quality ads, this network also offers high rates for their pop-under ads. They have lots of advertisers all around the world which let them offer highest rates to publishers.

Similar to PopAds and PopCash, this network also offers various premium facilities to publishers. These facilities include low minimum payout of 5$ only, within 7 days payment, multiple payment options, live stats and dedicated support.



Adsterra is newest network among the above three mentioned ad networks. But, it is also a very reliable ad network that you can join. It also offers various great facilities to publishers like good quality ads, multiple payment options, detailed stats, timely payouts and dedicated support.

The only thing that i don’t like about this network is its high minimum payout limit of 100$ which is high for small publishers. So, if you have some good quantity of traffic then you can join this network. Overall, this network is good to join and produces better results for publishers.



PopEarn is another great ad network which provides good quality pop-under ads to publishers. This ad network also offers a low minimum payout limit so that small publishers can easily reach this total and withdraw their earnings.

Apart from good quality ads, this ad network also offers some great facilities to publishers. These facilities include low minimum payout of only 10$, weekly payouts, detailed stats, high CPM rates and a dedicated support via email and ticket.

Not Recommended Anymore !



PropellerAds is a complete solution for publishers. It provides multiple ad formats to them that they can use to monetize their website. However, their pop-under ads are more popular as compared to other ad formats offered by this network.

Similar to Adsterra, this network also offers a high minimum payout limit of 100$ for publishers. PropellerAds offers multiple payment options to publishers so that they can easily withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment options.

Like the above mentioned ad networks, this network is also very popular and provides various great facilities to publishers. These facilities include detailed stats, multiple ad formats, 100% fill rate, timely payouts and dedicated support.


Final Words:

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I will update this post on timely basis with new information and new ad networks. For now, if you have liked this article then please share it on your favorite social network.

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