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crypto-theme-best-wordpress-theme-for-cryptocurrencies-related-websitesAs the Cryptocurrencies market is growing bloggers have started taking interest in it. In last few years we have seen huge changes in the crypto market.

It can make anybody rich in quick span of time and that is the reason why many bloggers have started trying their hands in this market.

So, if you are one of those who is looking to create a powerful crypto related website then you must check this theme once.

Crypto theme is one of the best themes for the bloggers who are looking to create a crypto related website. It is developed to provide a great user experience to visitors and at the same time it makes your website look highly professional. Crypto theme is a very powerful modern theme which comes with tons of features that you will love to use. Additionally, it will always keep you ahead of your competitors.

Features Of Crypto Theme:

As i have already said above Crypto theme comes with tons of features which are as follows:

Two Different Layouts:

As you can see in the demo of this theme, it comes with two different layouts so you can select the best one of your choice.

Shows Live Coin Price:

This is one of the best thing about this theme. Crypto theme shows live coin price on the top. This not only helps your visitors to see the live coin prices but it also gives a premium look to your website. Additionally, it engages your visitors as they come back on your website to check live prices.

Shows Historical Price Data:

With Crypto theme, you can also show the historical price data of different coins on your website. Your users can see the changes that occurred in past and take their decision based on the historical data.

Compares Coin Against Different Currencies:

This is another great feature of this theme. Crypto theme lets you compare different coins and shows the increase and decline in their value overtime.

Optimized For Speed:

As Crypto theme is a modern WordPress theme so it is highly optimized for speed. This theme will always keep you ahead from your competitors in terms of speed. The regular updates provided by theme seller keeps your theme up to date and make it compatible for all latest browser versions.

Fully Responsive:

If you are creating a new website then you will surely need a website which can fit on all type of devices. In this case Crypto theme gets full marks as it is a fully responsive theme which fits on all devices.

Adsense Optimized:

Crypto theme is also optimized for Adsense and other ads. So, if you have plans to put some ads on your website then you will surely love this theme as it provides lots of spaces to place your banners.

Other Features:

  • Featured Slider.
  • Two dedicated widgets for coins.
  • All Google Fonts.
  • Child theme support.
  • Lazy loading of images.
  • WooCommerce Compatible etc.

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