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pornearn-review-1PornEarn is an Adult shorten URL service that pays its publishers for shortening and sharing their adult content links on internet. Pornearn was founded in May 2013 and has successfully completed two years in this industry.

PornEarn is not a very popular network but it is an effective one. Completing two years without any major issues shows that this site has the potential to stand up in the market and pay its publishers.

By the looks PornEarn website looks decent and is fast loading like most of the other URL shorteners.

PornEarn was started with a goal of innovating the adult advertising industry. Pornearn’s goal is not only to create new and revolutionary advertisements but also to help both advertisers and publishers utilize advertisements to their fullest potential.

The things that i like about this ad network are decent payout rates, low minimum payout and multiple ad formats.

The things that i don’t like about this network are its payment frequency (which is on Net 15 basis, which was previously on Weekly basis), No real time stats and last thing its referral program, which is also not very attractive. But all the networks have some pros and cons so that’s not a big deal here.

The main thing that we want from a network is it should be paying. So, this network is a paying network and looks like a stable advertising network.

From the overview this network seems to be okay to give it a try but lets discuss its other details to know all the pros and cons of this network.

Sign Up And Approval:

Like other URL shorteners sign up on PornEarn is easy. The only thing you need is a valid email id to register on it. After that you can log in to your account and start sharing your shorten links.

Approval is not required as it doesn’t ask you to have a website to signup or use their service but the only thing that you have to verify is your email address.

Ad Formats:

PornEarn offers multiple ad formats to its users, which are Interstitial ads, Top Banner ads (Blind Clicks) and Pop Under ads. So, with all these ad formats reaching a minimum payout is quiet easy even for the small publishers.

Payout Rates:

Payout rates are high if we compare it to only with adult networks but the rates are decent if we compare it with all the top rated URL shorteners.

Reporting System:

PornEarn offers a good reporting system to its publishers. You can see separate reports for all the three different ad formats. You can also use some filters to analyze your ads and links performance.

The only con in their reporting system is that their reporting system updates once in every 24 hours, so, you have to wait for a day to see your stats changing.

Advertising Tools:

PornEarn offers various tools that you can use to maximize your earnings. The tools offered by PornEarn are Easy Links, HTML & BBCode Converter, Mass Shrinker, Full Page Script and Custom Domains.

Minimum Payout:

Like most of the top rated URL shortener PornEarn also offers the competitive minimum payout, which is only 5$ that you can easily earn with your little efforts and services offered by PornEarn.

Payment Frequency:

Payment frequency is also okay but this is the thing that disappointed me. PornEarn pays its publishers on Net 15 basis but previously it was on Weekly basis. Usually PornEarn process publishers payments on 1st and 15th of every month.

Payment Modes:

PornEarn offers three payment methods to its users which are PayPal, Paxum and Bitcoin.

Referral Program:

The referral program offered by PornEarn is just okay, not very attractive if we compare it to other top URL shorteners. So, if you refer publishers to PornEarn then you will get 10% revenue share of referrals earning for lifetime.

However, the program is not very attractive one but still you can use it to increase your earnings.

Thinking Of Joining This Network:

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Not Recommended


  • They roll back my income to zero whenever i reach near to minimum payout.
  • They did not reply to my mail, however, they replied on announcement section after making a bad comment because it was publicly showing.

You can see my chat with them by clicking here

Note: One thing i want to clear, at the moment i do not own any adult content website, so, all my earnings come from referrals. But after sending 91 referrals my earning is only 0.006$ at the moment. Every time i reach near to minimum payout and they roll back it to zero, at first i thought may be my referrals are sending fake traffic but it can not happen every time.

Another thing, if they are rolling back my earnings that means they are banning most of my referrals and if they are banning then why my account is still showing 91 referrals ?, the count should be reduced or at least they should notify that a referral is banned like LinkShrink, Popvertizer and some other networks do.

They are claiming that i send Scammer referrals (you can see in the screenshot of conversation that i have linked above), which means all 91 people were scammers.

How can you think that no one out of 91 was genuine and rolling back to zero makes no sense because if there were some genuine referrals then they would have surely made at least 2-3 cents but they make it to zero, which means if one of my referral sends them fake traffic then they remove my all earnings from other referrals too. Is this seem genuine to you ?

Lets take a simple example:

I have 91 referrals, suppose 80 out of them sent them fake traffic and made me 5$. Out rest 11 referrals i consider 6 of them to be inactive and i assume remaining 5 made me 5 cents only.

So, now you can clearly see, if they would have to roll back my earnings then they are liable to cut my 5$ but not the 5 cents that is earned by my genuine active referrals. But they are making it to zero clearly shows that they don’t want to pay me any income.

This is my worst referral earnings so far because they are continuously rolling back my income and i do not have even 0.01$ in my account for 91 referrals tells the complete story.

I am not saying they are SCAMMER, They are scammers. but it is not recommended from my side at least for their referral program because many people also complaining that they can ban your account for any reason.

I have given up with them 🙁 , so, you can use it on your own will 😉 . If you have any such experience to share with us then you can share it in comments section. Even if you feel i am wrong then tell me your point of views. I won’t mind, Ad Nets Review is all about sharing your experiences. And that was my experience.

The admin of PornEarn is creating my false image in other members eyes. He deleted my specific comments and said i have 5 accounts. Its rubbish! Neither reply to mails nor comments. Just making my image down. I would strongly recommend to stay away from these scammers. Not only scammers they are CHEAP too. You can read my other complete article about them on digital point forums. Below is the link of that article.

I usually don’t say that bad about any ad network but his cheap behavior made me do this.


PornEarn is no longer an ad network. They have converted their website to a forum.

PornEarn Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM, CPC, URL Shortener
Ad Formats:Interstitial, Top Banner, Pop Under
Minimum Payout:5$
Payment Frequency:Net 15
Payment Methods:PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin
Network Popularity:Low
Requirement/Restrictions:Please see their TOS page.
Payment Proof:Coming Soon
Website URL: http://pornearn(.)com

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