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10-best-ad-networks-for-advertisersIf you are looking to promote your products or services but you don’t know which ad network to choose then you are right place. In today’s article i am going to talk about 10 best ad networks where you can advertise and get the best returns on your investments.

The ad networks which i am going to list today have performed well in past couple of years and have some good reviews from advertisers. Also, in this list i am going to list different type of networks (in terms of ad formats) so that you can select the type of network that best suits your requirements.

So, without making any delay let’s list these 10 best ad networks for advertisers in 2019.

Google Ads which was previously known as AdWords is one of the largest ad network. You can understand why it is the largest ad network. It’s an advertising platform of Google !

Being one of the largest ad network Google has tons of publishers worldwide who can deliver the best traffic for your campaign. Google always selects the best publisher websites to deliver ads. The best thing about Google Ads is, it uses lots of algorithms to show your ads at right places. It always shows ads based on users preference, their browsing history, their age group, gender, country etc. This helps Google Ads to produce best results for advertisers. Both advertisers and publishers love Google Ads for its high quality services.

With Google Ads you can promote your products and services in the way you want. You can target any country to deliver your ads. Google provides various types of ad formats like banners, contextual ads, text ads, videos etc. So, if you have some good budget then go for Google Ads and i am sure you won’t be disappointed.


If you don’t want to display banner ads and looking for some native ad units to promote then Earnify is one of the best option for you. Earnify has performed very well in last couple of years. It has a great reach of worldwide publishers with premium websites, so, you can promote your products and services in any part of the world. Like Google Ads, it also provides various filters to target the desired traffic. I have already written a complete advertiser review about Earnify, so, if you are interested then you can read it.

The advertising rates of this network are fair, so, you can easily run your campaign on it. Also, Earnify provides a great support to advertisers. If you have any queries regarding their services or you need their help then feel free to contact them. They are very responsive.


TrafficJunky is one of the oldest and popular advertising network which has its specialization in Adult Advertising. So, if you are looking to advertise your adult products and services then TrafficJunky could be great option for you. I have already written a descriptive review of TrafficJunky, so, if you are interested then you can read it.

Being one of the oldest and popular adult advertising network it has a huge publisher base. TrafficJunky serves billions of impressions to over 141 million visitors on daily basis. Their entire team is very hardworking, they work with advertisers to provide them most satisfactory service. In its complete review i have shared a case study link which shows how this network performs better than may other adult advertising networks.

TrafficJunky is a banner advertising network, so, if you want to run a banner campaign then you can give it a try.


Media.net is also one of the largest ad network which provides contextual advertising solutions to advertisers. It is a network of Yahoo and Bing, two big giant companies, so, you can remain sure of high quality advertising. Apart from contextual advertising solutions it also offers banner and native ad formats. Like Google Ads, Media.net also selects premium websites which can produce results for advertisers.

This network has a huge publisher base with premium websites from all over the world. You can target any age group or any country traffic with them. They display your ads on the best websites which have higher conversion ratio. So, if you are looking for contextual advertising then Media.net is a great option for you.


If you looking for a complete solution with multiple ad formats then Adsterra could be a great option for you. Adstera ad network provides banner, pop-under, native ads, webpush and direct links as its solution. However, this network has its specialization in pop-under and webpush advertising. So, if you are looking for a complete solution with webpush and pop-under solutions then Adsterra is a great choice.

Adsterra has a self serve real time bidding platform, so, you can remain sure that your ads will be displayed only on best publisher websites. Apart from different ad formats, Adsterra provides smart targeting options that let you easily target your desired audience.


If you are looking for a specialized pop-under ad network then you may not get a better ad network than PopAds. Though, pop-under advertising is losing its charm after the Google chrome update last year but still these networks are working well and producing results for advertisers.

Popads provides anti-adblock code which shows your ads on publisher websites even when ad block is enabled. Like all the other above mentioned ad networks, PopAds also has a huge publisher base from all over the world which let you target any country traffic.

PopAds advertising rates are fair so if you are on small budget even then you can promote your products and services through it. Also, it being a premium pop-under ad network, it offers lots of targeting options which help you in targeting your desired traffic.


Plugrush is another complete advertising solution for advertisers. It offers different ad formats like banner, native, push notifications, pop-under ads etc. This network is also big and has lots of worldwide publishers. The advertising rates on this network are average, neither high nor low, so, if you are on budget then you can give a try to PlugRush.

Like all other premium ad networks it also provides various targeting options and dedicated support. PlugRush promotes both adult and non-adult campaign, so, whatever product you have, you can promote it with this network.


You may not find many websites listing Adfly in their best ad networks list. This is just because it is a URL shortener network. But, i have two simple reasons of placing it here. 1. It is a premium URL shortner network. 2. It is one of the oldest URL shortener. Also, i wanted to place the networks which are best in certain category and in terms of URL shortener networks, Adfly is still one of the best network.

Adfly offers interstitial and pop-under ads. It also shows banner ads in interstitial pages but it has its specialization in full page interstitial ads. So, if you are looking to run a full page interstitial ad then Adfly is a great choice.

Final Words:

As this is the start of the year so i am leaving two spots empty. I will fill in these spots when i find some deserving networks in upcoming months.

If you know any network that you feel, should be there in the list. Please feel free share it in the comments section. We love hearing from our visitors.

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