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adcash-review-1Adcash is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that provides online advertising solutions to advertisers and publishers worldwide. With Adcash, advertisers from any part of the world can reach their target audience and publishers can monetize their traffic to the fullest.

Being a DSP, Adcash is connected to 200+ Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) which bring the best traffic for your campaigns from all parts of the world. Adcash works with almost all the major SSPs in the industry. You may rarely find any DSP which is bigger than Adcash.

In addition to this, Adcash has its own exclusive direct publishers who deliver high-quality traffic for worldwide campaigns. So, you can better describe Adcash as a DSP+.

History Of Adcash:

Adcash was started way back in 2007 as an advertising network and since then it has dominated the pop-under advertising market. Adcash has an extensive 11+ years of experience in the online advertising industry. This long-term experience makes this network one of the most experienced DSPs in the industry.

During the last 11 years, Adcash has made many major changes on its platform. From upgrading its platform to adding new ad formats. Adcash has done everything to provide better services to its advertisers and publishers.

Adcash offers some of the most effective and innovative ad formats which produce better results. Advertisers and publishers can choose from pop-under ads, native ads, push notifications, banner ads and interstitial ads and pick the best ones for their audience.

Some Basic Information About Its Platform:

Adcash has both self-serve and managed options. So, if you like doing everything by yourself then you can use their self-serve platform, otherwise you can opt for a managed platform where everything is managed by the team of experts.

Both self-service and managed platforms have different deposit requirements. If you opt for the self-serve platform then you can start your campaign for as low as €/$25, but if you opt for the managed option then you need to deposit at least €/$1000 to start with.

In addition to that, its platform has two main types of traffic – Desktop and Mobile. So, whatever kind of traffic you want you can get it on this network.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves:

  • Adcash has 11+ years of experience in the online advertising market.
  • It serves over 196 countries, which is a great achievement for any network.
  • It works with 200+ SSPs all over the world
  • Exclusive Adcash own publishers
  • Currently, it has 10k+ active campaigns.
  • It has a great global reach.
  • It delivers ads to more than 200 million users every day.
  • Adcash receives 10 billion ad requests per day


Adcash Review For Advertisers

If you are looking for advertising your products and services then Adcash could be a great option for you. Adcash serves in over 196 countries and it works with 200+ SSPs all over the world. Moreover, it has its own worldwide publishers to meet your traffic demand.


Also, Adcash works with all major models including CPM, CPC and CPA Target, so you can promote your products in the way you want.

Ad Formats:


Adcash offers one of the most effective ad units which produces the best results for you. It offers pop-under ads, banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads and push notifications as its ad units.

Campaign Creation:


Creating a campaign on Adcash is more than easy. On its platform you get two campaign creation wizards called express campaign and advanced campaign.

In the express campaign you can create your campaigns with a few clicks as everything is already predefined. However, if you’d like to take full control of your campaign then you can use the advanced campaign wizard to set up and start your campaign.

Account Types:

As I have already mentioned above, Adcash offers two types of accounts – self-served and managed accounts. So, if you opt for the self-served account then you can make a deposit of only €/$25 to start your campaign. But, if you need experts to do the job for you then you can go for a managed account.

Adcash has a very helping team of experts who always remain ready to help its clients. You can contact them anytime you need their help. They even provide multilingual support for their clients.

Also, they have offices in three different locations, so if you can reach there then you can personally meet them and start your ad campaigns directly from their office. Their offices are located in Tallinn, Barcelona and Sofia. You can get full address details of their offices on the homepage of their website.

Targeting Options:


Adcash offers various targeting options for your campaigns which include GEOs, SSPs, user interests, website categories, browser name/version/language, traffic sources, devices, OS name/version, connection type and IPS/Carriers, zones.

These targeting options ensure that your ads will be shown only in the best places and deliver high CTRs and conversion rates.

Other Campaign Settings:

Apart from targeting options, Adcash also offers various campaign settings like frequency capping, budget capping (daily/total), distribution parting (day/time parting), bids (frequency capping, payout) etc.

Why Should You Join Adcash As An Advertiser ?

There are various simple reasons to do it. Some of which are as follows:

Smart In-house Ad Optimization Technology:

Adcash has smart in-house ad optimization technology which ensures that your ads will be shown in the right places where conversion rates are highest. This in-house ad optimization technology helps both publishers and advertisers as they get better ROI and revenue respectively.

Advanced Anti-Fraud Technology:

Adcash doesn’t tolerate any kind of ad fraud on its platform and, therefore, it has developed a robust in-house anti ad fraud technology to eliminate any kind of fraud. Its anti-ad fraud technology performs various checks and removes any kind of fraud. Also, It performs quality checks for both campaigns and traffic so you are not required to worry about anything.

This anti-ad fraud technology saves lots of advertiser’s money by eliminating fraud. So, as an advertiser you can remain sure that your money is totally safe.

Adcash filters 2.15 billion impressions every month to ensure the traffic quality for campaigns. Also, 27% of ad requests are filtered out just for spam or fraud which keep publishers safe from any kind of fraudulent or harmful ads.

One thing that I must mention here is – Adcash saved $11.8M campaign budgets in 2018 thanks to their fraud filters, which is a huge achievement from any DSP. From these stats, you can clearly understand that Adcash is taking digital ad fraud very seriously.

You can find more details about Adcash’s fraud prevention technology by clicking the below link:

Automated ROI Optimization – CPA Target:

As I have already mentioned above, Adcash has one of the most advanced platforms and they have a superior automated ROI-based bidder called CPA TargetThis tool makes campaign optimization process fully automated. This means that analysing traffic sources, blacklisting and measuring performance is done for you.

Its ad optimization technology quickly analyzes your campaign and then places your campaigns on the best converting traffic sources. It’s highly recommended to let their system run your campaign for a few days at least as it uses various algorithms to find the best traffic sources for your campaigns.

The process is fully automated so you are not required to do many things. You can simply sit back, relax and see your sales grow.

Access To 200+ SSPs and direct traffic supply:

With Adcash you get access to 200+ SSPs which deliver the best traffic for your campaigns. In addition to that you get direct traffic supply from its partner publishers. Adcash has a huge base of worldwide publishers who have worked with them since 2007 and they are continuously growing.

Dedicated Support:

One of the best things about Adcash is its high-quality support. Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, you get excellent support from Adcash. They even provide multilingual support which is usually not available on other networks. So, if you have any queries, suggestions, or you need their help then simply contact them and you will surely get a quick response from them.

I have personally contacted them multiple times and every time I have got quick and satisfactory replies from them.

Thinking Of Joining Adcash As An Advertiser ?



Adcash Review For Publishers

If you want to monetize your traffic to its full potential, then Adcash could be a great solution for you. I am saying this because Adcash is one of the biggest ad networks and at the same time it offers various ad formats which give you the freedom from joining multiple ad networks.

Apart from that, Adcash is a reliable ad network, so, you can join it confidently. Also, Adcash is one of the most experienced networks in the industry and, therefore, it keeps you ahead in the competitive advertising market.

Why Should You Join Adcash As A Publisher ?

There are various simple reasons to do it. Some of which are as follows:

Highest CPM and Fill Rates:

Being one of the oldest ad network, Adcash provides you the best CPM rates in the industry. Adcash uses bidding system which ensures that you will get only the highest CPM rates. Also, it has 10k+ active campaigns, so you can expect the highest fill rates too.

Advanced Anti-Adblock Technology:

We all know that in the past couple of years ad blockers have emerged as one of the biggest issues for publishers. They block almost all ads which make it difficult for publishers to generate good revenue from their traffic. Also, last year’s Chrome update made things worse for publishers.

To overcome these issues Adcash has developed a robust anti-adblock technology which opens up the majority of your ads and, therefore, increases your revenue by huge margins.

Thousands of publishers have already tested their anti-adbock ad codes and all of them have reported better results. So, if you are tired of ad blockers then you can give Adcash’s anti-adblock ad codes a try. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Global Coverage:

Adcash is one of the oldest networks and it covers almost all GEOs. It has tons of advertisers from all parts of the world who have huge traffic demand. Adcash covers 196+ countries which makes it one of the biggest ad networks in the industry. Also, as I have already mentioned above, Adcash has over 10K+ active campaigns and they keep on increasing. So, with this network you can expect almost a 100% fill rate for your traffic.

If you are losing your traffic on other networks just because they are not able to provide you with ads, then you can give Adcash a try.

Custom Made Exclusive Features:

Similar to advertisers, Adcash provides self-service and managed accounts for publishers. So, if you want experts to help to monetize your traffic effectively then you can opt for managed accounts. Their managed accounts have custom made exclusive features that you don’t get on the self-service account.

However, I believe its self-serve account is sufficient enough to meet your all demands.

Low Minimum Payout Limit:

Adcash has set a low minimum payout limit for publishers so that they can easily withdraw their earnings. On Adcash you need to have at least €/$25 to withdraw your earnings.

Multiple Payment Options:

Unlike many other ad networks which offer only one or two payment options, Adcash provides you lots of payment options so that you can withdraw your earnings on your preferred payment options. The payment options offered by Adcash are PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Webmoney, Credit Card, Payoneer and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is available for publishers only.

Timely Payments:

Adcash knows the importance of timely payments and, therefore, it pays its publishers on time, every time. It processes publisher payments on NET30 basis. However, this is not the limit. Adcash offers various different payment schedules for premium publishers that they do not mention on their website. If you are a premium publisher then you can ask them for a different payment frequency.

Overall they have flexible publisher friendly payment terms.

Dedicated Support:

Adcash provides a great 24/7 support to worldwide publishers, so if you have any queries, suggestions or you need their help then you can contact them anytime. I am sure that you will get a quick reply from them.

Payment Proof:


Thinking Of Joining Adcash?


Adcash Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, CPA
Ad Formats:Native Ads, Push Ads, Pop-under Ads, Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout:25€/$
Payment Frequency:NET30
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bitcoin
Referral Program:
Payment Proof:
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