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binbucks-reviewBinBucks is a shorten URL as well as a pastebin service where you can earn money for shortening and sharing your links on internet as well as for creating pastes. Its pastebin service allows writers and bloggers to make money from their valuable content.

Suppose, you have some valuable content and you want to make money out of it then BinBucks is a great choice. The all you have to do is to paste your valuable content in their pastebin and click the Create Paste button then it will provide you a short link that you can share anywhere to earn money.

So, whenever a visitor want to access your valuable content then he/she will have to click that shorten link, this link will take them to a confirmation page where he/she will have to fill the captcha code to access that content. In this way you will not only earn the money but also you will get additional security for your content and also it saves some of your website/blog space.

Suppose you have to share some content on various websites, so, instead of sharing content again and again just share a short link which will do the job for you and along with that it will make you some decent income.

If still you need any more information about shorten URL services and pastebins then you can follow the below links:

Why To Choose BinBucks Over Other Services ?

I am using BinBucks from one month and i have found many good things about this ad network that i will discuss here one by one.

Great Sorten URL service:

I like its shorten URL service because its non annoying, i have used couple of services and found some services really annoying but that is not the case with BinBucks shorten URL service.

People mind waiting before they are redirected to the destination page and if there are too many annoying ads then it just kill them 🙁 . But with BinBucks you will not face such an issue because its shorten URL doesn’t make people wait for 5 or 10 seconds before redirecting them to actual page instead it ask them to fill captcha and as soon as they fill up the captcha code they will be redirected to the destination page.

People take it as a security and and wont mind it either. The ads shown by Binbucks are clean, simple and non annoying.

Great Pastebin Service:

I like its pastebin service also because it provides advance option where you can write an entire article, you can add images, tables, links, smileys etc in short, i would say its like working on WordPad, Blogger, WordPress, or on any other platform. Its pastebin service is good for writers with all the facilities available in it.

High Rates:

BinBucks offers high rates to its users. They have divided rates into three types- Type A, Type B, and Type C. Basically, in Type A you will get high rates because there they pay for unique IP for 24 hours.

For Example: If the price for US is 12.4$/1000 Unique IP then for each unique IP you will be paid 12.4/1000 = 0.0124$ once in 24 hours. This unique IP counts for 24 hours and after 24 hours it recounts. Which means you will get 0.0124$ from one unique IP in 24 hours.

Whereas in Type B, they count IP 3 times. In Type B you get paid for 3 times from the same IP.

For Example: The First IP Price for US is $5, Second IP price is $5, And Third IP Price is $3. That means if a IP Solves captcha three times then you can earn $13, so, its better than A Type User Price. Its useful when some movies up-loaders upload movies links in 3 parts.

Another more simplified example:

Suppose a user has an IP solves Captcha First time then you will earn $5/1000 = $0.005
Same IP solves captcha Second Time then you will get $5/1000 = $0.005
Same IP Solves Captcha Third Time then you will get $3/1000 = $0.003

Type C is an option for users that don’t want to make money. In Type C, visitors don’t have to solve captcha to reach the destination page. They will be directly sent to the destination page.

Easy Signup Procedure:

Since its a shorten URL and a pastebin service, so, having a website is not necessary. To signup on it, you have to fill up a small registration form and verify your email. After that you can login to your account and start earning money out of this great service.

Great User Interface:

From its homepage to dashboard to reporting system everything seems to be perfect. If you have not visited BinBucks yet then just visit once and see its front page. It has all the necessary details that a user looks for. They have provided various links at the bottom of the page that you can check for all details. They have tried to cover all the topics.

Nice Dashboard With All Necessary Details:

When you login to your account you will find all the necessary things in your dashboard. Its dashboard looks attractive and provides all necessary details from earnings, visits, to notifications etc. You will find all the necessary links on the side of your dashboard.

Great Analytics system:

I have seen very few ad networks that provide analytics system separately. With their analytic system you can analyze your traffic. You can see your traffic sources and can understand whether they like your shared content or not. With their analytic system you can analyze your revenue, traffic sources, and your referrals.

Nice Reporting System:

Their reporting system not only shows the real time reports about your revenue but it also shows your payment and login history which makes your account more secure. You can easily find out any intruder, or if somebody tries to snoop at your account as it provides user IP with which he/she had logged in. Overall its reporting system shows all the necessary stats in real time.

Offers Sufficient Tools:

Binbucks offers sufficient tools to maximize your earnings, it offers API and Shrinker as a tool. You can use these tools on your blogs and websites to maximize your earnings.

Offers Add-ons and Extensions:

BinBucks offers add-ons and extensions for Firefox and Chrome, which lets you create your shorten links and pastes with lightening speed. Add-ons and extensions save up a lot of time as with add-ons you can create pastes and links directly from your browser without login to your account again and again.

If you short your links on regular basis or you create pastes regularly then i would strongly recommend to download and install their add-ons in your browser. You can download their add-on directly from the homepage of their website.

Great Messaging And Support System:

They offer two different options in users account, one is messaging system where you can ask any query regarding their service, or can do a regular chat with them. And, other is their proper support system, so, if you get an issue just use their support system to sort it out, where they use ticket system to better serve you. For your reference they provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. The division of messaging and support system makes their support more quicker and efficient.

Option To Transfer Funds:

This is another great service that impressed me. You can transfer funds from one BinBucks account to another. I like it because on other networks where i maintain both advertisers as well as publishers account and i have to use PayPal or other payment options to deposit funds to my advertisers account. But, here you can transfer funds from one account to another which makes this service even better.

Great Security:

I like its security features. Some of its security features that i like – It doesn’t remember you password, Automatic log out, they do not share you passwords with any of their servers, to edit your payment details first you need to enter your password, it captures your login history with IP.

Timely Payments:

They are quick in processing payments. All payments are made within 3 days of request.

Multiple Payment Options:

They use PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin as their payment options. Also, for Indian users they pay directly to their bank accounts. So, its even better for Indian users.

Very Attractive Referral Program:

BinBucks offers one of the industry’s best referral program. It offers a 20% referral commission program to its users.

Payment Proof:

binbucks-payment-proofThis is a 25$ payment proof paid in Indian currency as they offer direct bank transfer facility to Indians. Just availing facility 😉 to avoid the other payment processors fees.

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BinBucks Details At A Glance:

Network Type:CPM
Ad Formats:Interstitial
Minimum Payout:$5
Payment Frequency:Within 3 days
Payment Methods:PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin
Referral Program:
Referral Program Details:
20% lifetime referral commission program
Website URL:

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