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evadav-reviewAre you tiered of using conventional ad formats ? or, Do you want to try something new ? if your answer is yes, then you visited the right place as today in this post i am going to review a brand new advertising network that can fulfill your requirements. This new ad network is ‘EvaDav‘.

EvaDav is a push notification advertising network that provides native push ads to publishers. These push ads generate higher revenue than any other conventional ad format which makes them popular among publishers.

Also, these ads have higher conversion rate which makes them a perfect choice for advertisers.

At the moment when banner advertising has become less effective and pop industry is suffering, push ads has shown a significant growth and still they are growing at a menace pace.

You can take advantage of these ads and generate higher revenue from your traffic. Push ads not only give you an advantage over conventional ads but they generate you revenue for lifetime even after you remove these ad units from your website.

Once a person subscribes to your blog, he/she becomes your subscriber for lifetime this means whether he/she returns to your website or not, you are going to be paid every time he/she uses the browser.

EvaDav has taken push advertising to the next level !

They have developed their algorithms in a way that they only show the most relevant and interest based ads to your visitors. This increases the probability of conversions which means more earnings for you.

Though, EvaDav is a brand new advertising network but it provides various great facilities that you will love to use.

Some of these facilities are easy signup and approval process, high quality and interest based ads, low minimum payout, fast payments, easy to use self-serve platform, detailed stats reporting system, hybrid account, referral program etc.

Why Should You Join EvaDav ?

There are various simple reasons to join it.

Easy Signup and Approval Process:

EvaDav provides an easy signup and approval for publishers. The soon you register on it, the soon you can login to your account and create new ad units. However, these ad widgets require approval from their review team before you can start displaying them on your website. Usually they approve all websites within few hours but it may take up to one day.

Once your website/ad widget gets approval from their review team then you can start displaying their push ads to earn money.

Hybrid Accounts:

EvaDav provides hybrid accounts to users which means you are not required to signup for publisher and advertiser accounts separately. One account does all the job for you. Just signup on this network and you will get both publisher and advertiser panel in a single account.

Interest Based Ads:

People don’t like clicking things that are not of their interest and therefore, EvaDav has developed advanced algorithms that make their ad codes to deliver only those ads which are of visitors interest. This not only increases conversions for advertisers but it also generates higher revenue for publishers.

100% System Uptime:

EvaDav knows the importance of your traffic and therefore, it serves its ads from a powerful server which remains up 24/7 making most out of your traffic. So, if you are tiered of slow loading ads then you can give a try to EvaDav.

All Geo Traffic:

EvaDav is a global advertising network and therefore, it accepts worldwide traffic. So, from whatever country your traffic comes you are going to be paid for it.

Weekly Payments:

Unlike many other ad networks which make their publisher wait for months, EvaDav likes to settle things quickly. It pays publishers on weekly basis. So, whenever you reach your minimum payout limit you are going to be paid on weekly basis. Usually, EvaDav processes all payments on Monday of every week.

Low Minimum Payout:

EvaDav has a low minimum payout limit of 25$ only. This low minimum payout limit helps publishers to easily reach it and withdraw their earnings.

Payment Methods:

EvaDav doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to publishers and therefore, it offers various payment options to them. The payment options offered by EvaDav are PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, Webmoney and Swift.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

Being a modern ad network, EvaDav provides a very detailed stats reporting system to publishers. With its stats reporting system publishers can analyze their traffic perfectly and make necessary changes to improve performance.

5% Referral Program:

If you want to earn some extra money from EvaDav then you can participate in its referral program. As this network is new so it offering a great 5% referral program to publishers through which you can make some extra income.

So, if you have friends, colleagues and website visitors who can be potential publishers then you can recommend them to join EvaDav and earn some additional revenue.

Thinking Of Joining EvaDav ?

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EvaDav Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, Push Notifications
Ad Formats:Push Notifications
Minimum Payout:$25
Payment Frequency:Weekly, on every Monday
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney,ePayments, Swift
Referral Program:
5% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Email:Use Their Contact Form
Website URL:https://evadav.com

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