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voltads-reviewVoltAds is a banner advertising network. It uses CPM pricing model to pay its publishers. This ad network claims to provide highest eCPM and 100% fill rate. This ad network has various partner networks which let it provide 100% fill rate. It pays you for all your traffic and devices.

The reason behind offering the high eCPM is, they use bidding system which lets the advertisers to bid for your ad space resulting in highest rates for your inventory. They provide instant approval for publishers websites, so, there’s no need to worry about anything. The other good thing is, they don’t have any minimum traffic requirement, so, all level publishers can apply to join this network.

Sign Up And Approval:

VoltAds provides easy sign up and approval process to publishers. Like other ad networks to use VoltAds services publishers are required to register an account on VoltAds. To register an account, you just need to fill up a simple registration form and submit it.

After submitting your form you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account by clicking the activation link. Once you have activated your account then you can instantly login to your account and submit your website. Since approval is instant, so, you can instantly generate ad codes after submitting your website.

Ad Formats:

Since, VoltAds is a specialized banner advertising network, so, it offers only banner ads as its solution to publishers.

Stats Reporting System:

VoltAds offers a detailed stats reporting system which shows date, impressions, eCPM, revenue, total balance and a graph which shows revenue for the last 14 days.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on VoltAds is 25$.

Payment Options:

VoltAds pays its publishers via PayPal only.

Payment Frequency:

VoltAds pays its publishers on bi-weekly basis.

Referral Program:

VoltAds offers an attractive 20% referral commission program to its users.

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VoltAds Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM
Ad Formats:Banner Ads
Minimum Payout:$25
Payment Frequency:Biweekly
Payment Methods:PayPal
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
20% referral commission program
Payment Proof:
Coming Soon
Website URL:http://voltads(.)com

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