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how-to-earn-money-with-url-shortenersGenerally we use URL shortener websites to short our long ugly looking URLs but when it comes to earn money with these URL shorteners then i love these sites.

URL shortener websites provide opportunity to everyone to earn some money through them. I like these websites because they provide earning opportunity to everyone, even to the newbies who want to earn money online.

Unlike other ad networks, URL shortener websites don’t require you to have a website to earn money from them. To earn money from them, the all you need is to short your links with their URL shortener tool and share them anywhere on internet.

You can share these shorten links on your website, forums, social media websites, messaging groups etc.

So, if you are a newbie who is looking to make money online then you are at a right place. Just read this article and start earning money from today.

In this article i will describe you, ‘how to short your links ?’ and then where to share them to earn money. But before we start let’s first discuss few basic things – “What is a URL Shortener ?”, Its types, “How they work ?” and “Why they pay publishers ?”.

What is a URL Shortener ?

URL shortener is basically a tool which lets you shorten your long links to make them look pretty and short. Basically people use URL shorteners to hide their affiliate links as they look awkward. People avoid clicking links which don’t look genuine to them and therefore, most affiliate marketers use shorten links to hide their affiliate links.

The other reason of using URL shorterners is to prevent penalty from Google. Some people use Google’s URL shortener to prevent their websites from Google penalty as these shorten links provide them redirection service and hence, they are not directly linking to bad websites. Also, Google’s URL shorteners remove links which are spamming users, so, this provides additional security to link owners as you can’t say when a website start doing illegal activities.

Also, i have seen some people who use URL shorteners to shorten their links so that they can share them on various social media websites like Twitter as they have word limits, so, each character counts there.

And, lastly people like me and you who do not intent to do any of the above activities but only want to make money from them. So, this tutorial article is all about making money from URL shorteners. I am sure by the end of this article you will know all the basics of URL shortners and some handy methods to make money from them.

Types Of URL Shorteners:

URL shorteners don’t have much varieties but they can be categorized on the basis of payment models they use. So, on the basis of payment models, URL shorteners can be categorized into two categories:

  • CPM Model Based URL Shorteners.
  • CPA Model Based URL Shorteners.

CPM Model Based URL Shorteners:

CPM model based URL shorteners pay its users just for showing advertisements to their visitors. If you don’t know the meaning of CPM then let me tell you in brief. CPM means cost per mille, that is, cost per 1000 views. So, whenever you show an ad to your visitors and it receives 1000 views then you are going to be paid a certain amount for it.

Here in CPM model based URL shorteners only views are important and therefore, your visitors are not required to do anything extra apart from viewing ads.

If still you are finding it difficult to understand then you can refer my below post:


Now let me tell you with an example, suppose you have shorten a link with a URL shortener and shared it with your friends or visitors on your website. So, whenever they click on your link they are shown a 5 second ad before being redirect to the destination page. As they are seeing your ads and your ads are getting views, you are going to be paid by the URL shortener network. Isn’t it easy ?

This simply means you are going to be paid only for showing ads. It’s a simple process and everybody can do it. You are not required to be a very skilled person to do it. The all you need to earn money from URL shorteners is an idea. If you have a good idea then you are going to make lots of money from URL shorteners. I have seen many publishers making tonnes of money from them.

CPA Model Based URL Shorteners:

Unlike CPM model based URL shorteners where you get paid only for showing ads to your visitors, here your visitors need to perform an action to get the job done. This simply means these URL shorteners ask your visitors to do a specific task and whenever they complete it then they pay your for that.

Usually, in case of CPA model based URL shorteners, you earn money more money as your visitors complete tasks. Don’t worry these tasks are simple like install an app, purchase a product, view a video etc.

However, making money from these type of URL shorteners is little difficult as compared to CPM based URL shorteners. To earn money from these URL shorteners, you need to be little skilled. Basically, these URL shorteners are best for people who are sharing their valuable content. This means if you are sharing something valuable then you can ask your visitors to perform a specific task to access your content.


Let me tell you with an example, Suppose you shorten a link and shared it with your visitors. And, when they click on it they will be shown a window which asks them to perform a simple task like download a file, install an app, register on a website, complete a survey, purchase a product or service etc. If your visitors perform any one of the mentioned tasks then your content is unlocked and they can access it. And, if they fail to compete any action then they are not allowed to access your content. Isn’t it great ?

However, this type of URL shorteners are less popular. But if you have some valuable content for that you think people will complete actions then you can use these URL shorteners. These type of URL shorteners are also called link lockers.

How URL Shorteners Work ?

The working procedure of URL shorteners is simple and can be understood in three simple steps.

  1. URL shorteners take money from advertisers.
  2. They show their advertisers ads to your visitors.
  3. They share their revenue with you.

How URL Shorteners Work

Let’s understand with an example. You joined a URL shortener network and your URL shortener network shares 80% revenue with you. This means if it takes 100$ from an advertiser then it will pay you 80$ whenever your visitors performs a specific task, that is, action. In this way all three parties get profit. Advertiser gets his job done, URL shortener makes money as a mediator/service provider and you earn money for showing their ads.

Why URL Shorteners Pay Publishers ?

If you have read everything written above in the post then you would have probably understood why they pay publishers. Actually URL shorteners pay publishers as they take service from them. As publishers show their ads which they take from advertisrers, so, they pay them for showing their advertisers ads.

Usually all URL shorteners share more than 50% revenue with publishers. In most cases they share up to 80% revenue with publishers. And, in some cases new URL shorteners share even up to 90% revenue with publishers. So, overall it’s a really profitable business for both publishers and advertisers.

How To Short A Link/URL ?


  • Copy any URL of your choice, For example: here i am copying a URL of my post “”.
  • Now visit any paid URL shortener site like Ouo,, LinkShrink etc.
  • Here i am using to short my link.
  • Now paste your copied link in Shortest URL shortener tool.

Note: If you do not find any shortening tool on the homepage of these websites then don’t panic and simply register an account and you will get a shortening tool inside your account. Creating an account on URL shortener website is easy and will not take more than two minutes.

  • Then click on “Shorten” tab to short the link.
  • Now you can see your shorten link.
  • Copy the shorten link and share it any where on the internet such as on Facebook, Twitter, forums, websites etc. to earn money.
  • I would recommend you to create a free blog/website of your own and share your links there. If you don’t know how to create a free blog then you can click the below link.

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An Example Of A Shortened Link:

Simply copy and paste the above link in your browser’s address bar to see how it works.


  • You must register on these sites to earn money otherwise you will not be earning any money from them.
  • Nowadays Facebook, Twitter don’t like such paid shorten links and consider them as SPAM, so, please do a healthy search on Google, whether to share paid shorten links on Facebook, Twitter or not.

Simple Ways To Make Money From URL Shorteners:

If you want to make money from URL shortener website then you can create a free blog where you can share some files that people want to download. You can shorten those page links which contain your files so whenever people try to download your files they go through you shorten links and this way you will be making money. I have seen many websites which share files like softwares, movies, music etc and most of them were using shorten links as their primary monetization tool.

The other simple way is, you create a group of people who want to make money. You all can share your shorten links there with each other to make money. In this case i would recommend you not to share your shorten links directly as it may get your account ban on some networks. Instead of sharing your shorten links directly in your group, you can create a blog where you put your shorten links in different posts. Share those post links in the group and ask your friends to click each others links.

This method works well when your group member are good and they actually want to make money.

Final Words:

Now i think i have described enough about URL shorteners, so, start earning from today. And, don’t forget to take a look of some useful links given below.

Happy Earnings 🙂

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