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x18.eu-reviewX18.eu is an Adult URL shortener website where you can shorten and monetize your adult links. Like other URL shorteners X18.eu also pays its users for shortening and sharing their links on internet.

It uses CPM model to pay its publishers, so, you can say that it is a CPM URL shortener site where you get paid for thousand ad impressions. X18.eu offers high payout rates for most of the countries.

If we compare it only with other adult URL shorteners then you will find that they are offering good competitive rates whereas if we compare it with other non-adult top URL shorteners then its rates are decent but not high as top non-adult URL shorteners.

Since, this URL shortener is not very popular and also since i was not able to find much reviews about it, so, i directly contacted them to ask whether it’s is an active network or does it actually pay ?

So, in response they replied me within 48 hours that was their estimated reply time and told me that they are online since 2013 and they are paying their publishers on time.


“I have got one payment from them which i have included below in this review. The payout amount is small but it’s good enough to test the reliability of this network.”

They also told me that they run another URL shortener site called Ad7.biz, which is a non-adult URL shortener. So, from this you can consider it as an active network. However, i haven’t reached the minimum payout yet but still some of the things that attracted me towards this ad network are its very low minimum payout, high payout rates, wide variety of tools, good support etc.

The things that disappointed me are monthly payouts and its referral program. So, this is the overview so lets discuss about its other features, requirements, restrictions, pros and cons etc.


Now X18.eu Pays on Biweekly basis.

Sign Up And Approval:

Like most of the URL shorteners, to register on X18.eu, the all you need is a vaild email address after that you can log in to your account and start shortening your links to earn money. Approval is not required.

Ad Formats:

Since X18 is a URL shortener site so it only offers interstitial ads, which are full page ads shown to a visitor whenever he/she clicks a shorten link.

Payout Rates:

As i already said the payout rates offered by x18 are high for most of the countries. However, these rates update on daily basis.

Stats Reporting System:

Reporting system is good where you can see your monthly reports, shorten links performance, earnings, top countries, top referrers, Avg CPM etc. In short their reporting system shows all the necessary details.

Tools Offered:

X18.eu offers various tools that you can use to monetize your links as well as your site. Some of these tools are Mass Shrinker, API, Easy Links, Full page script, Google Analytics, Export etc.

Minimum Payout:

X18 offers a very low minimum payout to its publishers which is only 0.50$, that even a newbie can easily earn with this URL shortener.

Payment Frequency:

X18 pays its users on monthly basis.

Payment modes:

X18 uses only one payment method to pay its publishers, which is PayPal.

Referral Program:

Referral program offered by X18 is not a very attractive one, which is, if you refer publishers to X18 then you will get 10% referral commission for lifetime. And also, if you refer an advertiser to X18 then you will get 5% commission on every advertising purchase made by your advertiser.

Payment Proof:


Thinking Of Joining This Network

sign up nowX18 Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPM, URL Shortener
Ad Formats: Interstitial
Minimum Payout: 0.50$
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Payment Methods: PayPal
Requirement/Restrictions: Please read their terms
Payment Proof: Coming Soon
Website URL: http://x18.eu

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