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pushearn-reviewAs the title suggests, PushEarn is a push notification advertising network which provides an opportunity to worldwide publishers to monetize their websites with an innovative ad format.

Push notification is a new way to earn from your website. These ads do not occupy any space on your website. Additionally, these ads will earn you for lifetime once you get a subscriber. Those who don’t know much about push notifications let me tell you how it works ?

What Is Push Notification ?


Push Notification Example

Basically, push notification is a new engaging ad format that doesn’t take any space on your website. In simple words, push notification is a yes or no type form that appear in the top section of your browser asking you to subscribe for some services mainly newsletters.

If you have visited our website for the first time then you would have also seen a push notification appearing on the top of your browser asking you to subscribe for our newsletter and latest updates. Don’t worry our push just does what it says, it keeps you updated with latest posts on our website.

So, in similar way when you put a push notification code on your website it start asking your visitor to subscribe for push notifications. Whenever a visitors allows you to send push notification then he/she becomes your subscriber and ad networks start sending them some notifications based on their preferences. Usually, one or two pushes are sent to visitors in a day, so, don’t worry you will not lose your visitors.


Some Examples Of Push Ads

The best part about push notifications is, once a visitor subscribes for your push notifications it becomes your subscriber for lifetime until he/she unsubscribes your service. This means you will be earning for lifetime once you make a subscriber. There’s no need to show ads again and again. So, overall its a great way to earn from your website without losing any ad space.

Now I hope you have understood the concept, so, let’s comeback to our review.

PushEarn Review

PushEarn is a global ad network so you can monetize your worldwide traffic with it. Also, their code works on all browsers and devices, so, you are not required to worry about anything. Just focus on increasing your subscribers to earn more as you can make any number of subscribers on this network. The more subscribers you bring to their network the more you earn. Moreover, they accept almost all niche websites excluding adult, gambling, alcohol and drug related websites.

That was the overview of PushEarn, so, let’s have a deeper look of it.

Why You Should Join PushEarn ?

There are various simple reasons to do it.

Innovative Ad Format:

Push notification is an innovative ad format which let you easily earn from your website without occupying any space on your website. Visitors have already become ignorant to banner ads and pop industry is losing its charm after the last year’s chrome update. So, trying a new ad format is a good idea. Also, these ads don’t need any space on your website so you always remain on winning side.

No Need To Worry About Traffic:

The thing you may have learned from day one in advertising industry is, the more the traffic, the more you earn. That’s right actually but in case of push notification the scenario changes completely. With other ad formats, the traffic you bring today to your ads will earn you for today only but in case of push notification once you get a subscriber it earns you for lifetime until he/she unsubscribes for push notifications.

The other thing, if you have a low or average traffic website then these ads are for you. I am saying this because, suppose you bring 50 visitors today to your website and all of them subscribe for push notification then you get 50 subscribers for lifetime. The next day you bring 40 visitors and they all subscribe for notification then you get 90 subscribers in total. The number of subscribers keep on increasing day by day while your daily traffic remains same.

Easy Signup And Approval:

As i have already mentioned above PushEarn is a global ad network and it accepts almost all niche websites, so, getting approval on this network is easy. If you have a user friendly, professional looking website then you will get approval on this network. They do have some traffic requirements but if you have a good website then you will get approval. In our case, they approved our website within 30 minutes of submission. This also shows the activeness of this network.

To signup on this network, you just need to fill in a short signup form and submit it. After that you get instant access to your account where you need to submit your website for approval. Once they review your website and approve it, you can put their ad code on your website and start earning money by building subscribers list.

Detailed Stats:

Being a modern ad network, PushEarn provides a very detailed stats reporting system to publishers. Though, their stats reporting system is very detailed, it provide a great user experience. Their stats reporting system consists of a graph, various tables and filters.

On their stats reporting system you can see all necessary stats about your notifications. The only thing that their stats reporting system lacks is real time reporting as all stats on this network are updated on daily basis. Their stats reporting system updates on every midnight.

Low Minimum Payout:

PushEarn has set a low minimum payout limit for publishers so that they can easily withdraw their earnings. The minimum payout on this network is only 20$.

Three Payment Options:

PushEarn provides three different payment options to publishers so that they can withdraw their earnings on their preferred payment option. However, these payment options have different minimum payout limits.

The payment options offered by PushEarn are PayPal, Bitcoin Wallet and Payoneer.

Fast Payments:

Everybody loves getting paid quickly, therefore, PushEarn has set a fast payment frequency. It pays its publishers on weekly basis mainly on every Saturday.

Referral Program:

If you have plans to earn some extra money by referring new publishers to PushEarn then this network doesn’t disappoints you too. PushEarn offers a great 10% referral program for publishers, so, if you have publisher friends then you can refer them to join this network to earn some extra bucks.

Dedicated Support:

PushEarn provides a dedicated support to publishers via Skype and email, so, if you need their help anytime just contact them and you will get a quick reply.

Thinking Of Joining PushEarn ?

sign up nowNetwork Closed !

PushEarn Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, Push Notifications
Ad Formats:Push Notifications
Minimum Payout:$20
Payment Frequency:Weekly on Every Saturday
Payment Methods:PayPal (20$), Bitcoin Wallet (100$), Payoneer (200$)
Referral Program:
10% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:https://pushearn(.)com

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