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megapush-review-adnetsreviewAs the name suggests of this network, MegaPush is a brand new push notifications advertising network. Since, most of the old advertising formats are becoming less effective these days, this network has come up with a very innovative idea of push notifications based advertising. These push notifications generate higher revenue as compared to old formats and at the same time give value to money for advertisers.

Not only this new innovative idea makes this network good but the team working behind it makes it much more valuable network. They use only CPC model to ensure that everybody gets value for their money or traffic.


An Example Of Push Notification On Desktop And Mobile

The CPC rates offered by this company are high for worldwide traffic so you can remain sure that you are not wasting your traffic on any crap advertising network. Megapush not only offers high CPC rates but it also offers high quality content driven ads which make this network different from others. They use various filters to ensure that only high quality and profitable ads are being delivered to publishers. In addition to that all of their ads are checked for spam before being served to publisher websites.

For Publishers:

If you are looking for something innovative that can generate higher revenue for you then you can give a try to this network. As i have already said this is a push notification based advertising network which generate better results for publishers. Also, this network accepts both adult and non-adult content websites so whatever niche website you have, you can monetize it with this network. Their ads perform well on different niche websites and produce better results for publishers.

As you can see above in the example image, Push notification are not annoying like pop ups which cover the entire screen, so, you can remain sure that your visitors will not mind these ads. Also, at the same time these ads don’t take any permanent space on your website like banners, so, it provides an additional opportunity to make some extra money from your website by displaying banners ads.

Benefits Of Joining MegaPush Advertising Network:

  • High quality innovative ads.
  • Higher CPC rates than most of the other competitor networks.
  • Accepts worldwide traffic.
  • Provide ads for both adult and non-adult content websites.
  • Fast payments within 2 hours of payment request.
  • 24X7 support via chat and email.
  • Detailed stats reporting system.
  • Fast review of websites.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • A 3% referral commission program

For Advertisers:

To advertisers MeagPush provides an innovative way to reach their desired traffic. As the push notifications are first thing that visitors encounter when they visit most of the websites, so, it produces better results for advertisers. Also, visitors don’t mind push notifications, instead they engage with push notifications if they are served properly.

In case of MegaPush, this network has a great reach of publishers worldwide which gives you the freedom to promote your products and services worldwide. They have almost all niche websites where you can display your ads. Since, this network accepts only those publisher websites which are of good quality and have the potential to produce results, so, you can remain sure that you will get value for your money.

As far as the advertising rates are concerned, they have very competitive advertising rates that you can check on their website. Also, this network offers tons of filtering options like browser, OS, country, device, ISP etc that help you to bring best out of your campaigns. You can also see various profitable cases on their website.

The best part about this network is, it offers a great 24X7 dedicated support to advertisers. So, anytime you need their help you can contact them.

Benefits For Advertisers:

  • Worldwide reach.
  • You can promote both adult and non-adult campaigns.
  • Advertising starts just from 0.001$ per click.
  • Simple user-friendly interface.
  • CPC model to ensure better results.
  • Various payment options.
  • Various fiiltering options like country, browser, device, OS, ISP, CPC etc.
  • Detailed stats reporting system.

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MegaPush Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPC
Ad Formats:Push Notifications Banner
Minimum Payout:$100
Payment Frequency:Within 2 Hours
Payment Methods:PayPal, Webmoney, ePayments, Bitcoin
Referral Program:
3% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:

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