Astrality Review – Requirements, Signup Process and Latest Payment Proof Of 2019

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astrality-reviewAstrality is a display advertising network which was started as a project in 2018 and now it is officially launched for worldwide publishers and advertisers. This network was started by a team of experienced publishers and advertisers who wanted to provide better services to other publishers and advertisers.

Their team is based in Croatia and all of these young enthusiast have some experience of advertising industry and therefore, they know the pros and cons of this industry.

Actually Astrality team wanted to overcome the issues that they faced on various ad networks and therefore, they have come up with a robust and fully featured platform which produces better results for everybody. With Astrality, publishers and advertisers can easily accomplish their goals.

This network offers multiple ad formats which make it easier for both publishers and advertisers to use them as they want. It offers banner, pop-under and push notification ads which help publishers to earn higher revenue and advertisers to reach desired audience in the way they want.

Personally Astrality seems a good network to me as they have great plans for their network. They have even created a roadmap for this year that you can see in below image.


Astrality Roadmap For 2019

Benefits For Publishers:

Astrality provides various benefits to publishers. Some of which are as follows:

  • Multiple ad formats – Banner, Pop-under and Push Notification Ads.
  • Instant access to account and instant website approval on submission.
  • Two factor authentication for maximum security.
  • Allows worldwide publishers to monetize their websites.
  • Accepts both adult and non-adult content websites.
  • High eCPM and fill rate up to 99%.
  • Low minimum payout limit of just 25$ only.
  • Weekly payouts.
  • Real time stats reporting.
  • Multiple payment options – PayPal, Paxum and Wire Transfer.
  • 5% referral commission program.
  • Dedicated support.

Benefits For Advertisers:

Similar to publishers Astrality also provides various benefits to advertisers. Some of which are as follows:

  • Worldwide reach of publishers.
  • Multiple ad formats – Banner, Pop-under and Push Notification Ads.
  • CPM model based advertising.
  • Low cost advertising starting at just 20$.
  • Two factor authentication for maximum security.
  • Various targeting options like country, OS, IP range, time, browser, category etc.
  • You can create both adult and non-adult campaigns.
  • Multiple payment options – PayPal, Wire and ePayments.
  • Detailed and live stats.
  • Dedicated support.

Requirements For Publishers:

There is no specific requirements to join on Astrality. The only thing you need is to have a website which you want to monetize. You can monetize your both adult and non-adult content websites with it but your website must comply with their terms.

You do not need any specific amount of traffic to join it. Also, worldwide publishers can join it. So, whatever country you live and whatever quantity of traffic you get, you can join this network and monetize your website.

Signup And Approval Process:

The signup process on Astrality is simple. You just need to fill in a simple signup form and submit it. After that you can instantly login to your account. Inside your account, you will need to submit your website to start earning from it. All websites are pre-approved so you are not required to wait for approval of your website. The soon you submit your website the soon you can get your ad tags and start displaying ads on your website to earn money.

Payment Proof 2019:

As this network is brand new so it will take a little time for us to reach the minimum payout limit. Once we will reach the minimum payout limit then we will upload the payment proof here, so, you can bookmark our page to check for payment proof. Alternatively you can subscribe to our notifications so that we can provide you latest notifications about our posts.

Thinking Of Joining Astrality ?


Astrality Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, Display Advertising Network
Ad Formats:Banner Ads, Pop-under Ads, Push Notification Ads
Minimum Payout:$25
Payment Frequency:Weekly
Payment Methods:PayPal, Paxum, Wire
Referral Program:
5% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Email:Check Their Contact Page They Have Different Support Email For Different Departments
Website URL:

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