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Gcash ReviewGca.sh is a new URL shortener website which pays its publishers for shortening and sharing their links over internet. Gca.sh uses CPM (Cost Per Mille) model to pay its publishers.

Gca.sh is recently launched by The Rika NetMarketing GmbH company which has paid out over 550,000€ in the international GProfit network. This shows that this network is backed up by a company that can make bigger payouts. However, this network is new, so, it has to prove its worth like other big URL shorteners already did.

At first sight you will find this network quiet effective as it provides all the necessary features and services that we expect from a paid URL shortener website.

Some of its features that attracted me towards this ad network are decent payout rates, nice dashboard and reporting system, its payment frequency and last but not the least its competitive referral program.

The only thing that disappointed me a little is its minimum payout, which is 10$, its not too high for the big players in this field but it is little high as compared to other URL shorteners that offer 5$ minimum payout.Otherwise from the overview i found this network quiet useful to try.

So, this is the overview of this network but to know about its other pros and cons lets discuss each and every thing about this network in detail. Here, i am listing all the entities that i will discuss in this post, so, if you want to jump on any specific entity then you can simply click on the entity link.

Sign Up And Approval:

Like other URL shortener websites Gca.sh also doesn’t require any website from a user to register on it. The all it need is, you should have a valid email address that you have to fill up at the time of registration. And after registering on Gca.sh, you can instantly log in to your account as there is no approval required except the email verification. As soon as you register the soon you can start earning money on Gca.sh.

Dashboard And Reporting System:

Gca.sh dashboard doesn’t look very attractive but it is effective, where you can see all the necessary details. If we talk about its stats reporting system then it doesn’t disappoint us in anyway.

So, overall you can say Gca.sh offers a Good reporting system. Other than that on Gca.sh dashboard you can see the last 15 users payouts which assures you that they are actively paying its members and also you can participate in their referral rally program and earn even more through this network.

Advertising Tools:

Gca.sh doesn’t offer huge number of tools that other established URL shorteners offer. However, they are working on it and in future we may see some other tools on Gca.sh.

The reason of not having a variety of tools, that i personally think is, since, they are new in this business and have very few users at the moment, so, i think they will add them later like i have seen in case of Link Shrink, which launched its various tools after it started getting lots of users.

Payout Rates:

Unlike other URL shorteners Gca.sh offers fixed payout rates for all the countries, which was 2.5$ CPM worldwide at the time of writing this article. Its fixed payout rates offer an opportunity for the people who are living in countries for which most of the other URL shorteners are offering very low rates.

Its payout rate is not very high but not very low too, you can say that Gca.sh offers decent payout rates worldwide.

Minimum Payout:

As i already said above, this is the only thing that disappointed me a little but its minimum payout is also competitive as some other very popular URL shorteners like Linkbucks also offering the same minimum payout, which is 10$.

So, if you are a newbie whose earning rate through URL shorteners is low can be disappointed by this minimum payout option otherwise medium or large publisher can easily reach that total with little efforts.

Payment Frequency:

This is the best facility that is offered by this ad network. Gca.sh process payments on daily basis usually in every 4 hours which is clearly mentioned on their website’s homepage.

So, as soon as you reach the minimum payout the soon you can request your payment and you will be paid on the very same day.

Payment Methods:

Currently Gca.sh offers only two modes of payment which are, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Referral Program:

Gca.sh offers a very attractive and competitive referral program, which is, if you refer publishers to Gca.sh then you will get 20% revenue share of your referrals earning for lifetime.

Their referral program is competitive because most of the other top URL shortener websites also using 20% rev-share model to attract new users whereas fewer are offering exactly half of it that is 10% rev-share model.

So, in terms of referral program it has an upper hand from some URL shorteners.

Thinking Of Joining This Network:

sign up nowGca.sh Details At A Glance:

 Network Type: URL Shortener, CPM, CPC
 Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads
 Minimum Payout: 10$
 Payment Frequency: Daily
 Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer
 Network Popularity: Low
 Requirements/Restrictions: N/A
 Payment Proof: Coming Soon
 Website URL: http://gca(.)sh

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