How To Increase Earnings On Low Traffic Blogs ?

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come-to-my-blog-low-traffic-blogEvery blog owner loves to make money from his/her blog but what if your blog is continuously disappointing you just because of low traffic. In such case, you don’t need to be disappointed, the all you have to do is to recheck your strategy and take some simple measures to sort out your problem.

Getting huge amount of traffic on your blog is not necessary if you know how to convert your current traffic into money. Traffic has never been a problem for me, even this blog is a low traffic blog at the moment but still it is making me good money out of it. This can happen to you also, if you know your traffic and you know how to convert it to money.

Creating a high traffic blog is difficult but converting your traffic is simple. So, in this article i will try tell you some simple steps that you can follow to get some additional traffic to your blog as well as to convert the current traffic into money. So, below are some simple steps that you can follow to increase your earnings:

Check Your Blog Whether Everything is Fine Or Not:

Yes, just check your complete blog once. Check whether your blog is fulfilling its requirements for which you have created it. Take this blog as an example, i have created this blog to review ad networks. So, you can clearly see here that i have taken a proper domain that could rank good in Google and it is containing my main keywords, Ad and Review.

Check the second thing, most of my articles here are ad networks reviews, which further ensure that this is an ad networks reviewing website. So, whenever a visitor comes here he/she knows that he/she will get the desired thing.

So, what i was trying to explain is to check whether your blog is fulfilling its need. Are you on the right track, or you have diverted from the main topic. If that’s the case then you can fix it easily even if you don’t want to write much about the main topic. The all you have to do is to focus on some specific topic, i mean your visitors should know that they will get the proper information about a particular topic on your blog.

Blogs based on a specific niche or particular topic always perform better than the blogs that deal with multiple topics.

So, if everything is fine then move on to the next step.

Check How Much Time Your Visitors Spend On Your Blog:

This is the most important thing, you should know your visitors and their demand. Check the bounce rate of your blog. Bounce rate is basically average time a visitor spends on a website, or on a particular webpage. To know more about bounce rate and how to check it, you can follow the below link.

If the bounce rate of your blog/website is high then try to bring it down. If you are a blog owner then you can try writing more detailed articles, make them more interesting, and try to link them with other articles present on your blog. Also, try to place popular posts, recent posts, news ticker etc widgets to decrease the bounce rate.

If you have a website that provides some service then try to make it more interesting. Facilitate users with some other interesting services which keep them busy on your website.

Also, suppose if your website provides media files to download then you can use some effective widgets like sliders, popular movies, recent uploads, latest movies/music etc. In addition to that try to provide some descriptive information about the files, so that, visitors could spend as much time as possible on your website.

The main focus here is to engage your visitors on your blog/website.

Don’t Annoy Your Visitors:

Don’t place any kind of script or ads that can annoy your visitors. Always keep in mind, visitors hops very quickly if they feel any kind of discomfort on your blog. So, always try avoiding such advertisements and bad scripts. With such kind of ads you can loose a visitor that could become a regular visitor of your blog. So, don’t use such ads just for pennies and try to make some regular visitors.

Keep Your Regular Visitors Interested In Your Blog:

This is another very important thing, this is the biggest problem with me 🙁 . Keep your blog/website regularly updated because people love to find new things on a particular blog/website. You should be punctual !

Always try to publish at least one post in a day and also, don’t forget to reply your visitors in comment as well as if they contact you via email. People don’t like dead blogs or rarely updated blogs, you can see all pro blogs update on a regular basis to maintain their regular visitors and to go with time as they have to compete with others and maintain their rankings.

Personally, this is the toughest task for me, i get regular visitors and then i go on a hibernate mode for few months resulting in loss of my regular visitors. You are not required to be a pro blogger to earn money from your blog, the all you need is punctuality and a regularly updated blog.

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Increase Page Views Of Your Blog:

I have already indirectly discussed it above in Bounce Rate but again discussing it to clarify few more things. Increasing page views is one of the most important thing if you want to make money with a low traffic blog. Page views are basically the number of pages a particular visitor views on your blog.

Page Views not only decreases bounce rate of your blog but it help in various aspects. If ad networks are your primary source of income then page views are very important for you because most of the ad networks not only pay for unique visits but they also pay for number of ad views. In simple words they they pay for raw traffic. Also, the more the number of page views the more the chances of an ad being clicked by a visitor, hence resulting in more money.

Also, it increase your earning in other ways, if you are smart enough then you can use each part of your blog. In your articles you can sell affiliate products and services, that means, if your blog has high number of page views then there will be more chances of lead(sale) generation.

If you don’t like putting affiliate links then you can try VigLink, just put their code on your website and they will monetize your outbound links and also insert some affiliate links in your content by selecting the best keywords.

High number of page views can also improve your rankings on Alexa, Google Pagerank, and on any other rank estimating website. This will also help you in getting approved on ad networks that demand good rank. Also, it can attract the direct advertisers to your blog.

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Why not trying hands in Affiliate marketing:

Be smart and just don’t rely on ad networks completely. Ad networks need traffic, and if you don’t have much traffic then you cannot earn good income from your blog. Even the high paying ad networks will not be able to pay you much if your blog has limited or very low traffic.

I am not saying not to use ad networks but what i am trying to say here, be smart and earn from each and every portion of your website. You may have seen many pro blogs where they do not use any ads especially from ad networks because they could make more money out of their blog only by affiliate marketing and therefore, they try to avoid giving any kind of interference to their visitors.

Suppose, you have Google Adsense approved for your blog and you use it on your blog. I am taking Adsense as example because it is one of the highest paying ad network as well as it is one of the most strict ad network.

So, suppose you earn a good income from it and one day for some reason it suspends your account then what will you do ?, very few ad networks pay high. So, it can result in a big headache for you. My intention is not to threaten you but i want to suggest you that don’t put your all eggs in a single basket. Keep innovating, keep going.

Think like you are investing in share market, where you invest money on various companies to bring down the risk involved in it. Invest like mutual funds !

Keep finding and trying new methods to increase your earnings but try to avoid any kind of spam because if you will create spam then you will be punished by Google. And, the situation becomes worst if your blog is hosted on a free hosting service like Blogger because it could delete your blog without any prior notice if it finds any kind of spam.

Write Attractive and Unique Articles:

Always try to write attractive and unique articles, this can increase the number of visitors on your blog. Writing unique articles is not a difficult task if you think out of box. Always look for topics that are not present on internet and people are looking for it.

Unique articles always fetch good amount of traffic from Google and also they improve your image in the eyes of your visitors, they makes your blog different from others and give you an online presence.

Not only writing unique articles is important but presentation is also important. So, try to give attractive titles to your each and every article, present your article in a way that visitors will enjoy reading it. Fill it with necessary graphs, tables, and attractive images, or anything that makes it more attractive for visitors.

Attractive titles gain the attention of visitors on search engine results and hence, it results in fetching some more visitors for you from search engines. Attractive titles not only fetch visitors from search engines, or other sources but they can also increase the number of page views on your blog, which will result in more earnings.

Blog Design And Theme Also Matters:

A good blog design and theme can provide a much better user experience. People will love to visit your blog if it looks professional. I believe white and other light color themes are better as compared to dark color themes. Also, ads perform better with professional themes as they easily merge with the theme and don’t affect users experience. So, if you are not using a proper theme then its time to change it.

You can get premium themes at low cost on MyThemeShop. It is one of my favorite theme selling website and their support is awesome.

I think now we should revive all the points in brief,

How To Increase Earnings On Low Traffic Blog ?

  1. Check your blog for mistakes and analyze it why you are not getting good traffic.
  2. Maintain your regular visitors by not annoying them and regularly updating your blog.
  3. Increase number of page views by interlinking your articles and using widgets like related posts, popular posts etc.
  4. Use a professional theme or template for your blog as it not only provides a good user experience but also, ads perform better with professional themes.
  5. Try new ways of earning, try to use each portion of your blog to earn money but use it properly. Avoid annoying scripts and any kind of spam.
  6. Try to improve rank of your blog to attract direct advertisers and some popular ad networks.

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Don’t be disappointed if your blog is not earning you good money, just focus on basics and i am sure that it will start giving you fruits. Just be punctual and get a habit of publishing at least one post per day. Rethink your strategy and try working on it.

If you need any further help then you can mention it here in comments or feel free to contact me anytime via our contact form.

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